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Swedish National Space Agency's New Director General ... She Comes with Impressive Experience from SSC 
knowledge and experience from space technology, business, space science and national and international space projects from the early pioneering up ... 
Japan's Nod of Confidence with Arianespace to Launch BSAT-4b Satellite Adds to a Long History Since 1997
BSAT-4b will be launched by an Ariane 5 in 2020 from the Guiana Space Center, Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, as part of a turnkey...
RUAG's New Portfolio Includes Highs and Lows ... High Performance and Low-Cost Products for Satellite Constellations
Several hundred computer units have flown on commercial and institutional missions, such as Iridium NEXT (payload interface unit) or the Galileo...
New Satellite Constellation from EarthNow to Offer Real-Time EO Video
EarthNow represents a dramatic leap forward in capability compared to other Earth Observation (EO) satellite systems which deliver pictures and...
Sentinenel-3B's Upcoming Launch Will Complete Copernicus Constellation
Carrying a suite of cutting-edge instruments, Sentinel-3 is arguably the most complex of all the Sentinel missions – offering a bigger picture for Copernicus.
South Africa Shipping the AZCube-2 Satellite to India for July Launch
The 4 kg. satellite, known as ZACube-2, was developed by the CPUT in cooperation with the French South African Institute of Technology. 
AST Awarded Patent in Mighty Micron™ Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites for Government and Commercial Use
Their patented features will allow them to support a range of government and commercial space mission capabilities that have until now been impossible.
SpaceX's Triple Play Turns into a Home Run With Launch and Subsequent Deployment of TESS and Return of Rocket 
telescope/camera that will hunt for undiscovered worlds around nearby stars, providing targets where future studies will assess their capacity to harbor life.
Orbital ATK's TESS Exoplanet Satellite Launch Is a First on Exciting Journey for NASA Seeking New Planets;
This successful launch marks the 31st science spacecraft they have developed and built for NASA over the last 35 years.
Inmarsat Brings SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) to Market
The next-generation satellite IP platform is designed to meet the needs of aviation data communications in the digital age and offers airlines game-changing visibility...
Now Prepped for Launch — the Airbus-Built MetOp-C Satellite for EUMETSAT and the ESA
the excellent performance of the two MetOp satellites enables simultaneous operation, providing the meteorological community with increased data.
Landmark Agreement 'Tween SSTL, Goonhilly Earth Station and Astrobotic Unveiled at 34th Space Symposium
payloads will need sophisticated communication services to reach, until-now, prohibitive destinations on the Moon, including the ‘far side.’
Spaceflight SmallSats to Launch Via Arianespace Vega Rocket
Arianespace has signed a landmark agreement with Spaceflight for the launch of several small payloads. This will be the inaugural mission for...
Deep Space Industries Closes Their First Tranche of Series A Funding
Deep Space Industries plans to launch the first private deep space mission in 2020, using the firm's Xplorer spacecraft.  This funding round allows the...
Rocket Lab's First Fully Commercial Electron Launch Set for April 20
The 14-day ‘It’s Business Time’ launch window will open on Friday April 20, 2018 NZT. During this time a four-hour launch window will open daily from...
Today AsiaSat's Executive Director and CEO Andrew Jordon Resigns 
Dr. Roger Tong has been appointed by the Board to succeed Mr. Jordan as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, in effect from April 16, 2018.
Intelsat General Joins the Team Building a New Satellite Navigation Payload for the FAA
The payload will be part of the FAA’s Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) that corrects and enhances information provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites...
First Full-Color Video from Earth-i's VividX2 Satellite Released
Launched on January 12, 2018, VividX2 is the world’s first commercial satellite able to provide full-color video of life on Earth. Weighing 100 kg. and measuring...
NanoRacks Can Provide In-Space Services Thanks to a GSA Schedule Contract Award
As a services provider under this contract, NanoRacks is able to provide its customer-driven in-space services to federal agencies at a pre-negotiated...
SpaceX Delays the Launch of NASA's Exoplanet Hunter, TESS
TESS (the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) is designed to explore planets that occupy space beyond our solar system in a hunt for...