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Recent Military News
Talia and Arabsat's Partnership Ensures Secure TV Broadcast 
customers can benefit from secure broadcasting service that is immune to signal jamming and interference at 26 degrees E hot spot.
SBIRS GEO-3 Receives Good 'Health Report' as it Successfully Achieves Operational Acceptance
the achievement of operational acceptance means the spacecraft’s infrared sensors are now considered fully operational and ready for warfighters. 
The Air Force Association Position on the Proposed Establishment of a Space Force as an Additional Armed Service
The Air Force Association position and rationale on the proposed actions regarding a new organization and the associated proposals for DoD space...
Hisdesat's PAZ Spanish 'Spy' Satellite Enters into Service 
PAZ orbits around the Earth 15 times a day. The detailed radar images provide information especially useful for multiple applications
Hughes to Support the Government Education and Training Network
The contract award, estimated at $15 million in total funding for up to five years, marks the third time Hughes has been selected to deliver the turnkey...
Brazil Plans for Lucrative Small Sat Launch Business, But First Must Provide U.S. Safeguards
A previous attempt at a U.S.-Brazilian space partnership was scuttled in 2003 when the TSA ran into resistance from the leftist government of former ...
Link Microtek's Integrated Rotary Joint and Slip-Ring Assembly Lowers Profile of Ka-band Satellite-on-the-Move Antenna 
Integrated rotary joint and slip-ring assembly lowers the profile of Ka-band satellite-on-the-move antenna systems.
Acoustic Testing of the SBIRS WFOV Optical Payload Completed by L3 Space & Sensors
The successful acoustic testing is a significant milestone that will keep WFOV on track for launch. As part of the SMC’s Space Modernization Initiative (SMI)...
U.S. Secretary of the Air Force Counters Space Force Proposals
U.S. Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson, has countered several Space Force proposals that have been championed by Deputy Defense Secretary 
Lockheed Martin Gains $7.2 Billion U.S.A.F. Contract for 22 GPS IIIF Satellites
Today, the USAF operates a total of 77 satellites vital to national security that provide communications, command and control, missile warning...
DISA's Additional Second Operations Watch Floor is '24/7 Active-Active' Ensuring National and Military Security 
Active-Active gives the agency an advantage to further the warfighter’s success in defense of our nation and to increase the lethality of the DOD
Northrop Grumman's Successes... Manufactured ICESat-2 Satellite and Much of ULA’s Delta II Rocket
10,000 laser pulses per second, the fast-shooting laser technology allows ATLAS to take measurements every 28 inches along the satellite’s path.
Ultra Electronics, Gigasat Complete Initial Deliveries of Their New DA-150 Lite Vehicle Mount Satellite Antenna
Building on the success of the DA-180 Lite and DA-200 Lite products, a new 1.5 meter version has been developed to meet growing demand...
Kymeta Promotes Three (Newly Hired) Executives to Build an Even Better Global Sales Force
These executives, who have been onboard for just a few months, must have done everything right to achieve promotions so quickly.
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Awards Seven Geospatial Analytics Contracts
BIG BAA contracts are part of NGA’s effort to enhance the ability to use advanced algorithms and machine learning to characterize geospatial data.
Harris Corporation's New President of Communication Systems ... He is a 33-Year Harris Employee
He is a 33 year Harris employee and most recently served as SVP and chief global business development officer for the company, overseeing...
Northrop Grumman Receives $19+ Million Mod Contract from the DoD for DSP Support
This support provides root-cause analysis as a key component of the lifetime extension of DSP orbital assets, as well as mission event analysis...
GTX is On Track with U.S. Air Force's Personnel and Equipment
 provide devices that can transmit data through RF technology, report latitude and longitude coordinates every second, and encrypt the data.
DARPA Actively Addressing AI
Starting in the 1960s, DARPA research shaped the first wave of AI technologies, which focused on handcrafted knowledge, or rule-based...
U.S. Air Combat Command Obtains Ku- MILSATCOM Support from SES Government Solutions and Bushtex
Bushtex Inc., a woman- and minority-owned small business based in Gilbert, Arizona, is a MILSATCOM provider that currently delivers...