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January 20th, 2020

A Bridge to Somewhere ... Australian-UK Space Bridge Webinar

An informative webinar is being offered that will explain the Australian-UK Space Bridge Agreement and highlight the opportunities that it can present in terms of business, commercial, and collaborative potential for UK PLC. The Catapult is hosting the webinar to provide some context on how the Space Bridge came about, the purpose and benefits of the concept, current status, and next steps.

This is an opportunity for industry to influence an emerging mechanism that provides the framework for effective collaboration and co-development of the space industry between two nations; the UK and Australia.

You can attend this event either online via WebEx or in person at the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Following the event participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to enable us to take in to account your ambitions, requirements, and inputs towards in establishing the Bridge.

Who should attend? 

  • Space companies who are currently or have the ambition to operate, collaborate and grow their presence and space (including applications) products, systems and services internationally;
  • Companies interested in international collaboration within the Space sector;
  • Companies wishing to engage with Satellite Application Catapult and the Australian Equivalent, SmartSat CRC;
  • Academics interested in commercialising research through international partnerships


What are the benefits of attending?

Have input into the Aus- UK Space Bridge and the CRC-Catapult framework as part of the Aus-UK Space Bridge to ensure its suitability to your needs;
Put name forward and network for international partnership, grant, and development opportunities you can learn more here

The ‘Space Bridge’, architected by the Satellite Applications Catapult and inspired by the successful ‘FinTech Bridge’ already in existence between the UK and Australia, will be a mechanism to unlock greater collaboration between governments, regulators, and industry.

On Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 a political declaration and statement of intent was made between the UK Space Agency and Australian Space Agency to establish a Space Bridge between the two nations. The Space Bridge will open-up new opportunities for UK space businesses; providing a platform to enable closer and stronger collaboration on space technologies and associated applications between the Australian and UK governments, regulators, financers and private sector. 

The business, commercial / collaborative and academic level of the bridge will provide direct benefit to UK space and space applications organizations through funding and mechanisms to encourage and drive expanded global export opportunities, access to and ability to develop skills and capability, collaborative technology development opportunities and support greater commercial exploitation opportunities and increased export potential.

Following a successful Government campaign, the UK Space Agency and the Australian Space Agency, together with the UK Department for International Trade, Austrade, Satellite Applications Catapult, and the Smartsat CRC, is working with interested stakeholders to develop the Space Bridge Framework further to accelerate economic benefits to both nations Space and Satellite Applications communities. A key pillar of the Space Bridge is building on the significant industrial engagement from the Satellite Applications Catapult and SmartSat CRC to develop the Business / Commercial and Collaborative level of the Bridge.