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NASA's New Horizons Zooms at 36,000 MPH and Releases Record-Breaking Photos from Beyond Pluto 
In two hours, New Horizons smashed a 27-year-old record set by Voyager 1 … twice.
The Broadband Service Plan by SpaceX Receives Endorsement from FCC Chairman
The firm's Microsat 2a and 2b are satellites are secondary payloads scheduled for launch from Vandenberg AFB this coming Saturday aboard a...
NASA's Kodiak's Test Proves Self-Driving Robotic Servicer Can Extend Satellite's Lifespan
Once it locates its target, it can use dexterous robotic arms and software to autonomously grasp, refuel, and relocate a satellite.
CETel is the Latest to be Certified by WTA .... Achieves Provisional Certification of its Teleport
the Certification program has quickly grown in popularity, with 15 teleports currently engaged in the quality evaluation process and certifications ...
Cecil Spaceport Celebrates Upcoming Launches
Cecil Spaceport is among six that can facilitate horizontal launches. Small rockets strapped to jets will fly out over the ocean and launch from there.  
GLOBECOMM's New CFO ... He Brings Broad Financial Experience to Support Continued Growth
The financial health of a company determines whether the institution thrives or dives, and to attain and maintain good health a company must have ...
Satelles Shows Improved PNT Accuracy from LEO Constellation
from new tests using configurations with a differential source and with a more accurate OCXO clock, producing timing accuracy of 160 nanoseconds.
Results of Africa's International Space Forum in Kenya 
However, this last action must face the risk of ending the enormous abundance of African national resources if these ‘are not properly managed’
How COMSAT Continued Communications During California Wildfires ... 'What If' Became 'It Is'
"The crisis management plan, devised in response to the 'what-if' scenarios, demonstrated how resilient the teleport and and its team are."
SpaceX to Send Spain's Spy Satellite to Space ...  Spain's First 
An unnamed multimillionaire has reportedly agreed to cover the cost of the Spanish project should anything go wrong.
SES and Intelsat Propose Joint Use of C-band in U.S. Both for Satellite and to Speed Next Gen 5G Services
seamless distribution of video and audio programming to more than 100 million U.S. households, and... critical data connectivity in rural areas and ...
Milestones Made for Arab World's KalifaSat and Hope Mars Probe
Details of the much-discussed Mars 2117 plan, which aims to create the first human settlement on Mars, and UAE’s astronaut program, which will...
ESA’s Wind Sensing Satellite ... the Answer is Blowing in the Wind ... to Undergo Final Tests
meteorologists to further improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and climatologists to understand the global dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere.
China Launches Two More Beidou Network Satellites ... Numbers 28 and 29 Out of 35
The launch had been set for the same window on Sunday, but was delayed by the visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping to the launch site.
NASA’s Webb Telescope's Parts Arrive to be Made into World's Largest Space Telescope
tested to ensure it is ready to launch and enable scientists to seek the first luminous objects in the universe and search for signs of habitable planets.
The World Teleport Association's Map ... Click a Link to Locate a Teleport
Once on the map, a click on the link takes one to the most up-to-date information on the operator and facilities, and ...
NOAA Isn't Just for Weather ... NOAA Saved a Lot of Lives Last Year
a sailboat with two people onboard caught on fire several hundred miles off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Luckily for the crew, a NOAA satellite ...
South Korea ... to the Moon by 2030
In the past, the country has mostly been busy with narrowing a technology gap with powerhouses such as the United States and ...
WTA's Annual Rankings Reveal ViaLite Scores Seven Out of Seven 
The results show that ViaLite also supplied several of the operators in the Association’s Independent Top Twenty category,
Thuraya to Fly its Airborne SATCOM, Thuraya Aero, at Singapore Airshow 2018
continued connectivity for SIT as they gather hi-res footage for TV networks, meanwhile helping them lower operational costs considerably