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Wednesday's Update ULA Rolls Out Atlas V Rocket Ready for TDRS-M Launch
Wednesday the Atlas V rocket with the TDRS-M satellite is revealed.
Chinese Quantum Satellite Passes Muster, Now Let's Make a Hack-Proof Communications Network
Micius can only conduct quantum communication in the Earth' s shadow; that is to say, it can only work at night to avoid interference from sunlight.
Russia's Possible Launch Delay of Amazons-5 Due to Manufacturer's Late Shipment
It's the domino effect ... when one issue causes a delay it is passed along, and it could mean the delay of the launch of the Amazons-5 satellite.
DataPath's $37.4 Billion Contract ... Selection of the Fittest for RS3 Program
... and so it is with a 10-year, $37.4Billion contract that DataPath has been awarded.
Thaicom - Thaicom 9 to be Named National Satellite - Government To Take Partial Control of Upcoming Satellite
Prime Minister Juntong added that the move is in line with the new satellite business operative framework, which the government designed to channel benefits of the...
Kratos RT Logic Could It Become Too Big Too Late to Fit Into New Facility? 
the company would need to begin planning its next expansion well before it moves into the completed addition since it likely will fill the complex about a year after it opens.
Militaries' Digital Armies and Covert Terminal Testing Gain Momentum with GateHouse Telecom 
 In 2016, NATO warded off 500 cyber attacks each month according to statistics compiled by the military alliance.
SpaceX's Successful Launch Makes it a Dozen for NASA's ISS Commercial Resupply Mission
Resupply missions are celebrated when craving a favorite snack or just the need of a basic necessity, but you can't hop in your car and go to the store.
JAXA's Disappointing Series of Scrubs of Michibiki No. 3 Satellite
H-IIA F35 launch was originally scheduled on August 12, 2017 but has been cancelled due to ...
The Blue Cube ... as Aurora Flight Sciences Selects Blue Canyon Technologies to Provide CubeSat for DeMi Mission
The DeMi mission aims to provide on-orbit performance qualification of MEMS deformable mirrors for closed-loop wavefront sensing.
Thuraya Shares Their Wares and Hits the Road ... Collaborates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
unique SatSleeve+ for example is another popular device that caters to the rising ‘bring your own device’ phenomenon and presents ...
Satellite Solutions Worldwide - Interested in French Universal Broadband Roll-Out?
Satellite Solutions looks likely to try to capitalize on the acceleration of the high-speed broadband roll-out in France, according to the...
Globalstar Receives FCC's Terrestrial Authorized Licenses  
marks the end of the FCC regulatory process to obtain terrestrial authority over our S-band spectrum and the beginning of a new range of ...
CompassCom New MRM Solution for Monroe County, Florida Sheriffs 
The Sheriff can now track the precise real-time location of every officer in a vehicle or on foot via the digital communications system that is...
NASA ... Cassini's Grand Finale a Careful Dance Through Saturn's Upper Atmosphere
If the thrusters are forced to work harder – meaning the atmosphere is denser than models predict – engineers will increase the altitude of subsequent orbits
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and JAXA - Launch of H-IIA with MICHIBIKI No. 3 is Delayed
The launch vehicle carries the MICHIBIKI No. 3 Quasi-Zenith Satellite System aboard for insertion into Geostationary Orbit.
Kabul Requests Satellite from India ... Maybe a Dedicated OneTracking Terrorist Hideouts
It is not yet clear if Kabul wants to use a dedicated satellite to track terrorist hideouts.
Russia - Future Glonass Satellites Could Possess Highly Elliptical Orbits
The concept of supporting the Glonass orbital grouping is also dependent upon the manufacturing of another six Glonass-K satellites...
G'Day for Australia ... Considering Canada as Key to Space Agency Success
The South Australian Government last month said it would set up its own space agency this year if swift action was not taken at a federal level.
NASA's Mission Closer to Identifying 20,000 Extrasolar Planets as MIT's Four Cameras Pass Muster 
"The TESS four-camera ensemble instantaneously views a section of sky that is more than 20 times greater than that for the Kepler mission ..."