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'Significant Risk' Boeing-Made Satellite Could Explode in Orbit
Washington: A Boeing-made satellite is in danger of exploding and needs to be moved away from an orbital zone occupied by other big communications satellites.
A Fire at Firefly When Test Engines Were Fired Anomaly Under Investigation
Upon firing up the stage’s engines a fire broke out in the engine bay at the base of the rocket’s stage. The five-second test was immediately aborted and the test facility’s fire ...
On-Orbit Tests for EDRS-C Completed — Airbus Now in Control
After being delivered into its initial orbit by an Ariane 5 launcher, EDRS-C made its way to its final geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometres above Earth...
GHGSat to Offer Free Visualization of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
A service at no cost to those interested in visualizing greenhouse gas emissions will become a reality courtesy of Montreal-based GHGSat.
Independent Analysis ...Near-Zero Drag for ThinKom Satellite Antenna Radome on Regional Jets
"The smaller, lower profile antennas of the Ka2517 have enabled achievement of a new high-water mark in radome design,” David Lednicer, VP Eng. Aeromechanical Solutions.
Boeing Exits DARPA Experimental Spaceplane Program
Boeing confirmed there decision by stating that the company would redirect their investment from XSP to other Boeing programs that span the sea, air ...
No 'Manned' Launches from the Forthcoming Baiterek Complex at the Baikonur Cosmodrome
The minister explained that, "’unmanned’ means that cosmonauts will not go into space from this launch site — there will be no pilots...
Forrester Reports: A 100 Million Euros Investment by the EU Commission into Arianespace + Nigeria OKs OneWeb
The funding is good for 10 years and the cash is designed to help Europe maintain its strong place in supplying launch facilities to commercial...
Dawn Aerospace Signs MOU for Suborbital Flights
The company has signed an MOU with the Waitaki District Council for suborbital flights out of Oamaru Airport, New Zealand...
Collaboration Between Kymeta and Isotropic Networks for Next Generation Flat Panel Antennas
Kymeta Testing occurred last week in the Seattle area on Isotropic's E115 network. Previous testing took place on the AM2 and G28 satellites on the...
Japan to Form Its Own Space Force
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said yesterday Japan will form a space defense unit to protect itself from potential threats as rivals develop missiles and other technology ...
BAE Systems to Acquire Collins Aerospace's Military GPS and Raytheon's ATR Businesses
The asset purchase agreement for the Collins military GPS business calls for cash of $1.925 billion, with an expected tax benefit of approximately $365 million.
Aloha Mission Microwave! They Were Surprised PTC'20 Award Winners 
working in their California offices and pleasantly surprised when they learned that they won an award for Outstanding Satellite Company in Category I: Core Network Products and Services. 
PTC'20: Vision 2020 and Beyond Announces Awards
"...the PTC awards are exploding in terms of industry participation and it’s a pleasure to be able to recognize the brilliant work going on in the ICT industry, and particularly that..." 
NSR Publishes Their Commercial Satellite Ground Segment, 4th Edition, Analysis and Report
This is the first and only report to segment equipment shipments and revenues into STB, modems, antennas and RF Equipment...
Transformation of the EO Industry Focus of Frost & Sullivan's Global Earth Observation Market Analysis
While surveillance and analytics solutions are being derived from massive data mines delivering diverse solutions across markets, multiple start-ups...
Iran's Home-Made Satellite Zafar Ready for Launch
Zafar is a 90 kg remote-sensing satellite equipped with colour cameras and can be used for surveying oil reserves, mines, jungles and natural disasters ...
TCarta Developing ICESat-2 Bathymetric Product
In 2018, NSF awarded TCarta a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to commercialize new satellite-derived bathymetric ...
Smart Smallsat Pony Express 1 Developed by Lockheed Martin Now On-Orbit and Performing Well
Recently, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) launched the Pony Express 1 mission as a hosted payload on Tyvak-0129, a next-generation Tyvak 6U smallsat.
USAF's 2nd Space Ops Sets Satellite Vehicle Number 74 as Healthy and Active
The GPS III vehicle family provides new capabilities vital to ensuring the fidelity of the constellation and signal in the contested, degraded and operationally  limited environments.