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March 26th, 2020

WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 Provides Earth Observation Reception in Antarctica

WORK Microwave, a European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, reports that a major geospatial analytics company is using its DVB-S2 IP Receiver SDD-IP to receive Earth Observation data from Antarctica. By using WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 receiver, the company can achieve high throughput and strong signal reception performance. 

Traveler photo submitted by ACTION CULTURE (Mar 2019)

WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 receiver is a robust platform for receiving IP and Ethernet data over DVB-S2 satellite connections. Supporting a range of output formats, the receiver works for a variety of space missions.  WORK Microwave's DVB-S2/S2X IP Receiver SDD-IP and AR-60 have been widely deployed across all continents from Svalbard, Norway, to Antarctica for Earth Observation and other data-critical applications.

Joerg Rockstroh, director of digital products at WORK Microwave said that WORK Microwave is actively engaged in both traditional and emerging satellite markets. More and more, they're seeing LEO, MEO, 5G, and EO satellites in use, and they're excited to support those platforms and pave the way to the next-generation space era. Through Earth Observation they can deliver a fundamentally better picture of the planet, and reliable signal reception is critical to making that happen.