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DLR Enlists Airbus... France and Germany's MERLIN Mission Measures Methane
...will be the first to use an “active” LIDAR instrument with on-board light source (the laser) that measures at night and through thin cirrus clouds.
The Wernher von Braun Memorial Award to be Presented to ESA's Professor Wörner by NSS
This award recognizes Wörner as an effective leader of the European Space Agency and the contributions of ESA to the world space community.
Russia and Uruguay Warn About Risks of Arms' Race in Space
Russia and Uruguay adopted a joint statement on Thursday warning about risks of an arms race in outer space...
Agribusiness, GPS and Satellites — NSR Examines...
With limited cellular coverage pointing to a seemingly perfect fit for satellite in rural areas, what role will satellite play in the growth of the ‘digital farm’?
Internet of Things Services Using Space Capabilities... A Funding Opportunity
IoT is already used in many parts of daily life: human-centered applications related to...
Galileo Signal Falsification May be a Problem of the Past
The method still needs to be tested and validated before it can be made available to the general public.
SES HD+ Now Has More Than Two Million Subs
That's 15 percent more than in 2015...
China to Launch Satellite to Detect Lighted Structures at Night... Photos Clearer than US Satellites
A professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that images taken by Luojia-1A will be clearer than those by US-developed satellites.
GL Enhances ED-137 Radio Emulator for Air Traffic Management
"It has the capability of generating more than 500 simultaneous calls on a core i7 system.”
Ball's Contract with NASA/NOAA's Suomi National Polar Orbiting Partnership Satellite is Extended
satellite has significantly impacted everyday safety around the world – largely invisible to the general public and indispensable to the scientific communities
SpaceKnow Garners Additional Millions in Series A Financing...
SpaceKnow is now the leading provider of targeted industrial and geographical intelligence ...
Berg Insight Has Insight in the Rapidly Growing M2M/IoT mHealth Market
estimates that remotely monitored patients will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.9 percent to reach 50.2 million by 2021.
Ninth Telecom Forum Hosted by Arabsat Upcoming in Tunis
Arabsat holds its Telecom forum on a yearly basis to strengthen the firm's professional and operational association with valued customers.
25 Years Ago... Solar Probe Ulysses' Gravity Boost by Jupiter was Launched Into a Third Dimension
Ulysses got a gravity assist by Jupiter to leave the ecliptic plane to explore the "never seen before" poles of the Sun.​
DigitalGlobe's EO Has AI ... The Eye Has a Brain
Deep learning and AI are turning millions of satellite images of Earth into usable data, helping insurers and aid groups alike to do their jobs.
Skyline Reaching New Heights Once Again with DataMiner
With a growth of 35 percent in sales in 2016, and effectively tripling sales over the course of the last three years, the company further strengthens...
SSPI Honors Four as Satellite Hall of Fame Inductees
The 2017 inductees uphold the proud tradition of the Satellite Hall of Fame,” said SSPI executive director Robert Bell. 
Turkey's Arkas Line Goes Orange
Eleven vessels and 25 land-based sites are connected by the Orange Business Services hybrid network...
Romantis Secures Services on Intelsat Ensuring Occasional Use to Russian Broadcasters
Transitioning to Intelsat EpicNG enables Romantis to deliver higher performance to smaller antennas, broader coverage
Inmarsat and Actility Aim to Bring the Internet of Things to the World with LoRaWAN™ 
... brings IoT solutions anywhere, to any business, with LoRaWAN-based connectivity on the ground and satellite connectivity as the network backbone.