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July 19th, 2018

Finnair's Free Test Run of Viasat’s In-Flight Internet Service on European Flights

Passengers on Finnair can now access the industry’s fastest in-flight internet connection speeds — even from gate-to-gate — while enjoying service in the air just as it is on the ground; from web surfing and online shopping to listening to music and watching movies and TV shows from video streaming services as the result of a new partnership... 

Finnair now invites its customers to test the service free of charge during the for two months. During this testing period, Finnair gathers information on system functionality and feedback on the overall customer experience.

This new high-speed internet service is available on its narrow-body Airbus fleet on European flights as the result of a partnership with global communications company, Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), and has been installed on six of Finnair’s narrow body Airbus aircraft. By the end of summer approximately 20 aircraft will have internet connectivity, with the entire narrow-body Airbus fleet expected to be internet connected by summer 2019.

Piia Karhu, senior vice president, Customer Experience at Finnair. said that they are very happy that they can offer our customers something truly special, a state-of-the-art internet connection on our European flights.  Customers can also enjoy the services they provide online through their Nordic Sky portal, such as the latest digital newspapers and shopping possibilities. Having an internet connection onboard also enables them to introduce new tools for their crew to improve the customer experience on their flights.

Viasat’s Don Buchman, vice president and general manager, Commercial Aviation added that Finnair is a customer-focused airline bringing the latest technology to their fleet to ensure advanced passenger engagement. Viasat is proud to partner with them, and provide onboard internet experiences that deliver on unmatched speed and quality. In entering the passenger testing phase, they’ll be gaining the critical insights needed to further optimize their service to ensure Finnair customers get a unique experience built around their needs, interests and usage behaviors.

Information regarding the internet connection on Finnair's European flights:

  • Coverage: Once the installations are complete, the in-flight internet connection will be available on most of Finnair’s European flights. There are some limitations above sea areas like the Bay of Biscay and the North Sea where the satellite coverage and connectivity are unavailable. Some restrictions also apply over Latvia, Lithuania, parts of Belarus and Russia. Restrictions may also apply to gate-to-gate internet service availability due to specific country and aviation agency regulations. Finnair already provides internet connection on all its long-haul flights.
  • Pricing: Internet connectivity will be complimentary on European flights during the testing period, which lasts for two months. Finnair will announce pricing after the testing period is complete.
  • Nordic Sky portal: The Nordic Sky portal is available for all Finnair customers onboard aircraft equipped with an internet connection. Customers do not need to get an internet connection to access the Nordic Sky portal, but they can enjoy various digital services such as news, shopping, access to Finnair Customer Care and check their flight connections. Access to Nordic Sky portal is free of charge on all Finnair flights.
  • Device support: All Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones, tablets and laptops will be able to access the new high-speed in-flight internet service.