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March 24th, 2020

Orbit Logic's New Version of SpyMeSatGov 

Version 1.2.8 of Orbit Logic's SpyMeSatGov is now available for download in the Geoint app store — with this update comes access to the Planet imagery archive.

With coverage Planet delivers Earth imaging data  with the company's constellation of satellites orbiting the poles every 90 minutes that enables the capture of Earth's entire landmass every day.

Planet operates 130+ Dove smallsats that provide a versatile dataset for geospatial analysis of environments and global change.

Imagery is collected and processed in a variety of formats to serve different use cases, such as mapping, deep learning, disaster response, precision agriculture, or temporal image analytics to create rich information products.

FYI, SpyMeSat was originally targeted at consumers outside the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities; however, the solution is also finding strong interest from within those market segments.

The patented and award-winning SpyMeSat app breaks new ground by supplying information, education and awareness about imaging satellites to a wider audience as well as enables any smart phone user to acquire recent or new satellite imagery.

Real-time data is provided during satellite overflights, including satellite location and real-time, range-based imaging resolution. Overflight notifications even work when not connected to a data network, as all imaging passes are computed on the mobile device itself.

In SpyMeSat, the user sets their position via location services or dropping a pin. The app has settings to hide or show specific satellites and to enable or disable notifications and alerts. ​With SpyMeSat’s new Tasking feature, users can request an imaging satellite take a new picture of any location on Earth. SpyMeSat presents the user with several satellites varying in capability, responsiveness and price that allow the user to review options and select the best satellite for their needs.

New satellites are being added to SpyMeSat on a regular basis, making SpyMeSat a marketplace for new tasking. The process for requesting new imagery collection is simple and straightforward with SpyMeSat.