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Recent Service Provider News
Users Enjoy Processing Larger Projects with Virtual Surveyor's New Software Enhancements
Virtual Surveyor 6.2 solves the problem of large files by offering enhanced Clipping and Mosaicking functionality. Users can now merge multiple ...
UPDATE: Blue Origin's New Shepard Rocket Successfully Launches... and Returns
This will be the 10th New Shepard mission and is dedicated to bringing eight, NASA-sponsored, research and technology payloads into space...
Partnership Finds DOCOMO Pacific and Hawaii Pacific Teleport Committing to a Major Investment
In partnership with HPT, DOCOMO PACIFIC is growing their telecommunications footprint by expanding the firm's reach and capabilities...
Integrasys Joins the Satellite Industry Association
Integrasys LLC specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of innovative satellite spectrum monitoring systems and VSAT network...
Viasat's Community WiFi Service Now Deployed Across Mexico
The Community WiFi service uses a centralized WiFi hotspot to connect to a Viasat satellite to deliver internet service to remote communities that ...
Europe and North Africa See Spots while Globalstar Stars with their SPOT X Two-Way Satellite Tracker
over 6,200 rescue callouts including over 300 in EMENA for at-risk and lone workers, forest fire fighters to NGOs, as well as outdoor enthusiasts
Under 30 Satellite Companies Spire and ICEYE Team Up To Fight Crime On the High Seas
One reason for this is that ships will often turn off their AIS when they're about to engage in illegal activity.
Canadian SmallSat Launch Services Firm Now Accepting Mission Orders
According to the company, they have assembled a diverse portfolio of launch services to provide timely transportation into space, leveraging the...
NASA's Flight Crew Change for Boeing’s Starliner ... Medical Issue
Crew shake-ups and reassignments do happen – though they are not “routine” by any stretch.  
China Launches Two Satellites for Multi Spectral Imaging
Loaded with a multi-spectral imager and an infrared camera, they will form a network with the 10 previously launched Jilin-1 satellites,
Network Innovations Formally Launches Iridium CertusSM to Global Customers
This resulted in early customer adoption with one of the first commercial activations globally.
The Future ESA In-Situ Resource Use Moon Mission to be Examined by PTScientists
The ESA mission focuses on the use of the lunar regolith, the loose soil layer that is resident on the bedrock of a planet. Being able to extract water...
NASA's Juno Sees Spots ... Captures a Major Great Red Spot on Jupiter and Two Super Storms
The storm reached its current size when three smaller spots collided and merged in the year 2000.
Russia Mulling Sovereign's Eye Satellite Network to Watch 'Any Process on Earth'
"We are now proposing a project called 'Sovereign's Eye', which would allow us to see the dynamics of any changes on Earth,"
Defense Intelligence Agency Releases Report on China Military Power  ... Most Modern Weapon Systems
“China and Russia have the largest remote sensing satellite fleets outside the US. Additionally, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the Russian ...
Newtec Provides Solomon Islands ISP with Hub System
The Newtec Dialog platform will deliver IP connectivity for the Solomon Islands government, with a single hop service from remote islands to the...
Connected Buses and Trains Receive the Spotlight in NSR Report
However, what is oftentimes missing from the debate, is the prospect for connected trains and buses to be served via satellite. While the broadband...
Kacific to the Comms Rescue in Tonga
The sole international service currently available is provided via a Ku-band satellite network that is operated by Kacific Broadband Satellite and...
Connectivity Being Brought to the Galápagos Islands by Speedcast
The Galápagos Islands have long faced connectivity issues due to their remote location approximately 1,000 km. offshore the Ecuadorian coast...
Statement from ULA as they Launch the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-71 'Spy Satellite' 
“Congratulations to our team and mission partners for successfully delivering this critical asset to support national security missions.”