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February 4th, 2020

The Satcoms Innovation Group's Newest Member ... ViaLite Communications 

The Satcoms Innovation Group's (SIG) newest member's goal is to improve operational efficiency and reducing impact. ViaLite Communications, a manufacturer of RF over fiber products, has joined as an associate member.

SIG's intentions are to introduce discussion between industry operators and professionals in order to examine challenges and opportunities, as well as considering the technical aspects of industry efficiencies as a whole. And, in an evolving satellite ecosystem, SIG provides members with a collaborative style of networking to ensure that the industry develops innovative solutions to remain at the forefront of connectivity.   

ViaLite has a varied, global user base that uses its products over a diverse range of applications. Their RF products and solutions are used in industries such as satcom, broadcast and government and defense.

Richard Jacklin, Director of Sales, ViaLite Communications, commented that they’ve worked extensively within the satellite industry and have seen that the opportunities and challenges facing the industry are changing. They strive for their equipment to remain at the forefront of consumer need and they see it being hugely beneficial to have an opportunity to discuss the broader ecosystem with other professionals within the industry. It provides them with a chance to work to the same overall objectives as other space users to ensure that satcom remains competitive.

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, SIG, added they’re delighted to welcome ViaLite Communications to the group. Its team offers extensive knowledge from its 25 years’ experience of delivering links and systems for RF over fiber within satellite communications. They look forward to the team’s input within their group.
SIG has recently updated its membership fee structure to include start-up and academic membership tiers. With its goal to improve operational and technical efficiencies, SIG hopes to promote the group’s accessibility for start-up businesses and academic projects, as well other prospective members within satcoms.