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Saturday Scrubbed ULA's NROL-52's Launch Due to Weather
Launch is rescheduled for Sunday
Marlink's Quality of Service to Posh Ponant Luxury Vessels Ensures Continual Communication Connections
at remote destinations, and their frequency agnostic, multi-band approach their satellite network's services cover all maritime satellite frequency bands.
JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Send MICHIBIKI No. 4 Soaring, Providing Some Beautiful Photos
Quasi-zenith Satellite System (QZSS) enables watching Japan from above
GVF-EMP's London ‘AeroConnect 2017’ Conference Addresses Will Smartphones' 'Flight Mode' Become Passé?
Demand for inflight broadband connectivity, and the ability to deliver content to multiple devices per passenger, already exists on a global scale.
ORBCOMM Keeps TOTE Maritime Alaska Cool and in Control of Refrigerated and Dry Assets
their fleet of Roll-On/Roll-Off vessels for “on-water” visibility and control and is the first known deployment on a RO/RO vessel in the shipping industry.
Airbus' Electric EUTELSAT 172B Super Speedy Satellite Makes Geostationary Orbit in Record Time
this major satellite operator's satellite has reached geostationary orbit, breaking the record for the fastest satellite electric orbit raising (EOR).
Iridium®'s NEXT Set of Recently Launched 10 Satellites Muster Up and Pass Beginning Tests 
third batch of 10 satellites brings the total number of Iridium NEXT satellites in orbit to 30, getting closer to the total of 75 for a fully operational constellation.
Aerojet-Rocketdyne RS-25 Engines Prepared and Ready for NASA SLS Maiden Flight
EM-1 is a three-week mission in which the SLS rocket will launch the Orion spacecraft into a distant retrograde orbit around the moon farther than a...
U.S. Air Force's First Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Ready to Go, Just Name the Date
GPS III SV01 now awaits a call up to begin pre-launch preparations.
Saturday's Update: ULA's Launch Scrubbed NROL 52 Issues with the Launch Vehicle
Even though NROL-52's mission is a secret in the interest of national security,  there are those observers who are often able to identify ...
SpaceX Successfully Sends Iridium's NEXT Group of 10 Satellites
two successful launches already completed this year, this third batch of 10 satellites brings the total number of Iridium NEXT satellites in orbit to 30 ...
AsiaSat 9 is On Track, In Position and Begins Transmission
AsiaSat 9 has new Ku-band beams including the world’s first Ku-band Myanmar beam, dedicated Indonesia and Mongolia beams in addition to ...
The First Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certificate Developed by KSF Space Foundation Engineers
Many future jobs will have a mandatory requirement of an NEP certification
Raytheon to Continue Their Support of NOAA's AWIPS System
Over the last decade, Raytheon has partnered with NOAA and the National Weather Service to operate and upgrade the 24x7 AWIPS system used by...
Clarksville Police Chaplain Gathers Satellite Phones for Puerto Rico
Martinez says he realized just how bad the communication was when he couldn't contact his mother after the hurricane for five days.
Innovative Propulsion System in the Works by Aerojet Rocketdyne for DARPA
The primary goal of the AFRE program is to develop and ground demonstrate a reusable hydrocarbon propulsion system that can...
UltiSat Win to Bring Ka-Band Comms to DISA for Global Hawk Ops
UltiSat will provide the United States Air Force (USAF) Air Combat Command (ACC) with commercial Ku-band satellite capacity for Global Hawk (GH)...
SpaceX's Falcon 9 on October 9 to Launch 10 ... Ready for NEXT Launch of 10 Satellites
is the company’s $3 billion, next-generation, mobile, global satellite network scheduled for completion in 2018.
DARPA Develops 'Rules of the Road' for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing
The lack of clear, widely accepted technical and safety standards for responsible performance of on-orbit activities involving commercial satellites remains a major obstacle ...
CSF Gives a Thumbs Up to Renewed Focus on A Cohesive Vision for Space
this Administration campaigned on an inspirational vision for America’s commercial space industry, and ...