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March 22nd, 2018

Double News: A $1.4 Million Order from a Global Satellite Operator and an Award from a DoD Contractor for Comtech EF Data Product

Comtech Telecommunications Corp.'s (NASDAQ: CMTL) Tempe, Arizona-based subsidiary, Comtech EF Data Corp., which is part of Comtech's Commercial Solutions segment, was awarded a $1.4 million infrastructure equipment order from a global satellite operator.

Comtech EF Data's CDM-760 advanced, high-speed trunking
and broadcast modem.

The satellite operator will continue to team Comtech EF Data products with its innovative High Throughput Satellite (HTS) options to offer unparalleled price for performance levels to its customer base, which will create new markets while keeping satellite connectivity competitive within international regions with increased terrestrial options.

The order specified Comtech EF Data's CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking and Broadcast Modem. The CDM-760 offers user data rates of more than a Gigabit per second and was designed to be the market's most efficient, highest throughput, point-to-point trunking and broadcast modem. The modem leverages 256-APSK modulation, DVB-S2X and bi-directional Adaptive Coding and Modulation operation, which is the most advanced combination of space segment saving capabilities minimizing overhead.

The operator will use the CDM-760 modems for ultra-high-speed trunk circuits that will support an array of applications, including regional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) deployments, fiber restoral activities and Internet backbone connectivity over satellite for regional telecom operators. The CDM-760, a market driven and purpose-built product that allows satellite operators and service providers to meet the increased demands of their cross-vertical end user base, continues to be enhanced to match the groundbreaking increase in performance levels that new satellite designs offer. The combination of space and ground innovations offer the ability to support significantly higher throughputs, particularly in the inbound direction from remote locations to central sites, to meet the requirements of end users that wish to share multimedia content.

Fred Kornberg, President and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. stated that the demands of the firm's satellite operator customer base have grown substantially over the past few years in terms of product performance levels and reliability. The company continues to innovate our solutions to enable global and regional satellite operators to best monetize their capital expenditures by unleashing the potential that their new spacecraft offer.

Additional information regarding the CDM-760 is available at this direct link to the company's infosite...

Additionally, the company announced that during their third quarter of fiscal 2018, Comtech EF Data Corp. received a $1.6 million order for satellite modems from a major U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contractor.

Comtech EF Data's DMD2050E MIL-STD-188-165A/STANAG 4486 Edition 3 compliant universal satellite modem.

The order specified the DMD2050E MIL-STD-188-165A/STANAG 4486 Edition 3 Compliant Universal Satellite Modem, which will be used to support the U.S. Army Project Manager (PM) Tactical Network.

The DMD2050E Satellite Modem is designed to comply with the widest possible range of U.S. Government and commercial standards and is compatible with the largest number of satellite modems in the industry. It is fully compliant with MIL-STD-188-165A (all terminal types), fully complies with STANAG 4486 Edition 3, as well as the IESS-308, IESS-309, IESS-310 and IESS-315 commercial standards.

Additional information regarding the DMD2050E offering is available at this direct infopage link...