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December 31st, 1969 to December 31st, 1969



Space Tech Expo—Prepare To Be WoW'd, Opens On April 1st (Event)
[SatNews] Offering the widest showcase of space-related technologies used in the design, build and testing of spacecraft, satellite and launch vehicles, Space Tech Expo & Conference...
Space Tech Expo 2015 + Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)—Set To Show (Event)
[SatNews] Space Tech Expo, which will run from May 19th through the 21st, 2015, in Long Beach, California, has just announced that...
Space Tech Conference Is Just Around The Corner...
The fourth annual conference and expo has returned to Long Beach for three days of insight and discussion from the space industry’s leading experts and pioneers.
Haigh-Farr Goes Far And Wide... Their Wide Variety Of Antennas Will Be Showcased At Space Tech Expo 2016
A major gathering place where those involved in both defense and space technology and engineering is a terrific way to share, show and save. 
Swedish Space Corporation & Swedish Government Delegation Have Southern California Visits On Their Minds
The company and delegation will be meeting with several industry leading companies.
Exxelia Puts Their Space Grade Products on Display @ Space Tech Expo USA
PM907S and PM948S are full series of Polyester Film Capacitors. PM907S products are suitable for voltages from 50V up to 1250V and offer ...
From Ireland to California Arralis' New Ka-Band Phase Shifters are Revealed at Space Tech Expo
Ka-band antennas are 400 percent smaller than Ku-band rivals opening consumer and connected vehicle markets to high data rate and low latency ...