Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2015

Showing Off Their Satellite Tech Is TeamCast @ IBC2015

[SatNews] TeamCast announces, during IBC2015, the completion of a project in Indonesia.
Transvision is a nationwide satellite TV service provider in Indonesia. In order to strengthen its position in the market, Transvision is now expanding its network by adding transponders. Transvision needed good value, cutting edge technology, and has  selected TeamCast’s Vyper DVB-S/S2/S2X modulators for feeding these new transponders. The Vyper modulators are organized as 1+1 redundant systems at the head-ends.

Plus, TeamCast introduced a new key feature for its successful Vyper satellite modulator at IBC 2015.Digital pre-correction of the satellite’s signal chain is a technical challenge. First generation solutions have been available on the market for a few years. The benefits they bring are not as high as expected, especially for the low order constellations which are the most widely used:QPSK and 8PSK. TeamCast is introducing a new and innovative digital pre-correction solution on its VYPER range of satellite modulators. This second generation technique offers significant gains in budget margin, from 1.5 dB for 8PSK to 5 dB for 32APSK. It is available as a simple software upgrade for the VYPER modulators. This new Vyper pre-correction solution will be demonstrated on TeamCast’s stand #2.B51.

Additionally, TeamCast introduced Jupiter, their new OEM DVB-S/S2 satellite demodulator board equipped with DVB-CID features at IBC 2015. Jupiter offers a CID extraction capability so that a professional IRD using Jupiter can identify the signal it is locked to, and can be used as a tool for checking “on-the-fly” that the signal actually contains the CID data. Simple and cost effective, Jupiter actually is the solution for building satellite monitoring systems, including the CID checking feature.

The Vyper pre-correction solution and their Jupiter board are being demo'd at TeamCast’s Stand #2.B51.