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Recent SmallSat News
Brazilian Smallsat Nudged Out of ISS
The satellite will help study how plasma forms in the atmosphere.
Departing the ISS — Six CubeSats
These smallsats were pushed out of the ISS via the Kibo airlock using the new JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD)
First Singaporean Satellite Takes Leave Of ISS
The satellite will conduct tests to evaluate the durability of commercial off-the-shelf microprocessors in space...
Pathfinders For NASA
Through this contract, Tyvak will handle the design, integration, testing and operations support of up to four different payloads, selected by NASA for four separate missions.
Japan Scrubs Experimental Launch of CubeSat by Modified SS-520 Sounding Rocket 
If the launch is successful, SS-520-4 will become the smallest rocket ever to deliver a payload into orbit.
GMV is Putting Their Euros Where The ARION 1 and 2 Are Being Developed
GMV will also develop key technology and will work together with PLD Space in the development of the ARION 1 and ARION 2 launchers...
Small Rocket, Smallsat, Big Launch — All Part of JAXA's Master Plan For Less Expensive Launches
The smallsat to be carried by the small rocket is the University of Tokyo’s TRICOM-1, which weighs some 3 kg.
2017's SmallSat Symposium Simply Scintillating in Silicon Valley
With a new venue, the introduction of four new workshops and numerous new sessions those attending will be light years ahead of their small sat competitors.
One Hundred and Three Smallsats, Sitting on a PSLV...
The rocket in question is the PSLV-C37 and the date is set for February from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.
Smallsat Build Assisted By A 3D Printer —Tomsk-TPU-120 To Launch From ISS This Summer
Earlier this year, the Tomsk-TPU-120 satellite was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS)...
Certifiably PIGI
The PIGI project enables people to rapidly experiment with new smallsat concepts.
KSF Space Assistance For Student Training With Smallsats
Thirty-five cubesats are envisaged to be provided by universities in 19 European countries...
Smallsat Technology From Draper Of Benefit To NASA
For Draper, CYGNSS is a welcome milestone in a story about satellites that’s just beginning...
A Nanometric Satellite Is In The Works By MBRSC & Dubai Municipality
The satellite, called DM SAT1, is designed to collect and analyze environmental data using space technology...
A Smallsat Win For Nepalese Students
Two teams from Nepal participated in the competition.
The Upcoming 2017 SmallSat Symposium Presents the Keynote Roundtable Participants
The SmallSat Symposium's Keynote Roundtable brings together three superb subject matter experts...
Electron Energy Encompasses Rocket Lab
The company has now announced the flight qualification and acceptance of the first stage booster of their Electron launch vehicle.
Chatting With The Astronauts Facilitated By KSF Space
KSF Space will enable students to chat directly with crew members of the ISS and will encourage them to engage in various discussions of science, technology and engineering.
Aircraft Tracking Enabled Satellites From Spire — A Webinar To Explain
Starting in 2017, Spire will begin launching aircraft tracking enabled satellites and start beta testing Spire AirSafe with the firm's first customers.
Picture This... Canon Electronics Gets Spacey
The company's experience designing and manufacturing devices should help the JAXA team select the best rocket parts...