June 2022 Edition

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SatMagazine Features Include:

InfoBeam I
SpaceX • CAPSTONE • Celestia Antwerp • Terran Orbital • Wyld + DEWA • Eutelsat • Astra + SaxaVord • ABS
InfoBeam II
Sidus Space + L3Harris • Gilmour Space • Airbus • Nanoracks + Maxar • SpaceX • Spire Global
InfoBeam III
Thales Alenia Space • Open Cosmos • Astrocast • Avanti Communications • OneWeb + Astroscale • Satellogic • SES + Kcell
InfoBeam IV
Hawkeye 360 • Phase Four • Southern Launch • Airbus Copernicus CRISTAL • OneWeb
Tracking MEO Constellations With A Single Antenna
Kevin McMahon, Senior Director of Sales for Government and Defense Solutions, Cobham Satcom
The Forrester Report: The Industry’s Prospects for 2022 Now Look Much Better
Chris Forrester, Senior Columnist
Mastering The Challenges Of New Space Satellite Constellations
Tobias Willuhn, Marketing Program Manager, Aerospace and Defense Testing, Rohde & Schwarz
Executive Spotlight: Elias Naffah
Formulation Manager, Communications Services Project (CSP), NASA
Space-Based SDA Is The Future
An OpEd by Eric Ingram, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SCOUT, Inc.
Untapped Opportunities In Earth Observation (EO)
James Perry, Executive Vice President, ASTERRA
Focus: Viasat—Nomadic services can deliver internet on the fly
Jane Reuter, Marketing Communications Writer
Focus: Spire Global
Joel Spark, Co-Founder and General Manager, Space Services, Spire
EU Space and the Arctic
Galileo, Europe’s GNSS
Focus: Orbital Sidekick
Methane detection and monitoring
Government Satellite Report: Securing Commercial Satellites Against Growing Adversarial Threats
David Presgraves, Staff Writer, GSR
Not All FEC Is Created Equal — Ensuring Error Free Transmission
Henrik Axelsson, Ph.D., President, KenCast
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June 2022 Edition

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MilsatMagazine Features Include:

Dispatches I
Redwire • Northrop Grumman • Raytheon Intelligence & Space • U.S. Indo-Pacific Command •
Dispatches II
SEAKR Engineering • ThinKom + CarlisleIT • ND SATCOM • BAE Systems • Globalstar
Dispatches III
Collins Aerospace • SlingShot Satellite Communications • ATLAS Space Operations • NRO
The Benefit Of Flexible Modems For Tactical MILSAT COM Ops
Chad Gatlin, Chief Executive Officer, and Dave Meadows, Division Vice President, Advanced Programs, NIC4
Transforming Forward Command Posts With Transportable Tracking Terminals
A Conversation with Kevin McMahon, Senior Director of Sales for Government + Defense Solutions, Cobham Satcom
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI): New Solutions for New Challenges
Carlo Rizzo, Chief Commercial Officer, QuadSAT
Space Systems Command — Streamlined Access To Space
Space Systems Command
Space Weather Forecast: New Challenges Ahead
Terry Onsager, physicist, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) & Bryan Davis, physical scientist for SSC’s Space Domain Awareness acquisition delta
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