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May 20th, 2019

First-if-its-Kind ... Paradigm, Kymeta and Lepton Global Solutions' COTM Terminal for U.S. Special Forces

Paradigm, Kymeta and Lepton Global Solutions have debuted a Communications-On-The-Move (COTM) terminal that offers LTE and satellite communications capabilities.

The Kymeta MANTA™ mobile satcom terminal fuses the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) with Kymeta’s flat panel technology to produce a single boxed ‘plug and play’ satcom terminal.

The first-of-its-kind product integrates Kymeta’s breakthrough flat-panel antenna with Cradlepoint cellular technology and Paradigm’s PIM® interface. The terminal has been fielded to a U.S. Special Forces customer and is now commercially available for other users.

The MANTA+ integrates Cradlepoint technology for failover routing between services and uses the Paradigm Interface Module (PIM®) as a single-control interface designed to accommodate simple, out-of-the-box satellite acquisition. The MANTA+ comes standard with an iDirect X7 integrated modem and supports a wide range of modem technologies and BUC options.

Rob Weitendorf, a Managing Partner at Lepton Global Solutions, stated that Paradigm’s interface and integration work have further evolved the capabilities of Kymeta’s next generation antenna. The interoperable MANTA+ fills a significant gap in mission-critical communications operations for the firm's SOF customer.

Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director of Paradigm, added that to be adopted by such an experienced customer operating in truly challenging environments clearly demonstrates the capability of this terminal for both government and commercial sectors. The MANTA+ also demonstrates how the PIM is continuing to make SATCOM simple for all users.

Paul Mattear, VP of business development and sales at Kymeta, noted that it’s been great to see the Paradigm and Lepton Global teams work together to address the requirements of the Special Forces. The MANTA+ will provide them with a simple and streamlined fully integrated LTE and satellite solution to meet their mobile connectivity needs.