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Recent SmallSat News
UrtheCast - Millions for SAR "Accelerator" Satellite
Using the same SAR technology that the company has been developing for the OptiSAR constellation, this contract will allow UrtheCast to accelerate...
Go For Launch! — Team DASA from Deerfield, Illinois, Win ISS Flight Launch for Their Experiment
Higher Orbits Go For Launch! provided students access to former astronauts, former ISS and Space Shuttle controllers, astronaut instructors...
Virgin Orbit and SITAEL - LauncherOne to Inject μHETsat into Orbit
This tech demo of a new propulsion system for the two space agencies was developed by the largest, privately-owned space company in Italy —  SITAEL...
The Blue Cube ... as Aurora Flight Sciences Selects Blue Canyon Technologies to Provide CubeSat for DeMi Mission
The DeMi mission aims to provide on-orbit performance qualification of MEMS deformable mirrors for closed-loop wavefront sensing.
GomSpace - Set to Impart Their Expertise to DLR with a New Smallsat Build
GomSpace business operations are mainly conducted through the wholly-owned Danish subsidiary, GomSpace ApS, with an operational office...
ELSE SA - Receiving the Gift of Millions for Astrocast
a satellite that was projected to last no more than one year yet is still fully functional today, nearly eight years post launch.
Accion Systems and York Space Systems - MOU'ing Ion Propulsion Systems for Satellites
As part of the intended partnership, Accion Systems will become a preferred provider of standardized propulsion systems, providing York’s...
Clyde Space - Ground Station Commissioned In Glascow
Clyde Space has developed a highly adaptable software defined ground station solution in support of their customers’ missions...
Global Marketing Insights - Smallsats + Big Data Presentation During the Small Satellite Conference
Come to the session to learn more about secure cloud-based platforms leveraging geospatial analytics, machine learning and forecasting models to...
NASA - The Importance of Smallsats Initiated This Agency Institute
to develop and demonstrate the unique capabilities of small spacecraft to support science, exploration and space operations.
Newspace Global: Smallsat Sector Studied...
The NewSpace Global 2017 Smallsat Report covers 400+ entities; $7 billion of investment and 800 smallsats.
University of Alabama at Hunstville - Prepping For The CanSat Competition
CanSat requires teams to build a satellite that is rocket launched in a canister that opens at the top of its launch to release a satellite that glides...
On The Small Satellite Conference Show Floor - CRP USA Showing WINDFORM Off
The event will be held at the Taggart Student Center and CRP USA will be exhibiting at booth 43T.
On the Small Satellite Conference Show Floor - Kubos Reveals Major Tom for Smallsat Ground Control
Major Tom is positioned to redefine mission operations in the smallsat industry. By incorporating Major Tom during satellite development, teams...
Arianespace - Two Satellites Punch Their Way To Orbit Via Vega Exertion
Lifting off from the Spaceport’s SLV launch complex at precisely 10:58:33 p.m. French Guiana time on August 1, Vega lofted its multi-passenger...
RUAG Space - Fairing Well With Vega Flight VV10
On the top of the rocket, protecting the two satellites, a new RUAG Space payload fairing debuted, one that was manufactured out of autoclave...
Secure World Foundation What Are the Best Practices for Cubesat Launches?
These new developments create potential challenges for ensuring the long-term sustainability of space activities...potential for on-orbit collisions
Harris Corporation — Getting Into The Smallsat Market
This launch would mark the first time Harris has designed a smallsat and then sent the spacecraft into space on another company’s rocket to LEO.
Clyde Space's Quantum Technology Creates Ultra Sensitive 'Cold Atoms' in Space
using quantum technology to provide a state-of-the-art technical solution capable of creating ultra-sensitive ‘cold atoms’ in space.  
U.S. Navy + U.S. Army - Smallsats For The Services
...i doesn’t have to be a big network — you could have one satellite... a temporary smallsat that is popped up.