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Recent SmallSat News
Can Tiny Satellites Help the Coast Guard with Big Jobs?
two cube satellites will be launched into low Earth orbit from a SpaceX rocket to test if the satellites can detect emergency distress beacons in the Arctic.
NanoAvionics Provides Subsystems for ESA-Funded Smallsat Project to Support STEM Programs
NanoAvionics has supported this project by providing sub-systems, which have helped to fit the integration of the satellites into the tight project...
Smallsat Planned by Alva's Engineering College in India
According to the dean, the focus is on soil fertility and what crops could be grown in this region and the availability of groundwater. Usually, farmers try...
The First Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certificate Developed by KSF Space Foundation Engineers
Many future jobs will have a mandatory requirement of an NEP certification
Launch and Integration Services Contract Awarded to Spaceflight by NASA Kennedy Space Center
The U-Class payloads flown by NASA, often created by universities and nonprofit organizations, play a foundational role in the agency’s technology...
GOMSpace Hired by AISTECH to Build Dozens and Dozens of Smallsats
Under this Agreement, AISTECH plans to procure standard platforms of different sizes that will be used to build their upcoming multipurpose...
nSight-1 is Out of Sight in Space for 120 Days and That's a Good Thing!
The nSight-1 mission has recently achieved yet another milestone ...
New Space Activities Will Come to Luxembourg ... MOU With GomSpace
to create a Luxembourg based business unit with focus on operations of satellite constellations as well as data processing and distribution offered as
SSTL's Big Deal About NovaSAR-S Small Radar Sat at Big Country, Big Sky, Big Ideas
The agreement gives CSIRO tasking priorities and the ability to access the raw data directly from the satellite, and a license to use and share... 
Rocket Lab Adds Excitement to Second Test Flight With Planet and Spire Satellites 
we are excited to quite literally be riding the leading edge with Rocket Lab.
Smallsat Constellation for Maritime to be Birthed by SRT Marine Solutions and Clyde Space
The OCEAN-SCAN system will initially be comprised of six LEO satellites, operating in a combination of equatorial and polar orbits to provide global...
Intersil’s New Radiation-Tolerant Plastic ICs to Power Small Satellite Mega-Constellations
ISL71xxxM devices enable cost effective solution for short duration LEO mission profiles
Iridium®'s 10 Satellites are Packed and Ready for NEXT Launch
this launch continues the ambitious deployment pace for the Iridium NEXT program, set to launch a total of 75 satellites on SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets.
GomSpace Secures MARS2 Project with Infusion from Innovation Fund Denmark
develop unique technology, production capability and products to enable high bandwidth communication applications of nano satellites.
Major Smallsat Agreement 'Tween Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio and Spaceflight Industries
The Earth Observation (EO) market is undergoing constant changes, with an increasing focus on requirements that combine high resolution and much...
Canadian Students' Cubesat Can Take the Heat ... and Does ... Capturing a Major Solar Flare
satellite began beaming messages back to Earth just in time to capture the most powerful solar flare in more than a decade.
Blue Canyon Technologies Gains Two AFRL Missions Contracts
BCT’s 12U-class CubeSat and 60 kg microsat spacecraft are both high-performance satellites which include ultra-precise attitude control...
New Smallsat Platform Debuts from OHB SE's LuxSpace Subsidiary
Triton-X will be opening up new perspectives for the OHB Group in the “new space market” and generating scope for commercial applications...
Supernet Selects LeoSat to Offer Full Portfolio for High-Speed Data Network 
LeoSat offers advantages as its latency, timing and transport are in compliance with the network standards of the newer 4G, 5G and LTE cellular systems.
A Busy NewSpace Systems Builds New Cleanroom, Has New U.S. Reseller, and Will Provide Constellation Components
According to James Barrington-Brown, the firm's CEO, manufactured in an ISO certified cleanroom by ESA certified technicians, NewSpace prides...