Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2015

SatNews Publishers Is On The Road Again ... More Contacts Today @ IBC...The Beat Goes On

Shawqi Suliman, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at ARABSAT (l), Silvano Payne, Publisher SatNews Publishers (middle) and (r) Jill Durfee, SatNews Director of Sales enjoy the opportunity to sit for a meeting.

[SatNews] SatNews Publishers is attending IBC—always a terrific opportunity to network, reconnect with friends, enjoy parties and learn the latest news about the satellite industry and the successes and plans for the future.

A few of these folks that they met Monday include:

Shawqi Sulaiman, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at ARABSAT met with Jill Durfee, SatNews Marketing Director and Publisher Silvano Payne. There certainly was much to discuss that involves plans now and well into the future. 

ARABSAT had two announcements today:

  • The agreement with Fibersat for a hosted payload over EMEA for low cost video and data connectivity services across Africa.
  • And the news of a future launch aboard Space X's Falcon Heavy. The mission is expected to launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida between late-2017 and 2018.


Ashley Moore Director of Marketing at DataPath


The SatNews team made a stop at DATAPATH to meet with Ashley Moore Director of Marketing. She was pleased to share about their latest innovation—the DataPath QCT90. The all new lightweight, man-portable satellite terminal is 90 cm in diameter, and weighs only 20.6 kg. The QCT90 is available in configurations for both military and commercial markets, and is designed for single person carry and easy set-up. 

This terminal is the newest addition to DataPath's popular line of modular and easy to deploy portable satellite communications terminals, which includes the CCT120 and CCT200.  DataPath's modular portable satellite terminals come in a variety of configurations with certifications across a range of satellite fleets including Inmarsat GlobalXpress and the U.S. military's Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) network.

Kerstin Roost Newtec's Public Relations Director (L), Els Baele, Newtec's Marketing Communications Director (M) and Jill Durfee SatNews Publishers' Sales Director


The crew also met with Newtec's team that included Kerstin Roost Newtec's Public Relations Director and Els Baele, Newtec's Marketing Communications Director.

Hellas Sat has chosen Newtec's solutions to assist with their newest multimillion Euro Direct-to-Home Earth Station. The company is located in Cyprus, and the Earth Station will broadcast up to 70 TV channels. They will deliver 10 percent of them in High Definition. 

Most of the content will be received via different Television Receive-Only (satellite dishes) (TVROs) and all content will be transcoded and re-multiplexed into different bouquets, which are then uplinked via Arabsat’s BADR satellites.

Newtec is a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, and will be the prime contractor, designer and integrator of the entire DTH Earth station. It will also provide its Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulators amongst other Newtec equipment, Ericsson TV encoding and multiplexing equipment, two 7.6m antennas and an umbrella network management system.

Michael Ulbricht is SatService’s general manager, who founded the company in 1996 (on left), Kai Koppenburg is Sales Director (middle) and Ulf Wulfert  (right)

SatService's team was onboard to share their news as well about sat-nms MNC Monitoring and Control System

SatService´s Monitoring & Control System sat-nmsMNC is a comprehensive software-based system providing monitoring and control of any type of satellite ground station and associated baseband equipment.

The system consists of two parts:

  • 2RU 19" Industrial PC with Ethernet interface and serial interfaces connected to the ground station equipment 
  • sat-nms IO-FEP parallel interface for low level devices like alarm contacts or waveguide/coxial switches.

    The sat-nms MNC Software is seperated into two in Java implemented modules: sat-nms MNC Server and Client. Both modules are installed on the industrial PC and running under the Linux operating system. The platform-indepented client software can also run on every TCP/IP connected workstation.



AMOS by Spacecom hosted a seafood fest for hungry and tired attendees to enjoy. 

SatNews Publisher, Silvano Payne, and Donna Tal, Director of Marketing Communications at AMOS by Spacecom, enjoyed their 'fish while they dished' the latest news.

AMOS by Spacecom strives to extend the reach, capabilities and service offerings of the AMOS satellite constellation. To do so as a a global service provider they offered their goals:

  • Launching at least three additional satellites in the coming five years to multiple orbital positions
  • Penetrating new markets by acquiring additional orbital positions
  • Initiating partnerships and joint ventures in new satellite projects
  • Establishing new DTH platforms on the AMOS satellite fleet
  • Leveraging relationships with strategic customers to maintain leadership in our traditional markets (Central Eastern Europe and the Middle East)
  • Continue developing the Sub-Saharan African market with both broadcast and Data services and penetrate the Asian market with the AMOS 4 satellite
  • Partnering to bring a hybrid satellite/terrestrial broadband service to enhance broadband satellite services to Africa
  • Enter into the High Throughput Ka 'spot beams' based broadband services over Africa and CEE with the addition of the AMOS-6 satellite

Arzu Evlek, Coordinator—International Marketing and Communications ASTRIUM-ND Satcom 

Also on display was ND Satcom's latest antenna system, Ka2Go that offers:

  • The Ka2Go terminal is reliable and advanced vehicle-mounted antenna system within ND SatCom’s Ka-band antenna family for mobile VSAT.
  • It is designed to fulfill the most demanding broadcasting needs within the Ka-band market.
  • The Ka2Go terminal is based on a proven lightweight and robust design with a patented motorized positioner and an Automatic Pointing System to any satellite.
  • This terminal supports the KA-SAT modem family and is an ideal solution for the EUTELSAT NewsSpotter service.
  • This streamlined aerodynamic terminal has small dimensions allowing it to be mounted on any passenger vehicle.
  • Ka2Go can be considered a “plug and play” terminal as it becomes operational by pressing only one button.
  • The antenna consists of a high precision offset Ka-band reflector, GPS receiver, compass-enabling automatic pointing and automatic network acquisition.
  • In addition to the antenna, the terminal integrates a KA-SAT modem, IP router and antenna controller.


Bazeli Mbo, Head of External Communications at Globecast (Orange Group)

Globecast Media Solutions open up global opportunities in broadcasting by making content distribution and management simple by: 

  • Measuring worldwide solutions for broadcasters.
  • Provide the simplicity, the flexibility and the knowledge to deliver a solution aligned with broadcasters’ specific strategy with a fleet of 27 satellites.
  • Developed a comprehensive set of media services that fit together to solve any media distribution challenge, no matter how big or small.
  • Helping new and existing channels to "go global".
  • Globecast's staff and facilities on five continents can manage complex requirements, from production to  contribution and international distribution. 

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has successfully broadcast the world feed and a wide range of other transmission services for President Obama’s official visit to Kenya and Ethiopia. The visit has garnered headlines around the world, particularly as Kenya is the home country of the President’s father.