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Recent Agencies News
L-2 Review... ULA Ready to Rock NROL-79 for National Reconnaissance Office Mission
“The Atlas V launch carrying the NROL-79 satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office is confirmed on the Western Range for March 1.”
Watch the Bird.i... and Airbus provide easy access to fresh Earth Observation imagery
... to serve the freshest possible images to its clients for mass consumption of instantaneously accessible ‘image views’.
From the eyes of a bird... rare drone view of tests of Aerojet Rocketdyne's RS-25 engine
Drones are amazing, taking us places we'd never get to see on our own. NASA's drone captured imagery of Aerojet Rocketdyne's RS-25 engine...
Arizona State University's Pulsed Plasma Thruster Team catch lightning in a bottle
ASU’s Pulsed Plasma Thruster Team caught lightning in a bottle last Saturday — as long as a vacuum chamber counts as a bottle.
Airbus Defence and Space and ISAE-SUPAERO launch unique course in France
respond to extensive training needs among space sector professionals in order to stimulate development of new applications and...
Crystal makes it clear...a new COO who is Over The Top with service solutions
"I saw on a daily basis how critical the kind of solutions Crystal provides are to broadcasters, especially as they look to add OTT distribution capabilities..."
Globalstar Monitors and Safeguards Oil Workers In Tunisia (This SPOT is for Safety)
they  use SPOT handheld devices since 2013 as its only means of safeguarding staff carrying out operations in southern Tunisia’s vast desert.
India Revs Up for Heaviest Launch Vehicle (After ISRO's Record Breaking Launch of 104 Satellites)
After sending 104 satellites in a single mission and setting a world record, they are keeping the momentum going with the testing of this rocket. 
Thaicom May Pull Plug on Thaicom 9 Launch (Due to Government's Possible Demands)
the current license fee of 5.75 percent is already quite high when compared with neighboring countries at over 1 percent.
ISRO Aims to Launch Heavier Sats... Tests Cryogenic Engine 
termed the test as a phenomenal achievement in the shortest time.
China Will Improve Throughput with Launch Of New Communications Satellite (and Supporting CAST)
An increase in satellite throughput will provide better access to the Internet on planes and high-speed trains...
CNES and Roscosmos Cooperation for BepiColombo (is Instrumental)
 The mission was initially scheduled for launch in 2014.
Harris' Smallest, Lightest and Fastest Wideband Manpack Radio System (This Falcon Flies)
Allows warfighters to use wideband HF to transmit data files beyond-line-of-sight 
India Can Develop a Space Station (the Sooner the Better Says ISRO)
"We have all the capabilities to set up a space station. The day the country takes the decision, we will 'ok' the project.
Harris' $189M Contract with UAE (Bonus—Establishes Harris as 'Best-in-Breed') 
...this furthers Harris' position that is now established as a best-in-breed battlefield systems integrator for global customers. â€‹ 
SpaceX Launches as Falcon Flies and a Successful 'Spot-On' Return... Dragon Heads to ISS
"Baby came back," Space CEO Elon Musk wrote on Instagram after the successful landing. 
DLR Enlists Airbus... France and Germany's MERLIN Mission Measures Methane
...will be the first to use an “active” LIDAR instrument with on-board light source (the laser) that measures at night and through thin cirrus clouds.
An ESA and ISRO Concordance
Collaboration is definitely in the card for the agencies...
Falcon 9 Transports NASA's SAGEIII and Thales Alenia Hexapod Pointing System to ISS... Measure Earth's Gases
Hexapod is a pointing system that can compensate for the instability of the Space Station and guarantee a finely-tuned...
Russia and Uruguay Warn About Risks of Arms' Race in Space
Russia and Uruguay adopted a joint statement on Thursday warning about risks of an arms race in outer space...