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Recent SmallSat News
New Zealand is Reaching to Space ... A Good Place to Try Things, Where Not Everyone is Watching
We could set up unmanned mini space labs for hire. Scientists could send small boxes up into space ... that are controlled and monitored from Earth.
Smallsat Demonstrator Angels Will Carry Thales Alenia Space Argos Neo Instrument
Argos Neo is a miniaturized data collection instrument, developed by Thales Alenia Space as prime in conjunction with Syrlinks, a manufacturer of...
NASA to Launch the Lightest Satellite in the World
The satellite, called KalamSat, will be launched by a NASA sounding rocket on June 21 from Wallops Island.
LeoSat and CopaSAT Join Technological Forces for Constellation
With LeoSat’s new architecture that uses inter-satellite laser links, customers will benefit from an optical backbone in space with...
An Infusion of Support for LeoSat Enterprises by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
This investment underlines SJC’s strong belief in LeoSat and the unique attributes of the company's LEO network architecture...
SFL's CanX-7 Smallsat Can Do as Drag Sails are Successfully Deployed
Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), which developed CanX-7, has announced the altitude decay rate changed significantly following the deployment...
Draper and Partners Building a Smallsat to Really Study the Martian Climate
The spacecraft, known as Aeolus, is one of 10 mission concepts intended to study solar system planets and asteroids selected by NASA...
New Smallsat Technology Company Formed Through Merger of Adcole Corporation and Maryland Aerospace Inc.
Adcole Maryland Aerospace will maintain two locations to better serve the aerospace industry — Crofton, Maryland, and Marlborough, Massachusetts.
Space Flight Laboratory's Smallsat Gets the Message 
Each drag sail has an area of approximately one square meter.
Vector Launches Prototype Vector-R Launch Vehicle that Features 3D Printed Parts
The 3D printed injector, which was produced in a single piece, was also integrated into the just-tested Vector-R launch vehicle along with the startup’s first stage 5K-lbf engine.
Innovation: New Smallsat Propulsion System to Lower Constellation Costs by 80 Percent
The Enabling Propulsion System for Small Satellites (EPSS) will empower LituanicaSAT-2 to attain the correct...
A Texan Takes on Small Sat Industry and Does It His Way ... and Succeeds
I became obsessed with the notion of space and how could I be a part of that, how could I do more.
Thirty-Eight Smallsats Set for Orbital Assignments from Cygnus and ISS
Aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus flight to the ISS were 38 smallsats...
A Big Dream for Israeli High School Students' SmallSat is Successful 
It is the only QB50 nano-satellite constructed by high school students. The others were developed by college students.
ULA Launches OA-7 Cygnus' John Glenn ... From Sand to Sky
From sand to sky, many celebrate the successful launch of OA-7 John Glenn, Orbital ATK's rocket carries supplies to the ISS.
Awesome Aussies to Send Off Collaborative CubeSats
Large space stations eventually have to come down through the atmosphere, with something that big it’s important to know exactly where they will land.
ULA Reports All Is Well for Upcoming OA-7 Cygnus Resupply Mission
OA-7 will include approximately 3,380 kg (7,452 lb) of internal cargo and an 83 kg (183 lb) external deployer carrying CubeSats.
Orbital ATK Honors Astronaut John Glenn ... Spacecraft OA-7 Cygnus Ready to Launch 
Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth...
It's Cool to Build a Cube Satellite and Belong to this Organization 
“Earth is just one pinch of sand in the universe.”
Satellite Crashes Could Soar by 50 Percent Due to Lower Costs and Glut of Launches
'There has been a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of satellites. The cost of making a single communications satellite usually runs to hundreds of millions of pounds...'