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Iridium's Sixth Successful Iridium® NEXT Launch With 55 in Orbit, 20 More to Go
 "With every successful launch, we are one step closer to Iridium NEXT being fully operational, which officially starts a new age of satellite connectivity.
AireonSM's Celebration of Good News... System Deployment and New Member of Their Ownership Family
"The addition of NATS to our ownership group is an undeniably significant show of the importance of what Aireon is bringing to the industry,
Thales Alenia Space Builds 'em ... More of Their NEXT Satellites in Orbit for Iridium's® NEXT Constellation
“Fifty-five Iridium® NEXT satellites are now in orbit and performance is exceeding expectations."
Airbus' GRACE-FO Satellites Successfully Soar From California ... Now the Work Begins
The satellites constantly measure the distance between each other to within a few microns using a microwave system built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion ...
VITEC to Showcase High-Quality, Low-Bandwidth Tactical Video Solutions at Eurosatory 2018
...ISR and Homeland Security video streaming and solutions with the  smallest quad-channel HEVC encoder and military-grade IPTV Portal.

RF-Design Travels with Their New Fourth Amplifier Generation to CommunicAsia 2018
HQ series come as single, quad or 1:1 redundant amplifiers and units with integrated 8-way, 16-way, 24-way or 32-way splitters are available in ...
CPN Satellite Services and Hughes Debut an Advanced LTE-BGAN M2M Dual Mode Terminal
The new generation terminal significantly increases reliability for sites transmitting high-value data, whether in urban or rural environments...
Striking Cooperation Between SES, M7 Group and NPO/NOS and 8K TV First Broadcast Showcase
The World Cup matches will be delivered live in native Ultra HD to all of M7 Group’s Canal Digitaal subscribers - plus, SES has an 8K TV demo upcoming...
Live Demos on Telesat's Phase 1 LEO Satellite Now Underway
Testing of Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO is an important milestone in the company’s plans to deploy a global LEO constellation that will, according to...
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Successfully Launches Iridium-6 and GRACE-FO Satellites
GRACE-FO’s interferometer will detect changes in distance ... changes on the order of 100 times narrower than a human hair.
BridgeSat’s Agreement with ICEYE Provides Laser Satellite Terminals and Data Services to Microsatellite SAR Constellation
"...pioneers seek out other pioneers to change the world. They’re the first to commercialize laser-based free space optical communication and ... "
From Ireland to California Arralis' New Ka-Band Phase Shifters are Revealed at Space Tech Expo
Ka-band antennas are 400 percent smaller than Ku-band rivals opening consumer and connected vehicle markets to high data rate and low latency ...
The SpaceDataHighway Accomplishes 10,000 Successful Laser Connections
The establishment of the laser connections is controlled by the SpaceDataHighway’s Mission Operation Center, which operates 24 hours a...
SatADSL's Partner Camtel Connect Cameroon's Communities ... Both Public and Private Enterprises
agreement follows a pilot launch of SatADSL’s solutions in Cameroon, including schools, post offices, hospitals and banks. 
Spectra Group's SlingShot Tactical SATCOM System @ SOFIC... Systems Shipped = 3K+
Spectra’s SlingShot is a unique, low SWaP system that enables in-service U/VHF tactical radios to use Inmarsat’s commercial satellite network for...
Inmarsat Reaffirms Humanitarian Response to UN Crisis Connectivity Charter 
improving their access to vital satellite-based communications when local networks are affected, destroyed or overloaded after a disaster. 
ResearchAndMarkets.com's Assessment of the Current Dynamics for Pricing FSS Capacity
... with double-digit capacity pricing declines over the last 2-3 years, video applications have also been impacted.
The 5G-Crosshaul Project is Successfully Completed by NEC and 20 Leading Actors
The 5G-Crosshaul consortium was selected in 2015 to develop a 5G integrated backhaul and fronthaul transport network that enables a flexible...
Avanti Communications Wins "Changing Lives"... and Does for 18,000 Tanzanian Teachers and 216,000 Students 
the actual changed lives has been recorded and totals 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students, over 310 primary and secondary schools across 25 regions 
UPDATED: Telesat and Global Eagle Entertainment Collaborate on an LEO Satellite Program
resulted in Global Eagle concluding that Telesat’s innovative LEO system design can provide low latency, high throughput and global coverage