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Recent Launch News
Russia to Err on Side of Caution ... Conducting Unmanned Launches Before Sending Up Manned Mission
The Soyuz rocket will be launched only after the inquiry has identified the causes of the emergency and measures have been taken to prevent ...
UPDATED: BepiColombo Starts the Journey, Launched by Arianespace Aboard a Heavy Lift Ariane 5 Rocket
Ascending from the Spaceport’s ELA-3 launch complex at 10:45:28 p.m. local time in French Guiana — the planned precise moment of liftoff — Ariane 5...
Rocket Lab Selects NASA's Wallops as the Firm's First U.S. Launch Site
The site will be Rocket Lab’s second dedicated launch complex and builds on Rocket Lab’s existing ability to launch up to 120 times annually from the ...
Aerojet Rocketdyne Does 'Double Duty' Powering the AEHF-4 Satellite and Atlas V Launch Rocket 
Compared to all chemical propulsion, AR’s electric propulsion results in a savings of more than 2,000 lbs. of propellant, reducing launch costs.
Two Launches in the Works for Arianespace: BepiColombo for October 19 and NAOS in 2022
Performed prior to each Arianespace flight, the launch readiness review validated the “go” status of the Ariane 5 ECA launcher version,...
United Launch Alliance's Moment in the Sun ... Statement Following Successful AEHF-4 Launch
Air Force payloads into orbit from GPS to WGS, and SBIRS to AEHF and ULA’s 100 percent launch success has directly contributed to our national security.
Ovzon Signs Their First GEO Launch Contract with SpaceX
The launch is expected to take place no earlier than Q4 2020. The next step for the company is to finalize the procurement of the satellites...
ULA's Atlas Rocket Shone Brightly in the Night with the Launch of AEHF-4 for U.S.A.F.
real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting data will be provided by the satellite to help support military communications. 
New Production Facility for Rocket Lab in New Zealand has Been Unveiled
Adding to Rocket Lab’s existing production facility and headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, the new facility brings Rocket Lab’s manufacturing...
The First Satellite Totally Developed in the UAE is Ready for Launch from Japan 
increasing efforts to develop this sector by promoting innovation and enhancing the skills of Emirati youth.
China Launches Two More Beidou Navigation Satellites
A Long March 3B rocket with a Yuanzheng-1 upper stage lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwest China at 04:23 universal time...
BepiColombo Spacecraft Build-Up Continues at Arianespace for October 19 Launch Aboard an Ariane 5
Performed in the Spaceport’s Final Assembly Building, Ariane 5’s build-up process concluded with the lowering of its ogive-shaped payload fairing...
Forrester Reports: Arianespace Might Place Soyuz Rockets on Hold + Customer Demand for Mega-Constellations Discussed @ Satellite Innovation
Arianespace uses a different version (Soyuz ST) of the Soyuz rocket that suffered an anomaly on October 11 (Soyuz FG)...
RUAG Space Does Double Duty ... Steers BepiColombo to Mercury and is the 'Brain' of the Ariane Rocket
Also, the “brain” or on-board computers of the Ariane rocket, was produced by RUAG Space.
Emergency! Expedition 57's Astronauts' Harrowing, Life-Threatening Return Trip to Baikonur
"The boys have landed," Mission Control assured the space station crew.
York and Firefly's MOU 'All-in-One' Launch Service will Provide Rapid Access to Space 
an integrated market offering for spacecraft, launch, and downlink provider, that provides customers with a single point of entry to build space-based businesses
Astra Space Setting Up a Small Launch Vehicle Event
Notices from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation indicate the launch is planned for Friday with...
January 2019 Comeback Flight for China's Largest Rocket Scheduled for January of 2019
Success of the upcoming launch will be crucial to progress on China's lunar, space station and interplanetary exploration plans, with the Long March 5...
NASA and the Israel Space Agency to Share a Ride on SpaceIL’s Commercial Lunar Mission to Land on the Moon in 2019
NASA and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) are combining efforts to share a ride of sorts... to the Moon.
China Launches Twin Yaogan-32 Remote Sensing Satellites
The satellites, both part of the Yaogan-32 family, were launched by a Long March-2C rocket with an attached upper stage at 10:43 a.m. Beijing time...