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Success Again as ISRO Launches 30 Satellites and a Workhorse
The co-passenger satellites comprise 29 Nano satellites from 14 countries namely ...
TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) for ISRO as They Prepare for Friday's Huge Launch of 31 Satellites
with 30 other nano satellites that will include 29 from 14 different countries and one from India made by students from ...
It Was Inevitable ... Asgardia, Aims to Be Earth's First Space Nation ... NanoRacks Contracts NearSpace Launch for Satellite
welcome to Asgardia, the first ever space nation – a global, unifying and humanitarian project. 
Telenor Maritime and SES Networks Offer the Silver Lining of Connectivity Services to Silversea Cruise Ships
will be able to stream video as they sail to the most exotic travel destinations from the tropics of Brazil to the wilderness of Antarctica.
Digital Ship's Maritime CIO Forum to be Held in Rotterdam in September
Digital Ship's 4th Annual Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam will investigate how we can harness all these opportunities and will debate which...
China's First X-Ray Space Telescope Sees Through Dust and Darkness to Find Black Holes, Pulsars and Gamma Ray Bursts
If it finds any celestial body in a state of explosion, it will conduct high-precision pointed observation and joint multiband observation with ...
WTA Certifies Cyta as Makarios Teleport Achieves Tier 3 Certification
the Certification program has grown in popularity, with 20 teleports already certified and 12 teleports currently engaged in the quality evaluation process.
Double Its Lifespan Airbus's TerraSAR-X Satellite Provides Service Above and Beyond Its Call of Duty 
both satellites have been flying in formation with only a few hundred meters between them. They have acquired a huge amount of data which provides...
ViaSat's Chairman and CEO, Mark Dankberg, Will Deliver Keynote Address at the Satellite Innovation Symposium
Mark is an acknowledged industry expert whose visionary leadership has fostered the next-generation in HTS broadband...
The 45th CGMS Meeting to be Hosted by the Korea Meteorological Administration
he results of a survey of existing and planned climate records of essential climate variables observable from space performed by the...
Inmarsat Fleet Xpress Commitment by Speedcast for High-End Vessels
Adding to the initial commitment to deploy Fleet Xpress onboard approximately 2,000 vessels over five years, the additional provision has...
Now There's a Short-Cut to Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network Discovered by Researchers 
“We were surprised because the system was not built for this."
Inflight Connectivity Success is Charted by NSR
A near doubling of the addressable market with Asia offering the fastest growth, followed by  the Middle-East and Africa (MEA) regions, offers bright perspectives for IFC players.
Initiative for Minimum Satellite Performance for COTM Offerings Disclosed by Five Leading Satellite Operators
The purpose of this initiative is to ensure an industry-wide antenna qualification framework through an agreed minimum testing regime for COTM products.
Globecomm's Global VSAT Network is Expanded
The expanded network will provide 100 percent coverage of all major shipping routes to address new market demands.
Fishing Transparency by Peru and Indonesia to Publish Their Data Through Global Fishing Watch
The commitment, which was announced at The Ocean Conference hosted by the United Nations in New York City, is the result of Oceana’s...
GVF and Five Major Companies' Positive Efforts Will Minimize Antenna Interference
“The fact that the five satellite operators reached this agreement is a significant step in ..."
exactEarth and Harris' Exactly Right NEXT Marine Service with exactView™ RT
Initially, the system is tracking more than 250,000 AIS-equipped vessels around the world including ...
Tracking 250K Ships Becomes a Reality with Harris Technology
The system will offer a continuous revisit rate and improved vessel detection and downlinking of AIS information,
SATCOM Synergies in Evolving 5G Ecosystems — GVF Cellular Backhaul 2017
This year's GVF-EMP Cellular Backhaul conference will continue to track the market evolution foreseen by the program over the past few years...