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US DoD to Help Ensure Sky and Space Global's Smallsats' Safety...
This agreement provides for space situational awareness services as well as real-time info to ensure...
Russia and Uruguay Warn About Risks of Arms' Race in Space
Russia and Uruguay adopted a joint statement on Thursday warning about risks of an arms race in outer space...
Blanketing the South Indian Ocean is NSSLGlobal's New Ku-Band VSAT Coverage
The new beam significantly extends the reach of NSSLGlobal's VSAT network in an important international shipping route...
SES and Gilat Service Underserved Ships at Sea... More Accessible Connectivity 
offering affordable equipment, bandwidth, installation and network management pricing for operators of even the smallest of fishing boats and yachts.
Indian Space Research Organization's Successful Launch... Multiplied by 104!
A child wants one of the red balloons and the balloon man must not get the strings tangled or let the whole bundle of balloons fly away.
Rocket Lab Milestone Successfully Completed — Electron Arrives at Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1
Over the coming weeks, a series of tests and checkouts will be conducted at the site before the rocket, named It’s a Test, is signed-off to fly.
Arianespace Incoming and Outgoing... Receives Two New Sats and Successfully Launches VA235
This is Arianespace's second launch of 2017, and first launch of Ariane 5 this year to send off SKY Brasil-1 and Telkom 3S.
Arianespace is One Busy Place... More Arriving on Same Day of Scheduled Launch
Thales Alenia Space services the broad range of satellites for different missions, while simultaneously launching for different customers.
Thales Alenia Space's Telkom 3S Launches Bringing HD TV and Internet Services to Indonesia
In a turnkey contract for the Indonesian operator Telkom Indonesia, Thales Alenia Space's responsibilities include...
2Gen SBAS Research Project Involves Geoscience Australia and Lockheed Martin
This innovative research project aims to demonstrate how a second-generation, Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) testbed can...
Geoscience Australia and Lockheed Martin Collaborate with Second-Gen Satellite-Based Augmentation System
Users must be confident in the position solutions calculated by GNSS receivers.
China to Launch Satellite to Detect Lighted Structures at Night... Photos Clearer than US Satellites
A professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that images taken by Luojia-1A will be clearer than those by US-developed satellites.
GL Enhances ED-137 Radio Emulator for Air Traffic Management
"It has the capability of generating more than 500 simultaneous calls on a core i7 system.”
Indonesia Engineers Master Micro-Satellites in Order to Develop Their Own
...the archipelagic country, which consists of 17,000 islands, could be fully independent of foreign satellites in the future...
BlueTide Communications Brings Ku-Band VSAT to the Aussies and More
the shipping industry moves from L-band to VSAT to meet demand for onboard connectivity
Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Export Version of Heron TP
It is designed to operate at very long range, using an integral satellite link and is and is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions.
Flood of Non-Indigenous Satellites Will Generate Half of the Revenue for Upcoming ISRO Launch
The space agency has earned more than $100 million by launching foreign satellites.
GEE Now They Cruise and Provide Live Foreign Language Programs 
Colors has become a Hindi-language cultural main stay and is a part of Viacom 18 Media, one of India’s fastest-growing entertainment networks.
Romantis Secures Services on Intelsat Ensuring Occasional Use to Russian Broadcasters
Transitioning to Intelsat EpicNG enables Romantis to deliver higher performance to smaller antennas, broader coverage
Harris Imager Captures Higher Resolution Imagery Aboard the Himawari-9 Satellite
The AHI leverages similar technology used for the Harris-built Advanced Baseline Imager onboard...