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Recent Satellite Operator News
SpaceX Launch of PAZ and Microsat-2a and -2b Postponed
PAZ, when on orbit, will perform both military and civil operations, such as troop movements, environmental observations and more. Also on board are...
Avanti Communications' HYLAS-4 Satellite Arrives in French Guiana for Arianespace Launch
The spacecraft, built by Orbital ATK, was packed and shipped at their Satellite Manufacturing Facility in Dulles, Virginia, United States, and...
GMV Offers SBAS Correction Service and Precision Point Positioning Info at IGNSS in Australia
One of the sessions dealt with Australia and New Zealand’s new-generation, satellite-based, precise point positioning system, a project in...
Quika's New CFO has a Wealth of Experience ... He Will Manage Investor Relations
was CFO for MBI International Holdings ... that operates hotels and real-estate across Europe and the Middle East with assets in excess of $9 billion.
Ariana 6's Vinci® Engine Passes 140 Tests that Include Some “Firsts”
The re-ignitable Vinci® engine will power the upper stage of Ariane 6, whose first flight is scheduled for 2020
NASA's New Horizons Zooms at 36,000 MPH and Releases Record-Breaking Photos from Beyond Pluto 
In two hours, New Horizons smashed a 27-year-old record set by Voyager 1 … twice.
Clyde Space's First Milestone End to End Mission for NSLComm ... Just the Beginning of an Orbiting Cluster
...set to deliver a full end-to-end mission service package, from spacecraft design, manufacture, launch, on orbit to operations to ...
Adcole Maryland Aerospace-Built Kestrel Eye SmallSat for the U.S. Army and DoD Launches
The Kestrel Eye imaging satellite is the first on orbit demonstration of an envisioned Department of Defense (DoD) constellation that may someday...
NASA's Kodiak's Test Proves Self-Driving Robotic Servicer Can Extend Satellite's Lifespan
Once it locates its target, it can use dexterous robotic arms and software to autonomously grasp, refuel, and relocate a satellite.
Planet's Ground Station in Inuvik May be Excised if License not Received
Planet has been caught in an unusual regulatory situation. The company applied for, and received, a radio frequency spectrum license from another ...
CETel is the Latest to be Certified by WTA .... Achieves Provisional Certification of its Teleport
the Certification program has quickly grown in popularity, with 15 teleports currently engaged in the quality evaluation process and certifications ...
Open Cosmos Sends Vector Their First RSVP ... Reservation for First Orbital Launch
Vector will begin construction on its state-of-the-art rocket factory ... later this year, designed to produce up to 100 launch vehicles per year to start.
Satelles Shows Improved PNT Accuracy from LEO Constellation
from new tests using configurations with a differential source and with a more accurate OCXO clock, producing timing accuracy of 160 nanoseconds.
Gogo Relishes Increased SES-15 Capacity for IFC/IFE Aboard More Than 200 Aircraft
SES-15 entered service in January 2018 and is the company’s first hybrid satellite providing Ku-band wide beams and Ku-band spotbeam capacity...
How COMSAT Continued Communications During California Wildfires ... 'What If' Became 'It Is'
"The crisis management plan, devised in response to the 'what-if' scenarios, demonstrated how resilient the teleport and and its team are."
On Orbit Sustainment Record Set by the EUTELSAT 16C (formerly SESAT) Satellite
A global success story for EUTELSAT— designed for a contractual orbital life of 10 years, the EUTELSAT 16C/SESAT telecommunications satellite...
MeznSat Project Now Underway by UAE Space Agency and Partners
The cubesat project will see undergraduate students design and construct the MeznSat before using it to collect and analyze data on carbon dioxide...
Advantech Wireless Reaches the Summit™ and Releases 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Satellite GaN SSPA System
Without using expensive filter combiners, which make future frequency planning changes very complex and challenging ...
KVH Industries' HTS Systems and AgilePlans™ Set the Seas for E.R. Schiffahrt
program provides equipment and airtime for one monthly airtime fee, with no commitment; installation at select ports and maintenance costs are included.
ViaSat-2 Up and Running and Ready to Report to Work
“We are not predicting the failure of OneWeb, [but] I just think that it’s not going to bring an amount of bandwidth to the markets that we serve that’s ... "