Satnews Daily
February 11th, 2020

Euroconsult and Innovitech's AIxSPACE Event to Help Overcome 'Human Limitations by Vastness of Space'

For the first time, the industries of AI and space are merging their expertise in order to overcome the human limitations imposed by the infinite vastness of space.

AIxSPACE, dedicated to the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) within the space industry, has been launched by Euroconsult and Innovitech, experts in both space and innovation respectively. For this first edition, the event will be held on June 1, 2020, in Montreal (QC).

AIxSPACE will address five key areas of the space industry currently working symbiotically with AI and look to provide an in-depth analysis of the themes in question. The event will consider the barriers AI can break in space innovation once applied to the following: robotics in deep space exploration, astronaut health, earth observation, satellite communications and connected aviation.

A number of space actors are already beginning to integrate AI into their technologies, with the goal of AI being an intelligent assistant collaborating within the whole industry. Applications of AI in space can already be seen, ranging from autonomous decision-making to astronaut medical assistance. The objective of the event being to facilitate these collaborations and open both niche networks to one another.

With a roster of over 20 thought leaders from a diverse range of academic, governmental and industry backgrounds all working within the sector, AIxSPACE will provide an in-depth analysis of the themes in question. Speakers of note will include Isabelle Tremblay, Director of Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space medicine, Wayne Madhlangobe, Director of Artificial Intelligence for Air Canada, Dave Williams, Astronaut and CEO of Leap Biosystems, and Kevin Whale, Brigadier General, Director General & Component Commander of Space for Canada, among others.

This will be a unique opportunity to develop this growing sector, share the exchange of high-level expertise between these two ecosystems, and further collaborations between the space and AI industries.

A complete outline of the program, as well as a detailed list of the speakers for the event can be found at