Satnews Daily
September 17th, 2017

On the IBC2017 Show Floor — WORK Microwave Demos Their AT-60 Modulator and has a new Partner with C2m Solutions

Not only is WORK Microwave demonstrating their AT-60 modulator at IBC2017 (September 15 to 19 at RAI in Amsterdam) at their stand, 2.B39, but the firm understands that today it is critical that satellite operators have the ability to instantaneously validate the integrity of transmission, signaling, metadata, and content as well as audio track issues.



Failure to identify and diagnose broadcast transmission issues typically results in poor QoE ratings for viewers, which can lead to churn, penalties stipulated in B2B carriage contracts, and loss of advertising revenues. Integrating a probe directly into the modulator helps operators ensure that the quality of the signal is correct at the output of the modulator, simplifying management of complex routing scenarios in teleports or large uplink stations.

WORK Microwave is partnering with C2m Solutions to integrate their AT-60 Media Modulator with C2m Solutions' LiveTSAFT Monitoring probe. LiveTSAFT is a software-based analysis and error-detection probe that monitors MPEG-2 transport streams in real time. Using the probe, satellite operators can effectively manage QoE and QoS at every critical point of the IP network, analyzing all aspects of the stream, from the actual bandwidth per service to the presence of subtitles, multi-language audio, different DVB tables, black screen, and more.

The probe sends information that is stored in a database, giving operators the ability to calculate reports and statistics on the global quality of their service. Operators are alerted about video and audio issues in real time and can determine, through a centralized user interface, where the error exists and correct it as soon as possible.

WORK Microwave's AT-60 modulator is part of the company's A-Series modem platform, which provides a flexible DVB-S2X all-IP infrastructure. The AT-60 can be operated for both networking and streaming. A flexible license model for the AT-60 allows cost-effective operation in various transmission applications such as video contribution and distribution, VSAT hubs, and DTH uplinks.

Joerg Rockstroh, Director, digital products at WORK Microwave, reported that today, consumers are more and more aware of the technical video quality of the programs they watch. For operators, it is necessary to monitor this quality and correct defects as quickly as possible. The benefit of this partnership is that WORK Microwave is able to provide satellite operators with a unified solution for satellite modulation, video and audio analytics, and error detection to boost QoE.

JF Jézéquel, Co-President at C2m Solutions, added that C2m Solutions has grown successfully over the last few years, delivering state-of-the-art software probes, as standalone products, to customers including the top 10 operators in France and Europe. The company is always looking for new ways to improve the firm's technology and match the requirements of customers — this collaboration with WORK Microwave is the perfect opportunity to do that.