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United States Enlists Thales’ Advanced Ground Segment Technology to Respond to Distress Signals
MEOLUT Next is the only solution in the world capable of processing second-generation beacons in real-time.
Russia to Err on Side of Caution ... Conducting Unmanned Launches Before Sending Up Manned Mission
The Soyuz rocket will be launched only after the inquiry has identified the causes of the emergency and measures have been taken to prevent ...
Orolia's Milestone ... Nine Search and Rescue Systems Across Five Continents for Global Commissioning 
a record nine global search and rescue systems across five continents, including five ground-based Local User Terminals and four Mission Control Centers.
Rocket Lab Selects NASA's Wallops as the Firm's First U.S. Launch Site
The site will be Rocket Lab’s second dedicated launch complex and builds on Rocket Lab’s existing ability to launch up to 120 times annually from the ...
United Launch Alliance's Moment in the Sun ... Statement Following Successful AEHF-4 Launch
Air Force payloads into orbit from GPS to WGS, and SBIRS to AEHF and ULA’s 100 percent launch success has directly contributed to our national security.
LGS Innovations Delivering Optical Signal Comms Technology to NASA
The LGS Innovations modem will convert the data generated on the Orion spacecraft to an optical signal, allowing it to be beamed from the vicinity of...
Thales Alenia Space Tests Stratobus'™ Solar Modules and Scores
safely above regular air traffic, performs a wide range of missions, including observation, surveillance and telecommunications, with a service life of five years.
The First Satellite Totally Developed in the UAE is Ready for Launch from Japan 
increasing efforts to develop this sector by promoting innovation and enhancing the skills of Emirati youth.
NASA's Chandra Spacecraft Returns to Normal Pointing Mode
The safe mode was caused by a glitch in one of Chandra's gyroscopes resulting in a 3-second period of bad data that, in turn, led the on-board...
Thales Alenia Space and OHB System AG Unite for PLATO a Cosmic Vision
Unlike the previous missions, CoRot and Kepler, it will offer the unique ability to carry out stable, wide-field observations of bright stars over a very long 
RUAG Space Does Double Duty ... Steers BepiColombo to Mercury and is the 'Brain' of the Ariane Rocket
Also, the “brain” or on-board computers of the Ariane rocket, was produced by RUAG Space.
Emergency! Expedition 57's Astronauts' Harrowing, Life-Threatening Return Trip to Baikonur
"The boys have landed," Mission Control assured the space station crew.
Advanced Spacecraft Navigation Techniques to be Studied by Astrobotic for NASA JPL
Though the software will be designed to be applicable to a range of missions, spacecraft, and sensors, the team is working toward a landed...
Satellite Interference Reduction Group and Intelligence-Sec to Host Event in Asia
As more satellites are launched there is an ever increasing issue of satellite interference that is sometimes unintentional, and other times it's not so much. 
NASA and the Israel Space Agency to Share a Ride on SpaceIL’s Commercial Lunar Mission to Land on the Moon in 2019
NASA and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) are combining efforts to share a ride of sorts... to the Moon.
UK’s Space Agency's Licensing Process Gets the Green Light ... Now Includes a New Traffic Light System
This new approach should also make it easier for operators to procure insurance for large constellations of satellites that could be used for ...
Dramatic Satellite Photos Reveal Horrific Conditions After Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Indonesia
7.5 earthquake and tsunami that struck Palu, Indonesia reveal death toll is more than 1,200, and food and water for the survivors requires police ...
Critical Design Review (CDR) Passed by NOAA's JPSS-2 Satellite
JPSS-2, or Joint Polar Satellite System-2, will join NOAA-20 in a series of polar-orbiting satellites to monitor the Earth’s atmosphere, land and oceans...
New Horizons Spacecraft Trajectory Tweaked for Ultima Thule Flyby on New Year's Eve
At 4.1 billion miles (6.6 billion kilometers) from Earth, Ultima Thule will be the most distant object ever visited by a spacecraft. New Horizons itself was...
SpaceX's NightLight Launches SAOCOM 1A Satellite and a Successful Return of Falcon 9  
Flying both constellations along the same orbit supports a rapid response by providing SAR information in emergency situations.