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July 18th, 2018

SATCOM for UAV Ops Optimized by Integrasys

Integrasys is integrating Satmotion Pocket, the company's auto-commissioning system, into Acorde’s Block-Up Converters (BUCs) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

This joint integration makes it possible for operators to receive the benefits of Satmotion Pocket in a UAV environment. The integration of the solution within Acorde’s BUCs enables UAVs to operate more efficiently, optimising energy consumption due to increased signal pointing accuracy. UAVs are able to automatically connect to the right satellite, therefore using less energy and minimizing potential interference caused by inaccuracies in pointing.

Integrasys' SatMotion Pocket product.

Satmotion Pocket is a useful application for measuring Copol, Xpol and ASI, and feeding this information back to the user in a readable format. By detecting any anomalies before they become a problem, the tool prevents any disruption to the satellite signal and limits the possibility of service-degrading disruption. It is also available as a mobile app.

Satmotion Pocket is fully compliant with the latest BUC technology, GaN BUCs.

Executive Comments

Manuel Lobeira, CEO, Acorde, said that UAVs are notoriously challenging for satellite communications by their very nature, especially given the constant movement. Satmotion Pocket is extremely simple to use, making it the perfect solution to integrate into the company's BUCs for UAVs.
Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys, added that this integration benefits the UAV and satellite operator. From the former’s perspective, integrating Satmotion Pocket into the BUCs from Acorde reduces the output of wasted energy by automatically and accurately connecting to the correct satellite every time. It also means the UAV operator is less likely to cause interference by connecting to the wrong satellite which would require the intervention of the satellite operator.
Martin Coleman, Executive Director of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group, noted this is really important that errors in the transmission environment are considered, something Integrasys and Acorde are doing with this integration. The potential for interference caused by UAVs is a major concern for the satellite industry. It’s really important that the most reliable satellite communications service possible is maintained in order that satellite remains the most attractive option to users. The integration between Satmotion Pocket from Integrasys, and the BUCs from Acorde, means operational efficiency and optimization of energy consumption, both of which will help prevent any potential disruption to satellite signals.