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Recent Agencies News
Update as Norsat Notifies Hytera of Superior Proposal from Privet Fund Management LLC
Hytera is under no obligation to make such an offer, but if they offer to amend the Arrangement Agreement ...
India Picks Up Pace to Provide High-Speed Internet with ISRO's New Satellites
Despite overtaking the US last year to become the world's second largest Internet user base after China, India is still behind many Asian countries ...
Companies Seeking Cyber-Security Find Answers at CommunicAsia's SatComm2017
With the Cybersecurity Market Report predicting that worldwide spending on cyber security will top US$1 trillion for the five-year period from 2017 to 2021...
PAGASA Keeps 'em Dry ... Launches COMS Weather Watch Satellite
The COMS is the first geostationary multipurpose satellite of South Korea,
ORBCOMM Solutions Sell in Saudi Arabia via New Partnership with machinestalk
"... we believe that IoT is no longer an option for enterprises wishing to grow in their industry space or simply defend their market share.​
Arianespace Gives OK Ready to Launch Soyuz and SES 15 to Begin Important Mission
enable the US Federal Aviation Administration to augment the Global Positioning Systems improving accuracy for the aviation industry.
Strength in Accord ... JAXA-ESA Issue Joint Statement Concerning the Bilateral Cooperation
significant results have been achieved through cooperation in the International Space Station program, as well as in joint missions in fields such as ...
US Service Academies Engage in Swarm Challenge to Push the Boundaries of Autonomous Swarm Capabilities
US Naval Academy wins three-day tournament over US. Military Academy and US Air Force Academy in experiment designed to develop innovative tactics for large groups of unmanned aerial vehicles...
Thales Alenia Space Champ ... Makes and Takes 3D-Printed Parts into Orbit
Additive manufacturing provides real benefits for spaceborne products. 
The Trends Shaping Location Based Services Examined by the GSA in a Just Released Report
The report offers an in-depth look at market opportunities and trends within the dynamic Location Based Services (LBS) segment.
SpaceX Sends Inmarsat-5 Soaring Into Space ... Good News for Global Xpress' Broadband Network
Originally the plan was to only be a trio of spacecraft, but Inmarsat opted...
Soyuz, SES and the Spaceport ... a Rocket, a Satellite and a Launch Site Set for Soyuz's Launch of SES-15
SES-15, its first hybrid satellite, will offer a mix of widebeam coverage and high throughput (HTS) capacity.
Inmarsat's Celebration ... Confirmed Launch of Its Fourth Global Xpress Satellite
...the world’s first globally available, broadband connectivity service and was created to enable communities across the world ...
Clyde Space's Happenings First the Queen and then the Times ... Two Awards in One Month
Glasgow produced more than 60 satellites, more than any other city outside of Silicon Valley.
Two NASA Astronauts to be Inducted into the US Astronaut Hall of Fame
The ceremony will be held at the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.
Satellite Service Stations in Space to be Aided by Draper Technologies
Draper, in support of RSGS and in collaboration with SSL, will provide technologies that aim to enable cooperative inspection and servicing of satellites in GEO...
European Consortium Team Up to Successfully Conduct Ultra-High Throughput Transmission Over Satellite
The technology demonstration was part of a development funded by the European Space Agency under the "ARTES Advanced Technology" program.
Harris' Favorite Falcons Fly with $90 Million in Tactical Radio Contracts from European Nation 
combination of the two radio systems will increase readiness and allow for full interoperability with US,NATO, and coalition forces. 
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Relys On Mapyx Again and SPOT Satellite Devices as Exclusive Partners
UK schools already using Mapyx and SPOT to safeguard 10,000 pupils each year
Airbus' Trilogy of New Info ... Business Building, Business Expansion and Appointment of President Airbus Aerial US
It is bringing together partners from across the industry from vehicle manufacturers, data analytics companies, service providers and others...