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April 2nd, 2020

Norsat is in their ELEMENT with a New Ka-Band BUC

Norsat has launched their first Ka-band BUC in the ELEMENT Series, the ELEMENT 12W Ka BUC, a compact, power-efficient radio-frequency block upconverter.

Norsat's ELEMENT 12W Ka-Band BUC.

Suitable for various applications (fixed, COTM, COTP), it can transmit in either the commercial (29.9 – 30.0 GHz) or military (30.0 – 31.0 GHz) Ka-band frequency band. It features 12W of output (41 dBm Psat) while consuming low power due to GaN technology, with a monitoring and control interface available to monitor status and control muting of the BUC. Optionally available is a power supply, along with supporting M&C cable and adapters.

Key features...

  • Ka-band GaN BUC, 12W @ Psat
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Available in either Military or Commercial transmit frequencies, F or N input connectors
  • DC-powered with mating connectors for both power & M&C in packaging
  • Optional M&C cable, DB9 to USB adapter & power supply for NA/UK/EU/AU/IEC
  • Complements Norsat Ka-band military and commercial terminals, including the WAYFARER Flyaway Auto-Acquire 1.2m
  • New addition and 1st Ka-band BUC in ELEMENT family
  • Customization capability