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September 8th, 2016
Good, Rex! ULA Launches OSIRIS-REx For NASA To Return With Asteroid Sample 
“ULA and our heritage vehicles have successfully launched NASA missions to every planet in our solar system.”
Arianespace Getting Galileo Grounded For November Departure
Flight VA233 is to use an Ariane 5 ES version of the heavy-lift workhorse equipped with a storable propellant upper stage.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Provides Propellent That Pushes OSIRIS-REx Towards Asteroid
The 67-foot long motor case contains more than 90,000 pounds of propellant, providing an average of 250,000 lbf of thrust.
Canadian Space Agency's Laser Altimeter For OSIRIS-REx
...containing approximately 4,000 mechanical parts and 3,000 electrical parts, and using less power than a light bulb (75 W). 
Chinese Long March 4C Fizzle Results In Gaofen-10 Loss
This is the first time a Chinese rocket has failed since 2013.
Sierra Nevada Corporation's SADAs Make It Three For Three With NASA's Programs
“SNC has now supported all three NASA New Frontiers program missions—providing thermal control systems for New Horizons and Juno, and now mechanical systems on OSIRIS-REx.”
US Navy At Guantanamo Bay To Get Pumped Up Internet From ViaSat
The new service from ViaSat will use a managed Wi-Fi network and expects to offer service plans that will be significantly faster than current speeds available at NSGB.
India Prods INSAT-3DR To GTO
GSLV-F05 flight is significant as this is the first operational flight of GSLV carrying a Cryogenic Upper Stage (CUS), which was developed in India.
Kudos For Gilat's BlackRay 71 Flat Panel Antenna.. 'Unprecedented Performance'
This link was effectively two times the rate and almost three times more efficient than traditional widebeam satellites. 
An Antenna Acquisition Motivator From General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies
For a limited time, General Dynamics' SATCOM Technologies will offer a '3-3' Initiative that includes a three year warranty along with a 3 percent rebate.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... NorthTelecom Commquers The Sea
NorthTelecom's MVSAT services now meet the needs of all users who require constant, unlimited service.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... Immersive VR From Harmonic & NASA Reveal NASA Astronaut ISS Training
The video for the VR demo was captured at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) in Houston, Texas.
DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Inclusions Developed By Orbit Logic
Orbit Logic has delivered to DigitalGlobe an updated version of their Direct Access Facility Collection Planning System (DAF CPS) software.
SIS LIVE Linking In To APAC For Content Distribution
The partnership with Telstra will ensure SIS LIVE customers have additional high quality access to the vast Asia Pacific region.
Beating Back RFI With A New Mitigation Innovation Package Is NovelSat
The NovelSat RFI Mitigation Innovation Package is a set of software upgradable tools that combat Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in satellite transmission.
Toolkit Suite Debuts From ORBCOMM For IoT & M2M
This new toolkit provides every layer of the IoT stack required to develop market-specific solutions.
On The IBC2016 Show Floor... Skyline Communications Presents Their New DataMiner
This release brings into play important innovations and new network management paradigms.
When There Is A Need To Repeat Oneself, Foxcom Has A Remedy
This Iridium repeater is used for short distances between outdoor and indoor antennas, such as when used in an aircraft hangar.