Satnews Daily
September 8th, 2016

Beating Back RFI With A New Mitigation Innovation Package Is NovelSat

As operators launch more satellites, and additional services come online, existing methods of mitigation are no longer able to meet the challenge that is posed by increasing RFI.

NovelSat has developed an innovative combination of technologies to enable satellite users to deliver continuously reliable satellite services, even while various types of RFI are present—the NovelSat RFI Mitigation Innovation Package is a set of software upgradable tools that combat Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in satellite transmission. The package handles RFI types that include Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI), Radar, LTE (C-band), Cellular, VSAT, SNG, X-Pol, jamming and others.

The package includes advanced Rx RFI detection mechanisms and mitigation algorithms to handle the most common types of RFI plus advanced satellite waveforms including NovelSat NS3 and NS4 which significantly increase resilience to interference compared with industry standards. One example of the effectiveness of NovelSat NS3 reported by NovelSat is a narrow-band jamming incident in a global video distribution network where NovelSat NS3 restored normal operation with interference 15dB stronger than a DVB-S2 standard receiver was able to handle.

The RFI Mitigation Innovation Package also includes DVB-CID support, now required in all modulators in mobile satellite stations such as SNGs in the US. To top off the package, NovelSat is offering a set of RFI Analysis tools built into their satellite demodulators and modems. These tools analyze RFI, in real-time, and detect which type is affecting the signal to assist in matching the proper mitigation algorithm.

NovelSat will be showing their satellite transmission technologies at IBC 2016, September 9-13 at the RAI Amsterdam at Stand 3B26 in Hall 3.