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December 9th, 2019

Intellian's New Inmarsat 'Feature Rich' L-Band Terminals

Described as 'feature-rich' maritime voice and data communication terminals that operate on Inmarsat's BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network), Intellian unveiled its new Inmarsat Fleet One and FleetBroadband 250 (FB250) terminals at the Inmarsat EMEA conference in Barcelona, Spain. 

Both are maritime voice and data communication terminals operating on Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network), the established leading GEO L‑band network for reliable communication on land and at sea. The terminals deliver unmatched performance as standalone systems, or in the case of FleetBroadband 250, as a turnkey delivery integrated and matching with Intellian Global Xpress antennas.

The new terminals provide digital voice and SMS and are compatible with GSM (Global System for Mobile) networks. Built-in Wi-Fi access points enable smartphone and smart devices to connect directly, while PoE (Power of Ethernet) equipped Ethernet ports negate the need to use an additional adaptor for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone.

Designed at Intellian’s innovation center in South Korea, the new Intellian FB250 complements Intellian NX Series terminals for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress. As an integrated package including a Rack Mount system, Intellian provides a single-supplier solution for ships and offshore vessels to leverage the full power and availability of the Fleet Xpress service, including compatibility with 3G and LTE networks when available.

Intellian Fleet One and FB250 can be integrated as part of a complete safety solution, encompassing mandatory services such as GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety Service), within an MST (Maritime Safety Terminal) to provide safety functionality and additional features including navigation and location-based services.

Weighing less than 10 Kg and using a single cable between the ADU (above deck unit) and BDU (below deck unit), Intellian Fleet One is designed for simple, low-cost delivery and installation. In addition to easy integration with an MST, the terminal also offers all the necessary features related to safety at sea, including Inmarsat 505 Emergency calling, the free voice distress safety service for small vessels.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian commented that with global L-band services continuing to play a vital role in enabling voice and data communication on leisure and commercial vessels, as well as acting as reliable secondary channels for primary VSAT, it’s important that they continue to apply their antenna expertise to deliver the best performance and richest feature-set in this sector. They have achieved this with their new Fleet One and FB250 terminals, whether used as the sole communications antenna on board, for FB250 as part of an easy to install and manage Global Xpress package or for integration with onshore cellular n

Intellian Fleet One and FB250 are expected to obtain Inmarsat type approval and be commercially available early in 2020. 

Intellian also provides various ‘matching radome’ options, enabling customers match their Fleet One or FB250 with Intellian TVRO domes. This is especially relevant for yacht and superyacht customers seeking a more balanced style when selecting the leading antenna systems for both communication and entertainment.