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Recent Launch News
Historic Israeli Lunar Launch Press Conference Scheduled by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
This is the world’s first privately funded lunar mission — Israel’s lunar journey will begin this month when the lunar lander “Beresheet” (“In the Beginning”)...
Arianespace Closes With Open Cosmos and Seals the Deal for Launching Turnkey CubeSat's
delivers solutions for tackling global challenges and specializes in missions for small, low-cost satellites (up to 50 kg.), with short lead times less than a year.
Pentagon Review Of SpaceX’s Air Force Certification is Unlikely to Keep the Company Grounded
ULA enjoyed a virtual monopoly on national security launches for over a decade prior to SpaceX’s government certification, but the joint venture faces..
NanoRacks Continues Their Historic Program — Sixth SmallSat Deployment from Cygnus Completed
Cygnus maneuvered to a higher-than-Space Station altitude (445 kilometers) where the NanoRacks External Cygnus Deployment mission released two...
Leo Aerospace Plans to Make SmallSat Launches Far More Accessible
The company aims to revolutionize access to space for those looking to launch smallsats that weigh up to 25 kilograms, or about 110 pounds. The...
Integration of Six OneWeb Spacecraft Completed by Arianespace for Upcoming Launch
The spacecraft — produced by the OneWeb Satellites joint venture of OneWeb and Airbus — will be orbited on Arianespace’s first Soyuz mission...
The First 3D Printed Part for a SpaceIL Moon Landing is Developed by RUAG Space
A 3D engine mount from RUAG Space will be the first 3D printed part on the moon — the lunar lander of the private Israeli company SpaceIL
Spaceflight Prepares for the First, Privately-Funded, Lunar Lander and AFRL Satellite Launch
This will be Spaceflight’s first mission beyond LEO and the company's first combined launch with SSL. In addition to securing capacity aboard the launch...
Iran's Burn Marks on Launch Pad Indicate Failure to Launch a Second Satellite
Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri said that his country would “not fear threats” aimed at forcing it to negotiate its defense and missile capabilities.
The Orbex Prime Rocket Facility for SmallSat Delivery to Orbit Debuts in Scotland
The rocket is designed to deliver smallsats into Earth’s orbit — the rocket was unveiled at an opening ceremony attended by VIPs from the UK and European...
SES' New Additions... Four O3b MEO Satellites Arrive at Arianespace for March Launch
The new Ka-band satellites will join SES’s existing constellation of 16 MEO satellites manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, orbiting at approximately...
Ecliptic Enterprises' Avionics Succeeded in Spaceflight's Successful Sun-Synchronous Orbit-A Mission
The UFF and LFF were both outfitted with a redundant suite of Ecliptic-supplied control avionics, battery packs, radio transmitters and wire...
TriSept and Equatorial Launch Australia Agree to Meet 'Down Under' and Get Ready to Launch
Leveraging the Earth’s speed, a launch vehicle can carry more to space than if launched at higher latitudes resulting in a lower price for customers.
Where in Outer Space Is the Tesla Roadster One Year after Launch, Traveling at 4,641mph?
What we can be sure of is that wherever it is, the Roadster carries with it samples of human ingenuity and insanity in equal amounts. 
Russian Specialists Use Ordinary Repair Kit to Mend a Micro-Hole on Fregat Booster
used standard materials and have already eliminated the micro-hole, using an ordinary repair kit.
Rwanda's Telecom Satellite to Launch Sooner than Original Schedule
between the Rwandan and the Japanese government on Space Inclusion in Africa, 6 young Rwandans are being trained in Japan ahead of the Launch.
Forrester Reports: "Microhole" Discovery on Russian Rocket to Delay OneWeb Satellites Launch +
However, last week it was reported that a “microhole” problem was discovered on part of the Russian rocket. At the time, it was said that...
NanoRacks Racks Up Another International Educational CubeSat Mission on the International Space Station
NanoRacks platforms enable affordable opportunities for everyone from high school, to the university, to the professional researchers at the laboratory...
Arianespace Successfully Opens Their 2019 Launch Season with Flight VA247
Flight VA247 included two spacecraft along with the dispenser system and integration hardware in Ariane 5’s dual-passenger configuration.
Singapore's NTU Singapore Successfully Do It Again... this Time It's Number Nine Satellite
The scientists believe that a lunar mission may be achievable within five years, using satellites weighing no more than 100kg each