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UPDATE: Arianespace Flight VV15 Launch is Delayed Again
With high-altitude winds above the Spaceport in French Guiana remaining unfavorable, Arianespace has taken the decision not to attempt a launch of...
Exolaunch Completes 28 Satellite Payload Integration ... Gettin' Ready for July Soyuz Launch 
In total, Exolaunch has contracted and integrated to launch 28 commercial and educational satellites from Germany, France, the USA, Israel, the...
Arianespace Set for July 5 Launch of UAE's FalconEye1 EO Satellite
The FalconEye satellite is a high performance optical EO satellite system for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAEAF).
SES Delivers FTA Channels Across Brazil via the SES-10 Satellite
To ensure that TV viewers can easily access these channels, broadcasters can send their content to SES’s teleport in the city of...
Comtech Systems Awarded Brazilian Military Satellite Network Contract 
The company received a $4.0 million contract from the Brazilian military to expand their satellite-based network for its air traffic control system...
Ariane 5 Successfully Delivers ... Launch of T-16 and EUTELSAT 7C
"so each new success is a source of pride and encouragement for ever-higher space ambitions to benefit our customers around the world,”
Taking JUICE to Jupiter as ESA Signs Arianespace for the Launch
liftoff of approximately six tons, and placed in an Earth escape orbit toward Jupiter for a journey of 600 million kilometers after a 7.5-year cruise toward ...
Sersat and SES' New Platform on SES-14 Satellite Makes 33 Million Latin American PayTV Viewers Happy
Local and international content operators and owners who want to broadcast over Latin America will be able to enjoy the benefits of instantly...
They'll  Be the First ... Visat-3's Commercial Launch on Next-Gen Ariane 64
The A64 launcher is expected to maintain launch quality and reliability, but with added mission effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility. The A64 launch...
GlobalSat Group Now Licensed to Operate in Argentina by National Authority ENACOM
especially interesting to companies operating in more than one country with a streamlined solution that adds simplicity instead of complexity to their cost
Arianespace Readies Dual Passengers AT&T T-16 and EUTELSAT-7C for Upcoming Ariane 5 Launch
Both are telecommunications relay platforms for operation by long-time Arianespace customers: AT&T, which provides mobile, broadband, video ...
Briskcom is Certified as SES Networks’ Signature Solutions Partner ... Virtual Network Operator Services in Brazil
will access a managed pool of capacity and a tailored network management interface, to become a virtual network operator without upfront investment.
Maxar's Powerful All-Electric Satellite for Eutelsat Ready at Arianespace 
The satellite is based on Maxar’s 1300-class platform, which offers flexibility to support a broad range of applications and technology...
Paradigm Delivers in the Antarctic ... PIM-Enabled Satellite Terminals Provide Unlimited High Speed Broadband
Summer in the Antarctic, warm thoughts are pretty much the only thing warm, which makes it a challenge for scientific equipment to stand the weather extremes.
ArianeGroup Completes Tests for Upper Stage Rocket Engines of the Future ... More for Less
the ETID demonstrator validated 14 new components, technological building blocks now available for developing a future upper stage rocket engine.
FMC GlobalSat to Address and Demo Energy Providers at LATAM Event
FMC GlobalSat delivers 4G wireless and satellite connectivity, hardware, software, and support services as a low-cost monthly fee. The service is...
Announcing Orbital Micro Systems' Global Sales Director ... He Was With Google, Digital Globe, Lockheed Martin and More
He has a proven track record in enterprise data sales, in executive sales with industry leaders like Google, Digital Globe, and SkyBox Imaging.
LATAM ATC Comms Network Equipment Order Received by Comtech EF Data
The order specified NetPerformer™ Satellite Routers developed by Comtech EF Data Corp.’s subsidiary, Memotec, which deliver highly...
Airbus and Thales Alenia Space Will Build Two SpainSAT NG Satellites
guaranteeing the continuity of the secure communications services to the Spanish Ministry of Defense and Governmental Agencies using the current fleet.   
Arianespace Selected by exactEarth to Launch the OHB Luxspace-Built ESAIL Satellite
The ESAIL satellite will be launched in a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) at an altitude of 515 km. on a Vega SSMS rideshare flight in 2019 from the...