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Amid Worry Over Space Wars, America Already has Tools to Shoot Down Satellites
Russia and China, too, have anti-satellite technologies. They are including space in the future war plans.
How This NASA Telescope is Defending the Earth From Asteroids
about 20,000 near-Earth objects have flitted in and out of our neighborhood in recent decades—almost 900 of which were more than 3,200 feet across.
India’s DRDO Head Suggests Test Was Not a 'One-Off' and Outlines Counterspace Capability Ambitions
Reddy’s comments suggest that its March 2019 ASAT test was not a one-off, at least under the leadership of current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The Global Space Robotics Market to Reach $3.5 Billion by 2025 According to Global Market Insights
Several companies are developing AI-based robots that provide enhanced mobility and manipulation benefits. These machines can perform highly-complex...
Space Foundation Reports on Space Industry in Conjunction with the 35th Space Symposium
The report is designed to improve understanding of the reach, impact and health of the space community and demonstrates how the economic and...
Unveiled: Kratos Defense and Security Becomes the Founding Member of Space ISAC at 35th Space Symposium
To facilitate the Space ISAC’s origination and organization as the founding member, Kratos has coordinated the organizational planning and federal ...
The Future of Combined Space Ops Discussed at U.S. Air Force Space Command HQ with Multi-National Senior Officials
“As defense leaders in our respective nations we unequivocally recognize the strategic importance the space domain has on our economy, technology...
KVH Completes VSAT Connectivity for All of Seaspan's 107 Global Container Ship Fleet
KVH, working with Seaspan's IT department completed 60 installations in less than 12 months, which is an important factor for their global fleet.
Etisalat's UAE Teleport Achieves WTA's Tier 4 Full Certification
Etisalat becomes the first in MENA region to achieve WTA Tier 4 Full Certification and brings the number of Tier 4 fully certified teleports around...
Aireon's Global Air Traffic Surveillance System is Now Fully Operational
Aireon’s space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) system provides real-time air traffic surveillance and tracking to 100 percent...
KVH's New 1 Meter Ku-/C-band Maritime VSAT Antenna is Fastest for the Demands of Global Connectivity
offers a dual Ku-/C-band design with automatic switching including Northern and Southern latitudes, and reliable connectivity, even in extreme weather.
Space & Satellite Hall of Fame's 2019 New Members are Greg Wyler, Matt Desch and Henry Goldberg
“In this year’s dramatic ceremony, we add to the Hall of Fame a set of leaders who have created commercial space markets and made them work.”
Union of Concerned Scientists, "Right Now We are Not Up to the Challenge" ... as India Destroys Satellite
“Right now we are not up to the challenge presented by the increasing spread and sophistication of anti-satellite and space weapons.”
Axelspace and ODYSSEUS SPACE Take on the World ... Will Provide Earth Observation Data to Taiwan Every Day
consistent Earth Imagery data with high revisit time, and ... startups who want to develop innovative applications for Smart Cities, Green Energy or Disaster Management.
Speedcast Media Network's™ Expansion is a Result of Globecomm's Satellite, Fiber and Cell Nets 
Speedcast Media Network provides secure point-to-point and point-to-multipoint live and linear digital video delivery anywhere in the world, with...
Four Big Challenges for Emerging Space, An NSR Report
With companies moving beyond the R&D phase into operations (48 percent of total companies founded today, up from 43 percent in 2016), a healthy...
NSR Publishes Their In-Orbit Servicing Markets, 2nd Edition
While growth is anticipated across all applications in all orbits, GEO satellite life extension will yield the largest share of revenues. As more LEO...
National Space Society Names Geoffrey Notkin as Their New President
Notkin, a longtime spaceflight advocate, also serves on the Board of Directors of the Astrosociology Research Institute and the Advisory Board of Deep Space Industries...
Integrasys Develops a GPS End of Week Rollover Solutions
Integrasys worked on a method to seamlessly synchronize clocks following Precision Time Protocol with 10 MHz references. The company worked with ...
Full Membership in the Global VSAT Forum is Acquired by Kacific
As a unique representative of the Pacific and South East Asia dedicated to affordable satellite broadband to communities, Kacific will lend its voice and..