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SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine are provided FREE by Satnews Publishers and are available to read online or download. Respectively focused on commercial and military areas, the magazines provide monthly features, trends, market analysis and recent developments in international satellite communications. You can access the most recent issues below.

We also offer periodic print and PDF guides focusing on specific SATCOM issues. They are also available below.

Maritime SATCOM Guide
2016 Edition
This publication serves as a guide to fleet operators, sea captains, and maritime satellite equipment and service providers worldwide. It spotlights insights from a number of providers who wish to inform interested consumers as to their roles in this ever-increasing and crucial market. Also offered are their valid opinions, based upon their experiences within maritime SATCOM for your own maritime business operations.

March 2017 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam Part I
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part II
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part III
Information & News by the Editors
InfoBeam Part IV
Information & News by the Editors
Dear President Trump: What the Smallsat Industry Needs... A Spaceflight OpEd
By Curt Blake, President, Spaceflight Inc.
Find Your Islands of Truth in Uncertain Waters... A Newtec Perspective
A Talk with Thomas Van den Driessche, Chief Executive Officer, Newtec
North America—Leading the Market: A TeamCast Perspective
By Christophe Trolet, Satellite Business Unit Manager, and Mark Polovick, Vice President, Sales, both at TeamCast Inc.
Global Comms Require a Dedicated and Skilled Architect: An SIA Insight
By Tom Stroup, President, Satellite Industry Association (SIA)
Risk Reduction for Smallsat Constellations: An AMERGINT Technologies Perspective
By Randy Culver, CEO, AMERGINT Technologies
The End of VSAT Interference: A Kratos Perspective
By Petter Amundsen, General Manager, Kratos Norway
NSR Analysis: Not So Fast, SpaceX
By Lluc Palerm-Serra, Senior Analyst, NSR Spain
Thriving Biomes for Commercial Satellite Imaging: A Capella Space Perspective
By Payam Banazadeh and William Woods, both Capella Space Co-Founders and CEO and CTO, respectively
Executive Spotlight: Mark Rigolle
Chief Executive Officer, LeoSat Enterprises
Healing the Sick via Satellite: SSPI—Satellites Make A Better World
Poverty and distance are the enemies of health.
Automation Enhances Satellite Fleet Operations: A Telesat Perspective
By Steve Reid, Satellite Engineering Manager, Telesat
SATCOM 2017 to 2020: Choosing for Change A Norsat International Perspective
By Daniel Lopez, Product Manager, Norsat International
The Teleport Theory of Things: An STN Perspective
By Mitja Lovsin, Senior Director, STN
The Next-Generation WAN Fabric— A PCPC Direct Tech Focus
A solution is demonstrated that increases the effective bandwidth while increasing utilization.
Cloud Constellations... A New Way to Do Data Centers: A Cloud Constellation Corporation Perspective
By Scott Sobhani, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Cloud Constellation Corporation
The North American Market from the HPA Perspective: A CPI Satcom Products Focus
By Doug Slaton, Marketing Product Manager, CPI Satcom Products
The Early Days of SATCOM: A Radford Rememberance
By Tony Radford, Contributing Author
Banking On Reliability in Afghanistan: A SpeedCast Focus
By Fysal Gill, Senior Director, Sales, SpeedCast Group
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March 2017 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches Part I
Information & News, by the Editors
Dispatches Part II
Information & News, by the Editors
Ushering In The New Generation Of High Throughput Satellites (HTS)
By Tony Bardo, Assistant Vice President, Government Markets, Hughes, and Senior Contributor
Plan for the Worst... And Hope for The Best
By Garret C. Hill, Chief Executive Officer, X2nSat, Inc.
SatCom Frontier Perspectives: Big Moves Ahead for UAS Adoption and Faster Innovation and Acquisition for Special Forces
By SatCom Frontier Editors
Robust Satellite Tracking On The Move
By Dr. Rowan Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, EM Solutions
The HPA Corner: The Future of Hosted Payload Policies
by Bryan Benedict, SES Government Solutions
Low Passive Intermodulation Distortion in SATCOM
By Ian Timmins, Ph.D., Principal RF Enginer, AvL Technologies
Transforming SATCOM Requires
By Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President for Government Strategy and Policy, Inmarsat
Flexible Next-Generation FDMA Technologies Driving Big Cost Savings
By Tony Sewell, Senior Manager, Product Management, DataPath, Inc.
DoD and Commercial, Protected SATCOM Convergence and End-to-End Protection
By Steve Williams and Chris Badgett, Business Area Managers, RT Logic, a Kratos Company
Geolocation Methods of Satellite Transmitters
By Erwin Greilinger, Sales and Product Line Manager, Siemens Convergence Creators
Hitting The SPOT for Governments and NGOs
By Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing, EMEA, Globalstar
Maximizing Satellite Network Uptime In Winter, Snow, Ice and Alpine Conditions
By Dan Freyer, Founder, AdWavez Marketing
The Importance of Military and Government Satellite Connections
By Robert Stanton, Director of Technology, Omnetics Connector Corporation
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