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NEC and Lockheed Martin to Join Space and AI Technologies for Missions
SIAT's advanced analytics engine uses data collected from sensors to learn the behavior of systems, including computer systems, power plants...
KVH and PGNL's Agreement to Deliver Philippine Basketball Association Broadcasts to Merchant Ships
Under the terms of the agreement, KVH will distribute PBA games for the 43rd and 44th PBA seasons, which begin with the Philippine Cup on...
LeoSat Signs with DCS Telecom for MENA and APAC Satellite Services
DCS Telecom will use LeoSat to upgrade their existing satellite solutions, giving customers access to a unique low-latency network which is expected.../
Asian Defense Organization's US$7 Million Order for Orbit's Aeronautical Telemetry Systems 
“This order includes a unique collapsible, transportable antenna,”
ISRO Developing a Compact Launch Vehicle and Reduction in Launch Fee for Small Satellites
It could also tremendously cut the launch fee that customers would have to pay.
Arianespace Launches Four Galileo Satellites and Surrey Satellite Systems Comments About the Last of 2017
"2017 has been a perfect year for Ariane 5, which has beaten its own record with its 82nd consecutive successful launch since 2003."
Rocket Lab Aborts 'Still Testing' Launch that Reveals Issues with Chilldown Bleed
The slight LOx temperature increase was a result of a LOx chilldown bleed schedule that was not compatible with the warm conditions of the day.
Algeria's First Satellite is Launched by China
The satellite was the first cooperative project in aerospace industry between the two countries. Alcomsat-1 will be used by Algeria for...
The Epsilon-3 Launch Moved Out to Mid-January by JAXA
The Epsilon-3 launch, originally scheduled for November 12, 2017, was postponed as its electrical system needed further confirmation. JAXA has...
mu Space Translates to 'More Space' for Millions of Thais with 15-Year Broadband License
nearly 12 percent or 8 million of the country’s 68 million population have access to broadband.
Arianespace Hurries to Prepare for the Last Launch of 2017 of Four Galileo Satellites
completing a busy 12 months that already have involved 10 flights from the Spaceport: five performed with the heavy-lift workhorse
World Teleport Association to Initiate Executive Dialog Member Interviews During CABSAT 2018
The World Teleport Association’s Executive Dialogue Series provides WTA members with opportunities to share their viewpoints, experience and...
PLANETCAST Teleport Achieves WTA Certification
To achieve Provisional Certification, a teleport operator completes a +170-item questionnaire and submits it to WTA. The Association analyzes the...
Japan's KDDI Selects Gilat’s Satellite Based LTE Cellular Backhaul Solution for Nationwide LTE Network
Gilat’s solution stood out with its field proven carrier grade technology and superior performance that matches KDDI’s highest standards of quality ...
China Pushes Yaogan Weising-31 Satellite to Orbit
The satellite, Yaogan Weising-31, is, according to China's media, to be used for remote sensing exploration of land resources — however, the...
Eleven Spaceflight Smallsats Set for Orbit via Indian PSLV Rocket in January
The Spacecraft include Finland’s ICEYE-X1 SAR microsatellite, Planetary Resources’ Arkyd-6 6U asteroid prospecting demonstration cubesat, four ...
Kiwi Partners... NSSLGlobal's Products Will Sell Through New Zealand's Wrights Technologies 
apparent that they share a tendency to go above and beyond to deliver on promises to their customers, and to keep everything they do customer-centric.
A VAST Satellite Broadcasting Community to Receive 3 Angels Broadcasting Network via Optus Satellite
VAST is an FTA DTH satellite service initiated by the Australian Government and operated by Optus Satellite on the Optus Aurora Digital satellite platform...
UrtheCast and Beijing Space View Technology's Agreement Includes Global Distribution of Each One's Portfolios
UrtheCast and Beijing Space View Technology sign strategic cooperation agreement for the global distribution of their respective portfolios
Satcom Global Receives a License for Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone Sales in Japan
Satcom Global is one of only three providers legally approved to supply the leading handheld satellite communications service within the Japanese...