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Metadata Matters - What You Need to Know About SCTE 35/104
April 21, 2015 (webinar replay)

Video content providers, from traditional broadcasters to Internet streaming platforms, face expanding consumption models and the challenge of responding to direct and immediate feedback from viewers. Metadata is the key to enabling this consumer-driven evolution and an important role for the content provider in the overall distribution chain.

The webinar provides an overview of the importance and use of metadata within the broadcast ecosystem and a primer on the mechanics of incorporating metadata into the content stream.

Join Silvano Payne (Publisher, SatNews Publishers), Hartley Lesser (Editorial Director, SatNews Publishers), Paul Woidke (Industry Veteran and Award-Winning SCTE Expert) and Roger Franklin (President and CEO, Crystal) for an insightful webinar that includes: 

  • • Overview, history & importance of metadata (SCTE-35)
  • • The mechanics of implementing metadata into the content stream
  • • Q&A