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Recent Europe News
Marlink Sees the Needs for Those at Sea... Expanded Sealink Business VSAT Plan 
Customers can choose from seven levels of guaranteed bandwidth ensuring availability of broadband communications for business needs. 
Satellite Infrastructure for a Top 10 US-Based DMA Now Underway
ETL will provide two of its best-in-class 64x64 Vortex L-band matrix systems and six of its 16-port LNB PSU (Low Noise Block Power Supply) solutions...
ENENSYS to Acquire TeamCast
ENENSYS confirmed that TeamCast will continue to operate as a standalone company.
Gazprom Agrees to a Capacity Contract for HorizonSat
The capacity leased by HorizonSat will provide Internet connectivity in the countries of Central and Eastern Africa...
Signalhorn Contributes Their Expertise In Connecting Africa at NG Telecoms Summit Africa
 ... more than 100 global leaders in the telecom industry will be discussing challenges of meeting the needs of African-based customers...
Encompass Digital Media is the New Neighbor in MEASAT's Neighborhood ... Adds Eight Channels
Video continues to be MEASAT’s core focus and they will continue to grow this segment in cooperation with partners...
Major Milestone for Ariane 6 Completed by Airbus Safran Launchers and their Partners
The review confirmed that the maturity of the industrialization of Ariane 6 is sufficient to start production of the ground qualification models...
Finally an Agreement in Guyana With Governments and Collective ... Arianespace to Proceed  
"a defining day for the future of Guyana." 
Advantech Wireless Certified for UK's Cyber Essentials Requirements
The Cyber Essentials Certification has become mandatory for suppliers of UK Government contracts...
Performance Packed AtlanTecRF Synthesizer Debuts in a Compact Form Factor
Units can be supplied with an input for an external 10MHz system reference of 0+/-3dBm...
Global Teleports Focuses On Occasional Use Customers with ViPNet™
The service will be more cost effective for people who need a superfast service for occasional use...
Launch Pod Integration Success Leads SSG's Smallsats to Launch Date in India
These nanosatellites will be launched from the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
On the NABSHOW Floor... TeamCast to Present Products and Expertise
One product that TeamCast is releasing at NABSHOW 2017 is the new VORTEX II product that's dedicated to ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 networks.
IRG Asks THE Question ... Interference, Is Technology Able to Solve It?
The good news is that sectors across the industry are working on technologies to counter interference, many of which are available for use now.
Intelsat to Complete Their EpicNG Network with Launch of Horizons' 3e Satellite by Arianespace
This launch will occur late in 2018 and will be conducted from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.
Introductions Are In Order as EarthCARE Meets Its Payload at Airbus' Facility 
... met for the first time when the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) handed over the instrument to ESA...
Globalsat Group and Iridium Receive a Warm Welcome in Chile
... particular interest in countries like Chile, where emergencies caused by natural disasters often take telecommunications services to their limits.
Thales Alenia Space's Modules Can Do the Dirty Work
it will be loaded with waste (which can weigh as much as the original cargo), detached from the station, and sent back through the Earth’s atmosphere...
Thales Alenia Space Completes South Korea’s GEO-KOMPSAT-2s Satellites Mission Delivers Third of Three Panels 
..."marks the first time such large panels have been integrated in our country."
Satellite Crashes Could Soar by 50 Percent Due to Lower Costs and Glut of Launches
'There has been a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of satellites. The cost of making a single communications satellite usually runs to hundreds of millions of pounds...'