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Drifting on an Arctic Ice Sheet for a Year Scientists Use Kepler's World's First High-Bandwidth Satellite
hundreds of scientists and operations crew will remain locked into the Arctic ice sheet ... The team will spend the next 12 months drifting
Viasat's Multi-Mission Terminal Begins Certification for the UK MoD's Skynet SATCOM X-Band System
Viasat’s MMT, being a tri-band, multi-network software-defined solution, delivers high-quality IP-based voice, video and data networking across ...
India and Japan Plan to Explore the Moon's Dark Side
The Japanese agency said the mission would last about six months and target a constantly sunlit region near the moon's South Pole.
Aerojet Rocketdyne and NASA Demos Advanced Electric Propulsion System Thruster at Full Power 
Aerojet Rocketdyne-developed AEPS thrusters are slated to be used on the Power and Propulsion Element of NASA’s Gateway, the agency’s orbiting...
James Webb Telescope Being Prepped for Milestone Liftoff by Arianespace
The JWST will solve mysteries of the solar system, look for distant worlds, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of the universe. It is an ...
The Newest Space ISAC Founding Member is... Lockheed Martin
The Space ISAC is the only space-dedicated ISAC and is made possible through the investment by its board and founding members. Lockheed Martin...
France, Israel, Japan, Russia, and the U.S. Vie to Supply High-Res Earth Observation Satellites to Vietnam
The Vietnamese government has reportedly allocated a budget of U.S.$1 billion over the next few years for the Earth observation programme.
Thumbs Up for ViaLite ... According to World Teleport Association Selected by Eight Out of Ten Teleport Operators 
Report cards are a way of tracking a student's progress in school, and likewise corporations also track clients to assess their opinions of various 
BIRDS, Geeks and the UK Receive SSPI's Better Satellite World Awards
this year's SSPI's Better Satellite World Awards are a young and lively group with interesting names as well ... BIRDS, Geeks, and the UK.
'To Do List' as Cygnus Spacecraft Sails to Space Station with a Multitude of Experiments
Each resupply mission delivers scientific investigations in the areas of biology and biotechnology, Earth and space sciences, physical sciences, and ...
By the Close of 2022, Satellite Payloads Could Garner $14.8 Billion in Revenues Across the Globe
According to research, the global market for satellite payloads will have registered modest CAGR and procured a little over $14.8 billion in revenues...
U.S. Government Accountability Office Has Recommendations for USAF Space Command and Control
Early prototype work on the program's software began in 2016. As of mid-2019, the program had delivered some initial capabilities; however, the...
Australian Department of Defence Awards Defence Innovation Hub Contract to Saber Astronautics
The contract, valued at AUD $2.1 million, will use new and existing sensor networks to provide advanced insights in space domain awareness and...
RUAG Space and TTTech Provide Electronics for TTEthernet for NASA's Lunar Gateway
​Ambitious projects are underway in preparation for the upcoming ARTEMIS Mission challenge in 2024.
When There's a 911 Communications is Key and Kymeta's Emergency Response is Essential
This two day long exercise was supported by partners from across the United States and Canada, as well as volunteers from the City of Redmond and ... 
The Extra Mile ... Special Humanitarian Award to Avanti's iMlango Project for Marginalized African Students
in 205 Primary and 40 Secondary schools across four regions in Kenya ... to enable over 180,000 marginalized children to improve their educational 
An Attractive and Competitive Space Platform Solution ... ESA and Airbus Collaborate on ISS' Bartolomeo 
ESA recognizes that Bartolomeo is an attractive and competitive space platform solution ... substantial interest from its Member States as well as 
General Dynamics Information Technology's $325 Million Contract to U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
when natural and man made disasters occur, communications networks become congested from increased traffic or physical damage. In these...
Leadership Appointments as Raytheon Consolidates in Merger of Equals with United Technologies
The consolidation has taken place of Raytheon and United Technologies, the next matter of business involves the appointments of the top executives.
DoD's Head is in the Clouds with $11 Billion Budget in Contracts ... Microsoft Selected for 'Enterprise General Purpose'
The Department of Defense (DoD) has now taken another step forward in the implementation of the Cloud Strategy with the award of an enterprise general-purpose cloud contract to Microsoft...