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September 7th, 2014

SATCON 2014—"Future Proofing Your Business" (Event)

[SatNews] To be prepared for tomorrow, you have to be well informed today—and CCW+SATCON provides you with the vital information you need, bringing you the latest important insights for professionals involved in satellite-enabled communications and content delivery.

With its top-notch sessions led by technical experts and influential business leaders, SATCON is the best place to learn all about the most recent developments in the satellite communications industry. When you attend CCW+SATCON, you'll get quick access to crucial, up-to-the-minute business intelligence – and you'll come away ready for everything that the future has in store.

The sessions include:

SATCON Keynote
     Lt. Gen Tom Sheridan (Ret), Vice President, National Security Space, Vencore

Satellites and the Alternatives: How they Stack Up
Newer entrants such as Netflix, Amazon, and others rely on internet delivery as their sole distribution method and of course youthful consumers are adopting the internet for television viewing at a steady rate. How will OTT viewing and the internet in general impact satellite and fiber's current dominance as a primary distribution and contribution medium for the traditional media industry?
     Moderator: Mike Aloisi, VP Distribution Technology, Satellite & Affiliate Services, Viacom

Where's the Bandwidth?
It is 2014 and the public/best effort networks are as choked as they've ever been. With more and more content moving to these backbones, it does not appear there is an end in sight to contention, bottlenecks and choke-points, particularly during events and activities that require scale. The satellite supply chain provides great reach but has always had its bandwidth challenges and is looking at high orders of frequency re-use and spot beam technology to optimize bandwidth in the future. Is it too little, too late?
     Moderator: Richard Wolf, Executive Vice President, TheSwitch/Beers Inc.

Optimizing the Operating Environment for Satellite
As the consumer debate continues if or when Ultra High Definition will come into existence in our living rooms, media companies face the challenge of how best to evolve their content supply chains and distribution platforms for the oncoming uncertainty. The debates over the benefits of higher resolution, higher frame rates, higher dynamic range, compression methods, modulation schemes are 'clouded' with controversies ranging from lack of standards, unproven proprietary solutions or 'vaporware' technologies.
     Moderator: John McCoskey, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Motion Picture Association of America

Leadership Breakfast Dialogue: Present Priorities, Future Visions
Join us for a continental breakfast and a moderated dialogue between leaders of today's satellite business and the winners of SSPI's 2014 Promise Awards – satellite executives under 35 who have been identified by their employers and an independent jury as potential leaders of tomorrow's industry. The dialogue will explore the most profound trends shaping technology, markets and business models in coming decades, from HTS to launch vehicles, ubiquitous communications to in-orbit industries.
     Moderator: Susan Irwin, President, Irwin Communications

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