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Speedcast and Newtec Cook Up a Solution ...  Create New Domestic Hub for Cook Islands' Remote Islands 
With a new Newtec Dialog hub solution by Speedcast, Cook Islands residents on the outer islands will have significantly improved capability to connect to 
New Transmission Gateway Established Between PSSI Global Services and Sydney Teleport Services
This new bidirectional connection means PSSI Global Services customers now have unique access to Asia-Pacific satellite fleets as well as STS’s...
Pentagon: China, Russia Developing Satellite-Killing Lasers
Pentagon says both countries are likely developing an arsenal of anti-satellite weaponry including missiles, cyber attacks and 'directed energy weapons,
Chris Deeble Appointed as Chief Executive for Northrop Grumman Australia
Deeble replaces interim chief executive, Warren King, who will continue in his role as the chairman of Northrop Grumman Australia’s Advisory Board...
The Guidance and Navigation Systems for the HERACLES Moon Mission to be Designed by GMV
The HERACLES mission has to meet several concurrent technological challenges: to demonstrate human-controlled subsystems, such as...
Airbus and SKY Perfect JSAT ... Node How to Communicate on the SpaceDataHighway System
This allows the observation satellites to continually downlink the information they are gathering, instead of storing it until they travel over their own ground station.
TriSept and Equatorial Launch Australia Agree to Meet 'Down Under' and Get Ready to Launch
Leveraging the Earth’s speed, a launch vehicle can carry more to space than if launched at higher latitudes resulting in a lower price for customers.
Incubator Program for Space Industry Startups Initiated by Australia
In December, the Australian Government announced the newly-formed Australian Space Agency would be based in Adelaide, cementing South Australia’s...
Russian Specialists Use Ordinary Repair Kit to Mend a Micro-Hole on Fregat Booster
used standard materials and have already eliminated the micro-hole, using an ordinary repair kit.
Satellite Map of Queensland, Australia, Completed for the Third Time by Earth-i
Around 6,000 very high-resolution images from the DMC3 Constellation were used for the 2018 update of the map with multiple re-visits to tropical...
Rwanda's Telecom Satellite to Launch Sooner than Original Schedule
between the Rwandan and the Japanese government on Space Inclusion in Africa, 6 young Rwandans are being trained in Japan ahead of the Launch.
Arianespace Successfully Opens Their 2019 Launch Season with Flight VA247
Flight VA247 included two spacecraft along with the dispenser system and integration hardware in Ariane 5’s dual-passenger configuration.
Singapore's NTU Singapore Successfully Do It Again... this Time It's Number Nine Satellite
The scientists believe that a lunar mission may be achievable within five years, using satellites weighing no more than 100kg each
Myriota's IoT Product Uses Low Cost Earth-To-Satellite Comms Technology
is expected to be commercially available in the second half of the year and will be the first mass-market water-level sensor to be connected via Myriota’s
Gilat Gains Multi-Year Contract to Supply Connectivity Solutions Across India
L&T selected Gilat’s multi-application SkyEdge II-c platform to deliver broadband services across the country. Gilat’s hubs will be placed and...
Arianespace Flight VA247 Now Fully Assembled in French Guiana for February 5 Launch
Liftoff is scheduled during a 61 minute launch window that opens February 5 at 6:01 p.m. local time in French Guiana, with the two spacecraft to be...
Next Long March-5 Launch Set by China
The second Long March-5 rocket was launched from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in the southern province of Hainan on July 2, 2017...
Further Collaboration Between Ursa Space Systems and SI Imaging Services
This contract renews a long-standing partnership, extending back to Ursa’s beginnings as a satellite imagery analytics company and the companies are...
SES Networks Assists Digicel Tonga with Customer Connectivity Challenges Due to Undersea Cable Cuts
Under the agreement, Digicel, a mobile network provider operating in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific, uses SES’s reliable and ...
New Space's Earth-i Has Been Busy Updating the Beautiful Blue Satellite Map of Queensland, Australia
The images have a pixel size of 80cm (one pixel equates to 80cm on the ground) so that details such as individual trees can be easily seen.