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Recent Launch News
Russia Launches MILSATCOM Satellite
All of the rocket’s pre-launch operations and its liftoff proceeded in the normal mode. The ground-based equipment of the Russian orbital ...
Scottish Spaceport Set for Blast-off After £2 Million Boost
Unst in Shetland, the most northerly inhabited island in the UK, has been selected as the ideal spot to construct a commercial satellite launch pad as...
Ball Aerospace's GEM of an Air Quality Sensor is on Board KARI's Satellite
GEMS will make hourly measurements of key constituents that make up air pollution, including ozone and nitrogen dioxide, which will improve early warnings for....
Space Adventures and SpaceX to Fly Citizens to Space
This mission will provide as many as four individuals with the opportunity to break the world altitude record for private citizen spaceflight and to see...
China Launches Four to Orbit
These satellites were launched by a Long March-2D carrier rocket at 5:07 a.m. (Beijing Time) and they will be used mainly for a new...
ISRO to Launch an Unprecedented 10 Earth Imaging Satellites
On a quick look, such a preponderance of the EO launches is unprecedented and includes new categories such as the first Geo Imaging Satellite, GISAT-1.
Arianespace's Double Celebration ... Successful Launches for Japan and Korea and a 40th Anniversary 
In one month, Arianespace has launched a total of 38 satellites. Three more launches are scheduled in March from the space centers in French Guiana ...
Lockheed Martin’s Most Advanced Mobile Communications Satellite Launches
... advanced mobile satellite communications are necessary as the world consumes more and more data in the transition to 5G.
Arianespace Readies for Tuesday's Heavy-Lift Launch of Japan and Korea's Satellites
This mission is described as 'dedicated to space applications for telecommunications and environment monitoring, Arianespace once again contributes to the improvement of life on Earth'.
Is Iran Using Space Launches To Develop Long-Range Missiles?
Michael Elleman ... at the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank in London, agrees that technologies and components of satellite launchers are similar to long-range ballistic missiles.
SpaceX's Successful Starlink Launch ... Number Five in a Series
Each of Starlink's large dinner table-size satellites weighs over 500 pounds, the largest single satellite constellation in orbit.
It's a Go! Northrop Grumman and NASA Launch Cygnus Resupply Mission to Space Station 
Understanding how fires spread in space is vital for developing flame-resistant materials and fire prevention measures, but it is difficult to perform flame growth and prevention ... 
Rocket Lab's Announcement ...  Selected by NASA to Launch Pathfinder Mission to the Moon
After launch, Rocket Lab’s high performance configurable satellite bus platform, Photon, will deliver CAPSTONE on a ballistic lunar transfer.
NASA Announces ... Awards CAPSTONE CubeSat Contract to Rocket Lab
“This is true from the perspective of CAPSTONE’s development timeline, operational objectives, navigation demonstration and its quickly procured commercial launch aboard a small rocket.”
Lockheed Martin's AEHF-6 to Launch in March via United Launch Alliance Atlas V 551
AEHF satellites provide global, survivable, protected communications capabilities for strategic command and tactical warfighters operating on...
Spaceflight Industries Strikes Deal to Sell Rideshare Launch Business; Will Focus on BlackSky Satellites
Since its founding in 2010, Spaceflight Inc. has handled launch logistics for 271 satellites on 29 rockets. It’s planning more than 10 missions in 2020 across five different launch vehicles.
Spaceflight Industries Sells Their Rideshare Launch Business
he company engaged in this acquisition for the following reasons, according to Blake. The biggest, most obvious benefit is growth. The commercial...
Kleos Scouting Mission Satellites En Route to India for Upcoming Launch
Used with other data sources, Kleos’ independent geolocation data will assist the detection of hidden maritime activity, such as piracy, drug and people smuggling and illegal fishing.
SpaceWorks Releases 2020 Nano/Microsatellite Market Forecast 
As for 2020, SpaceWorks analysts project between 298 - 369 nano/microsatellites (1 - 50 kg) will launch globally as the industry seeks to rebound from a down-year in 2019.
Northrop Grumman Scrubs Antares' CRS-13 Launch Moments Before Launch
... officials say every single mission helps advance space exploration including  understanding of Mars.