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Peruvian Government Reports Investment in Airbus' PerúSAT-1 Already Recovered ... In First Year
The PerúSAT-1 satellite, built by Airbus, is the first of its kind to be delivered in a record time. It took less than two years from ...
ISRO Developing a Compact Launch Vehicle and Reduction in Launch Fee for Small Satellites
It could also tremendously cut the launch fee that customers would have to pay.
Airbus Says Adieu as Twin GRACE-FO Satellites Wing Their Way to California
The satellites will constantly measure the distance between each other to within a few microns using a microwave system built at JPL.
General Dynamics Mission Systems' Award of $198,082,976 to Continue Procurement of Digital Modular Radio
DMR is a modular, software reprogrammable radio system with embedded cryptography that provides all radio frequency (RF) to-baseboard and...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's 3-D Printed Pogo in RS-25 Rocket Engine Hot Fire Test
During the 400 second test at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, Aerojet Rocketdyne was able to evaluate the performance of a 3-D printed vibration...
EUMETSAT Extends Tenure of Meteosat and EUMETSAT Polar System for Seven Years
These decisions reflect the substantial impact of observations from Meteosat and Metop satellites on weather forecasts at all ranges and ...
Arianespace Launches Four Galileo Satellites and Surrey Satellite Systems Comments About the Last of 2017
"2017 has been a perfect year for Ariane 5, which has beaten its own record with its 82nd consecutive successful launch since 2003."
UPDATE: Scrubbed Tuesday's SpaceX's Falcon 9 Resupply Mission to ISS Launch
Dragon will deliver supplies, equipment and science investigations.
NOAA's Lockheed Martin-Built GOES-S Flies to Florida for Launch Prep
GOES-S is scheduled to launch on March 1, 2018, when it will join its sister satellite, GOES-16, in orbit. GOES-16 has already proved vital in...
SSL Partners with NASA JPL and University of Michigan for SunRISE Mission
SSL’s role in the mission, called the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE), is to provide a ride beyond geosynchronous orbit...
Raytheon Joins with UAE After 30 Year Partnership to Form Raytheon Emirates 
The creation of Raytheon Emirates supports the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 by forming an aerospace and defense business that ...
The Epsilon-3 Launch Moved Out to Mid-January by JAXA
The Epsilon-3 launch, originally scheduled for November 12, 2017, was postponed as its electrical system needed further confirmation. JAXA has...
Savage Devil Winds Captured by NASA's Satellite Destroying Portions of SoCal
That is exactly what Southern California experienced on Monday night, December 4.  Thousands of residents found themselves evacuating when...
Arianespace Hurries to Prepare for the Last Launch of 2017 of Four Galileo Satellites
completing a busy 12 months that already have involved 10 flights from the Spaceport: five performed with the heavy-lift workhorse
Space Florida Goes Deep with NASA as Partners for Orion Testing in Deep Space
an effort to verify a key part of Orion's safety system during ascent to space before it begins missions with astronauts to deep space.
ULA Delays the Launch of NROL-47 to Perform Validation...
Common Avionics is a newly designed suite of avionics, flight software and ground systems that will fly on both Atlas V and Delta IV. This upgraded...
Global Teleports, QuadSAT and SES ... It Takes Three to Provide First-Ever Live Broadcast from Easter Island
QuadSAT streamed the event using an RTMP IP livestream protocol, using the Icelandic streaming platform, OZ.com.
NASA's JPL Voyager Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years of Rest
Since 2014, engineers have noticed that the thrusters Voyager 1 has been using to orient the spacecraft, called "attitude control thrusters," have been...
Kiwi Partners... NSSLGlobal's Products Will Sell Through New Zealand's Wrights Technologies 
apparent that they share a tendency to go above and beyond to deliver on promises to their customers, and to keep everything they do customer-centric.
Vandenberg's Commander's Concerns with Base's Shortcomings at a 'Critical Crossroads' for Commercial Launches
“SpaceX is already here, Orbital ATK is already here and Blue (Origin) is looking right now.