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Posidonia 2020
June 1st, 2020 to June 5th, 2020

LOCATION: Metropolitan Expo Athens Greece (map)
CONTACT:   Posidonia Exhibitions SA
Tel: +30 210 4283608
Fax: +30 210 4283610
Email: posidonia@posidonia-events.com
Web: www.posidonia-events.com
DESCRIPTION:   Greeks have been listening to the sea for thousands of years. It has been our lifeblood, personified in the god Poseidon and continuing in our pride in the Greek owned fleet. But at Posidonia the Greek owners will also be listening to you, their international partners. Always keen to hear your case, open to new ideas and to the latest technologies. We all face the same environmental, regulatory and commercial challenges. The lively exchanges that characterize Posidonia, in the exhibition halls, the conferences and in the renowned social gatherings, are key to effective solutions and successful business. The Union of Greek Shipowners and the Greek shipping community look forward to greeting old friends and welcoming new participants at Posidonia 2020. We wish you productive and enjoyable business here, at the heart of shipping.


Thuraya + IEC Telecom Keep 'em Smiling At Sea ...Solutions + Latest Innovations In Maritime Hardware At Posidonia 2016 
...ships can now be transformed into remote offices with very little effort.
Thuraya and IEC ... Smooth Sailing at Sea With New VSAT Service and More at Greece's Posidonia 2018 
Through its RJ11 port, it can be connected to any standard analog or cordless phone. This allows for simultaneous voice and data sessions.