Satnews Daily
September 8th, 2017

On the IBC2017 Show Floor — Advantech Wireless to Showcase Their New MEC Satellite Terminal

Advantech Wireless has integrated Saguna’s Open-RAN MEC solution in the firm's new Ultimate U9000 Open Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Satellite Terminal, an Open MEC Satellite Mobile Backhaul Solution to be showcased at IBC 2017.

Saguna is a MEC pioneer and integrating its Open-RAN powerful MEC platform into Advantech Wireless’ new U9000 NFV and MEC ready open high-performance satellite VSAT terminal aims to make satellite mobile broadband smarter, faster, simpler and most economical in the use of satellite bandwidth while delivering superior Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile users.

The Advantech Wireless U9000 VSAT terminal includes a full suite of LTE/4G acceleration, TCP acceleration, QoS, caching, encryption and security features. The Open-RAN MEC solution has inherent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, cellular/mobile break-out and traffic steering technologies, and brings the first truly open Satellite MEC solution for mobile backhaul. The fully integrated platform supports local mobile breakout and aggregation points, content and video delivery and supports a full range of other MEC use cases.

Oscar Glottmann, the CMO of the Satellite Networks business unit at Advantech Wireless, noted that the U9000’s open and customizable edge computing platform, with inherent LTE and TCP acceleration, QoS, routing, encryption and other virtual network functions combined with the power and ecosystem of NFV and Saguna’s Open-RAN MEC, provide tremendous value to MNO and MVNO remote customers. The company's new U9000 open MEC satellite terminal brings the power of latest generation server processors, optimized for performance and power efficiency, combined with Advantech Wireless’ WaveSwitch™ and VSAT technology to provide the highest level of connectivity, bandwidth efficiency, scalability and flexibility available today.

Lior Fite, Saguna's CEO, added that his company's Open-RAN is a MEC platform that creates a standard-based cloud-computing ecosystem inside the radio access network; as close as possible to mobile users. Based on the ETSI MEC industry standard, the virtualized software platform provides a scalable distributed cloudlet infrastructure that adds value to 4G networks and HetNets that is essential for 5G, and AWS Greengrass cloudlets allowing distributed IoT services. Integrating Saguna’s Open-RAN MEC solution into Advantech Wireless’ new MEC U9000 Satellite terminal further extends this ecosystem into rural and remote areas to bridge the digital divide.

Join Advantech Wireless to see the new U9000 Open MEC Satellite Broadband Terminal at IBC2017, booth 1.F40, September 15-19, RAI Amsterdam.