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Saturday Scrubbed ULA's NROL-52's Launch Due to Weather
Launch is rescheduled for Sunday
JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Send MICHIBIKI No. 4 Soaring, Providing Some Beautiful Photos
Quasi-zenith Satellite System (QZSS) enables watching Japan from above
Spain's Top Military Brass See Hisdesat's PAZ Sat Before Shipping to U.S.
The PAZ satellite incorporates as the main payload an active sensor with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology that provides images of different...
L3 Technnologies to Deliver Hawkeye™ SATCOM Terminals to U.S. Air National Guard
These terminals will facilitate direct communication from remote locations in all 50 states and U.S. territories.
GVF-EMP's London ‘AeroConnect 2017’ Conference Addresses Will Smartphones' 'Flight Mode' Become Passé?
Demand for inflight broadband connectivity, and the ability to deliver content to multiple devices per passenger, already exists on a global scale.
Space Florida Enticing an Unnamed Company to Base Operations at Cape Canaveral
If it bases operations on the Space Coast, the company referred to by the code name of Project First Down over four years would bring an estimated...
U.S. Air Force's First Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite Ready to Go, Just Name the Date
GPS III SV01 now awaits a call up to begin pre-launch preparations.
Paragon Space Development Corporation® Radiates With Pride as Finalist for the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Award for XRad™ Radiators 
design flexibility enables them to advance rapidly through the design process, sometimes cutting “normal” design time from almost a year to several months.
Saturday's Update: ULA's Launch Scrubbed NROL 52 Issues with the Launch Vehicle
Even though NROL-52's mission is a secret in the interest of national security,  there are those observers who are often able to identify ...
China Launches Venezuela's Antonio Jose de Sucre Satellite From Jiuquan
The launch occurred at midnight local time, according to the telesur online infosite. Authorities say the new satellite will provide a better tool for...
South Australian Government Scheduling Meets with South Korean and Japanese Space Agencies
The government is leading a mission to South Korea and Japan to discuss to discuss business opportunities which might arise with South Australia’s...
Clarksville Police Chaplain Gathers Satellite Phones for Puerto Rico
Martinez says he realized just how bad the communication was when he couldn't contact his mother after the hurricane for five days.
SES GS Garners Copious Contracts for MEO O3b Satellite Network Support for USG Customers
By the close of 2017, SES GS will be delivering nearly 4 Gigabits per second of managed O3b services in support of 13 sites globally to...
SpaceX's Falcon 9 on October 9 to Launch 10 ... Ready for NEXT Launch of 10 Satellites
is the company’s $3 billion, next-generation, mobile, global satellite network scheduled for completion in 2018.
DARPA Develops 'Rules of the Road' for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing
The lack of clear, widely accepted technical and safety standards for responsible performance of on-orbit activities involving commercial satellites remains a major obstacle ...
CSF Gives a Thumbs Up to Renewed Focus on A Cohesive Vision for Space
this Administration campaigned on an inspirational vision for America’s commercial space industry, and ...
NASA's Discovery Reveals Heavy Rain with Tropical Storm Nate
forecast on October 5 calls for Nicaragua to receive from 15 to 20 inches, isolated 30 inches; Costa Rica and Panama is forecast to receive 5 to 10 ... 
Encore for OHB's Satellites as the European Commission Says 'Four More'
The contract for the four satellites has a value of EUR 157.75 million.
Harris' $260M to Develop Battlespace Communications Network for Asia-Pacific Country
Tweet ... “Our integrated solution will play a pivotal role in the customer’s continued modernization efforts.”
GVF Presents ... VSAT Congress' Executives Will Offer Their Expertise in Washington D.C.
COMSYS & Global VSAT Forum Announce Top Players Who Will Reveal Global Satellite Communications Success Strategies