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Satellite Vu Takes ESA's Ocean x Space Award for Tracking Maritime Plastic Garbage from Space
By 2050, there could be more plastic in the world’s waters than fish, measured by weight.
Thales Alenia Space Partners as Prime Contractor in a Copernicus Land Surface Temperature Monitoring
in charge of the instrument concept and performance and also supports the mission analysis by OHB System AG, for the system and platform.
Avanti Communications' Project Enhances Kenya’s Disaster Response Communications
these partnerships are first about helping developing countries stand on their own two feet by building the capability to deal with specific challenges.
Jason-2 Celebrates a Decade ... this Oceanography Satellite Lives Long Past Original Three-Five Years Lifespan
Jason-2 satellite has now made more than 47,000 trips around our home planet, measuring sea level change across the globe, observing ocean ...
Arabsat is Honored for Assistance to Cyprus' Economy with International Investment Award
They include organizations that have invested in Cyprus and created a value-added element for the economy, or established operations and employment in 
Global Market Insights' Insightful Forecast... Global SAR to Exceed US$4 Billion by 2024
...capability of these systems to perform efficiently, even in absence of light and cloudy weather conditions will inadvertently propel the industry growth.
Florida May Reach In Its Pockets to Fund Space Launch Services Encouraging Industries and Employment 
on 67 acres at KSC, including a 133,000-square-foot hangar and a launch and landing control tower standing up to 300 feet tall, as well as a rocket ...
Newtec's New Products Provide Solutions with the HTS Solution Portfolio at CommunicAsia 2018
As ships and airplanes move around the globe, mobile VSAT terminals often need to transition between satellite footprints.
President Trump Signs Space Policy Directive - 3: Dealing with Debris and NASA's Administrator's Comments
"...President’s enthusiasm for our nation’s innovative work, provides a strong foundation for our nation to once again do the big things that will shape a ..." 
ISRO Bringing Their GSAT-11 Satellite Back Into Launch Mode
The 5,700-kg GSAT-11 satellite was slated for launch on May 26 from Kourou, a site in South America that India occasionally uses to launch the...
Coming Together ... Secure World Foundation and Partners Establish Consortium for Satellite Servicing Standards
process took awhile, but the pace seems to have picked up and is moving forward so standards for cooperative on-orbit servicing can be determined. 
Gomspace and Aerial & Maritime Have an MOU ... Delivery and Operation of a Global Constellation
The system shall deliver processed ADS-B signals — compliant with ICAO and EUROCAE requirements for air traffic management. 
Thales Alenia Space Reveals a Breakthrough Technology for Search & Rescue Satellite Solutions + Togo Signs On...
The beacon on a plane or ship is triggered, manually or automatically, and transmits a distress signal at a frequency of 406 MHz. This signal is picked ...
ViaLite's L-Band HTS for Defense Provides Security for Those Who Defend Others
The link is ideal for the extremely demanding dynamic range applications associated with HTS and defense, and is based on the ViaLiteLong Distance 
Astronomers See Black Hole Destroy Star in a Distant Eruption
Theorists suggested that material pulled from the doomed star forms a rotating disk around the black hole, emitting intense X-rays and visible light
Thales Alenia Space's SWOT Does a Lot ... Achieving Milestones is the Result of Many Who Have Contributed 
a new-generation platform for this program that will be the first of this type to be orbited in compliance with the French Space Operations Act* ...
JAXA Successfully Tests H-IIA Launch Vehicle with New Research Satellite to Detect Missile Launches  
The mission is part of the Information Gathering Satellites (IGS) program, one of whose goals is to detect possible missile launches in the region.
NASA’s Decade of Discoveries and Cosmic Rays with Fermi Satellite 
cosmic rays, particles traveling at nearly the speed of light, could be propelled by supernova shock waves. In 2013, Fermi’s LAT used gamma rays to prove  
SES' 10 New Consortium Project Partners Make QUARTZ Crystal Clear for Satellite Cybersecurity  
the consortium will develop a system that will generate encryption keys in space, and securely transmit those keys to users on Earth via laser.
Harris to Supply U.S. Customs and Border Protection with Advanced Digital Handheld Radios
Harris will supply its XL-200P advanced digital handheld radios that have an intuitive and customizable user interface. The radios are packed with...