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Recent Satellite Operator News
UPDATE Thursday for SpaceX Launch of Sixty SpaceX Starlink Satellites
With a new service launching for the first time, SpaceX founder Elon Musk had acknowledged on Wednesday that "much will likely go wrong."
India's PSLV-C46 Launches the EO RISAT-2B to Serve Agriculture, Forestry and Disaster Management
PSLV-C46 lifted-off at 05:30 Hrs (IST) on May 22, 2019, from the First Launch Pad of SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. PSLV-C46 was the 72nd launch...
SES Satellite Delivers AfricaXP's Bouquet for African Viewers ... Free to Air Local Channel
Delivered via SES satellites, this bouquet is supplied by AfricaXP, the leading independent African network, which is well-known for its Nollywood....
MOU Signed Between Airbus and the Hellenic Space Agency
The MOU will also look to encourage exchange of personnel between Airbus and HSA to enhance knowledge sharing and understanding. These...
Fourth BeiDou Backup Satellite Launched by China
After being sent to the geostationary earth orbit and on-orbit tests, the satellite will be connected to the BDS to provide users with more reliable...
Forrester Reports: Echostar's Broadcast Satellite Services Division Purchased by DISH Network
The Echostar BSS business provides broadcast satellite services to DISH Network and other related activity including DISH’s Mexican subsidiary...
Ball Aerospace's Green Smallsat Ready for NASA's Green Propellant Mission Arrives in Florida 
The GPIM bus uses the smallest of the Ball Configurable Platform satellites, which is about the size of a mini refrigerator, and was built in just 46 days.
Kleos Space Names Kongsberg Satellite Service as the Firm's Ground Service Station Provider
The appointment marks the next milestone toward revenue generation, commencing post commissioning of the Kleos’ Scouting Mission satellites...
Earth to Sky Smallsat to Launch with Delta Satellite Solutions
The launch will occur in March 2021 to 550 km. SSO and will place 120 cubesats on-orbit.
ESA's Mar's Express Captures Never Before Seen Details of Huge Lowell Crater
The huge dent in the red planet is believed to be around 3.9 million years old and is the result of a massive asteroid collision.
CETel is Spotbeam On as It Serves an Increasing Connectivity Demand in North Africa  
Chad and South of Libya have little to no terrestrial connectivity and require stable, reliable and efficient solutions for data and voice transmissions.
Coming Soon, an All-Seeing Radar Imaging Satellite
This all-weather seeing feature is what makes them special for security forces and disaster relief agencies.
Belt and Road Initiative Partners to Get Customized Weather Satellite Data
By the end of last month, 22 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Libya and Sudan, had responded to the survey.
Arianespace Signs On to Launch the Spanish EO Satellite SEOSat for ESA
SEOSat/Ingenio is a high-resolution optical imaging mission of Spain – the flagship mission of the Spanish Space Strategic Plan. The satellite will be...
General Atomics Prepares Their OTB Satellite for U.S.A.F.'s STP-2 Launch on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy 
the simultaneous launch of multiple demonstration payloads on a single satellite eliminates the costly burden of a dedicated platform and launch. 
MAXAR to Study Future Systems for Space-Based Comms for NASA
The future architecture would be used for scientific and human exploration missions in Earth orbit, at the Moon, and throughout the solar system...
ICEYE's EO Services and APSI Combine Forces to Support South Korean New Space Market
As a part of the agreement, APSI will supply ICEYE's SAR imagery in South Korea and also provide mutual support from both APSI and ICEYE...
NOAA Endows Harris with GOES-R Modernization Contract
The three year contract extension will modernize the ground-computing infrastructure and reduce the IT footprint, laying the foundation for future...
Eutelsat America to Study Comms and Navigation Services for NASA and Commercial Networks
This first stage, for which Eutelsat America Corp. has been selected, is a five month study that will examine how relay communications and...
Herschel and Planck — Ten Years Later ... And More
These two spaceborne telescopes were designed to unveil some of the Universe’s most closely guarded secrets, namely the formation of stars and...