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July 13th, 2016

Globecast Has The Floor... At IBC2016

With content acquisition, management and distribution services offered around the globe, what better venue could be afforded Globecast than to present their wares than IBC2016 in Amsterdam.

Globecast has created the number one global hybrid fiber and satellite network for video contribution and distribution. This network enables multiplatform delivery that includes TV Everywhere OTT, Satellite, cable, Video on Demand (VoD), CDN delivery as well as cloud-enabled media services and offers coverage and international delivery of news, sports, and special events worldwide.

There are 12 interconnected Globecast owned facilities, including Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Paris, Rome, and Johannesburg. At IBC2016:

Remote production
Globecast is pioneering a new remote production service that alters the concept of the traditional supply of a “ready to broadcast” feed to one that will enable content owners to be able to select from multiple “source feeds” at their own global locations. This will allow broadcasters to create bespoke programming on their own production systems and prepare their “ready to broadcast” feeds. The company is now putting into place the technology to provide efficient access to “source feeds," directly from cameras and elsewhere, to international broadcasters at key Globecast Media Center handover points, with delivery in secure IP format.
Video headend
Television, or more generally video content, is a key enabler for Telcos to reduce churn and attract new customers. However, satisfying consumer appetite for content choice and their expectations of a high quality, uninterrupted service can be challenging and costly.  This often requires significant up-front investment—and operational skills can be hard to find. Globecast has developed a cost-effective, multi-tenant video headend solution that will allow a Telco, anywhere in the world, to deliver a video service to their subscribers. The solution reduces upfront investments, speeds time to market and maximizes quality through provision as a supported, fully managed service.
VOD Logistics
Following the launch of Globecast VOD Logistics earlier in the year, Globecast has continued to increase their platform delivery reach with the volume of content distributed doubling in the past six months. Globecast VOD Logistics makes creation and delivery of VOD packages simple, handling the complex and intricate requirements of each VOD platform. The company assembles and delivers VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by VOD platforms globally. The firm manages an extensive and rapidly growing network of VOD platform affiliates, thereby ensuring that customers can reach a global audience footprint quickly and efficiently.