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EUMTSAT's Ultimate "Makeover" Incorporates the Latest Technology in the Satellite Control Center
“Any screen in the new control center can be used to monitor any ground segment facility, for example, the back-up control center at Fucino, Italy,..."
China's Chang'e-4 Mission Successfully Launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center
A Long March-3B rocket, carrying the probe including a lander and a rover, blasted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's...
Viasat's Airborne Modem Passes Military Certification to Operate on Wideband Global SATCOM Network
modem rapidly delivers solutions that integrate into a hybrid adaptive network architecture for rapidly evolving in-flight mission and communications needs.
Scrubbed Just 7.5 Seconds Before Liftoff ... ULA's Delta IV Launch was Ready or Not for NROL-71 Mission
NROL-71 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office was scrubbed today 7.5 seconds before liftoff due to an unexpected condition during terminal ...
Deal of Fortune: Why Harris Corp. and L3 Technologies are Going All In on $33.5 Billion Merger
The combined company — L3 Harris Technologies Inc. — is expected to generate net revenue of approximately $16 billion for calendar-year 2018.
SpaceX Launches Again, Transporting Supplies and Experiments Including Crystals and Dental Glue to the ISS
represents a diverse combination of science and technology research that includes crystals, barley, and dental glue, among other things.
Fleet Space Technologies' Centauri Launches... This Startup Started a Marathon of Launches in Just a Month
Just one satellite has the ability to cover 90 per cent of the Earth.
Wednesday Arianespace's New Updates Regarding Launch of Their Workhorse Carrying Two Satellites
ArianeGroup coordinates an industrial network of more than 600 companies in 13 European countries, and more than 350 Small and Medium Enterprises. 
National Reconnaissance Office Readies for Friday's Launch of ULA's Delta IV Heavy Rocket
Delta IV Heavy is the nation’s proven heavy lifter, delivering high-priority missions for the National Reconnaissance Office, U.S. Air Force and NASA.
Forrester Reports: Russia Plans Mega-IoT-Constellation
The ‘Marathon’ constellation will likely comprise hundreds of craft and will operate alongside Russia’s Glonass GPS system and as part of Russia’s...
Statement from SSTL Confirms Successful Launch of KazSTSAT
confirmation that following separation from the launch vehicle a team made contact with KazSTSAT determining all initial systems checks are nominal.
Statement from Spaceflight, the Mission Manager, Launches 64 Satellites on First Dedicated Rideshare Mission
Spaceflight launched 15 MicroSats and 49 CubeSats from government and commercial entities including universities, startups, and a middle school.
ISRO Finally Launched Country's Heaviest Satellite Gsat-11 From Arianespace 
ISRO needed to recall the satellite as a precaution measure especially after the failure of the Gsat-6A mission around the same time.
Vietnam Set to Launch a Dragon ... MicroDragon a Smallsat Set for January Launch
The Vietnamese satellite, weighing 50 kilograms, will be launched into orbit along with six other satellites aboard Japan’s Epsilon rocket, from the ...
SpaceX's Launch is Biggest Ever from the U.S. of a Single Rideshare ... 64 Smallsats from 17 Countries
Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission is the largest single rideshare mission from a U.S.-based launch vehicle to-date.
Smallsats from Scotland Aim to Revolutionize Work in Space
The two ‘first of a kind’ 5 kg. satellites, which were designed and built by Spire Global, are unique due to their function, tiny size, low cost and quick ...
Chinese Company Reveals First Satellite of Many in Plan to Offer Free Worldwide Wi-Fi
aims to launch next year, another 10 launched by 2020, and constellation will have 272 satellites and connect to the internet in remote regions by 2026 
Blue Gets to Red ...Blue Canyon Technologies' Good Attitude Control Enables CubeSats to Relay Data from the Red Planet
provided the precision pointing the MarCO reflect-array high-gain antennas towards Earth relaying InSight's data during entry, descent, and landing on Mars.
Smallsats to Launch from Australia's Eyre Peninsula via the Southern Launch Company
Called the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex, the 1,190 hectare site sits at the bottom of Eyre Peninsula, about 35 minutes’ drive from the ...
Statement from HawkEye 360's Successful Launch of First Three Satellites
“The successful launch of our Pathfinder satellites is the biggest moment in our company’s young history, I am extremely proud of what our 30-person team..."