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Recent Agencies News
EU Maritime Safety Agency Awards Managed Connectivity Services Contract to SES
These maritime surveillance activities supported by SES Networks are aimed at improving maritime security and safety operations, as well as response to...
Spectra Group to Engage with Attendees at IDEX 2019
Spectra’s SlingShot is a small appliqué that provides in-service tactical VHF and UHF radios with a Beyond Line of Sight Communications-On-The Move (BLOS COTM) capability...
RS-25 Engine Testing Restarted by NASA at Stennis
Wednesday’s test was the eighth in the “Retrofit 1b” series for prime contractor Aerojet Rocketdyne’s production restart program. Four RS-25s will...
NanoRacks Continues Their Historic Program — Sixth SmallSat Deployment from Cygnus Completed
Cygnus maneuvered to a higher-than-Space Station altitude (445 kilometers) where the NanoRacks External Cygnus Deployment mission released two...
Abundant Weather and Ice Results in Ending Search in Antarctica for Shackleton's Ship Endurance 
We are, however, very proud of our other achievements... surpassed our primary Expedition objective of undertaking pioneering scientific research at the Larsen C Ice Shelf.
GOES-17 is Now NOAA's Primary Satellite for All Pacific Weather Phenomenon 
The latest milestone for GOES-17 comes exactly 11 months after the satellite first reached its geostationary orbit 22,000 above Earth. Launched March 1, 2018...
Airbus to Appear at the New Space Hub at Defence & Security Equipment International 2019
The Space Hub will be the perfect showcase for our Skynet military satellite communications and Earth observation capabilities.
And this Year's Space Foundation’s Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award Goes to ... The National Space Council
When the National Space Council was reestablished it created a wave of new public attention regarding the importance of space in the United States.
Iran's Burn Marks on Launch Pad Indicate Failure to Launch a Second Satellite
Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri said that his country would “not fear threats” aimed at forcing it to negotiate its defense and missile capabilities.
DISA Releases their Challenges to Security in Space Report
The advantage that the United States holds in space – and the nation's perceived dependence on it – will continue to drive actors to improve their...
Discovery Deutschland Extends Their Partnership With MX1 for Managed Playout Services and More
The channels include TLC, DMAX, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and Shop 300 in Germany, as well as DMAX Austria in SD.
Northrop Grumman Completes Acoustic and Sine Vibration Testing of NASA's James Webb Telescope  
Acoustic and sine vibration testing validates the structural design and verifies the mechanical workmanship and integrity of the actual flight SCE...
Airbus and SKY Perfect JSAT ... Node How to Communicate on the SpaceDataHighway System
This allows the observation satellites to continually downlink the information they are gathering, instead of storing it until they travel over their own ground station.
TriSept and Equatorial Launch Australia Agree to Meet 'Down Under' and Get Ready to Launch
Leveraging the Earth’s speed, a launch vehicle can carry more to space than if launched at higher latitudes resulting in a lower price for customers.
Northrop Grumman is Selected for Contract with the U.S. Coast for Homeland Security Missions
The OPC will provide the majority of the USCG offshore presence for homeland security missions,
Russian Specialists Use Ordinary Repair Kit to Mend a Micro-Hole on Fregat Booster
used standard materials and have already eliminated the micro-hole, using an ordinary repair kit.
Rwanda's Telecom Satellite to Launch Sooner than Original Schedule
between the Rwandan and the Japanese government on Space Inclusion in Africa, 6 young Rwandans are being trained in Japan ahead of the Launch.
NanoRacks Racks Up Another International Educational CubeSat Mission on the International Space Station
NanoRacks platforms enable affordable opportunities for everyone from high school, to the university, to the professional researchers at the laboratory...
UK Space Agency's Case Studies of Oxford Space Systems, Spire Global, and Thales Alenia Space's Healthy Growth
Beyond the direct effects of the space industry, the satellite services industry supports a wealth of other sectors worth an estimated £300 billion...
Head of Australian Space Agency Has a Vision and She Shared Her Plans
“We access many of the positioning satellite systems that are available…but we did not have world-class positioning.