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November 7th, 2019

Thuraya's Star Solution ... MarineStar for More than 300K Vessels Offers Voice, Tracking and Monitoring in One

Thuraya has launched MarineStar, its best in class affordable maritime voice solution for entry-level maritime users with advanced two-way tracking and monitoring capabilities. This was the result of demands originating from the maritime sector and distributors. More than 300K small vessels are expected to benefit from this maritime solution.

Thuraya MarineStar is ideal for small vessels, and highly scalable to satisfy the operational requirements of larger vessels. The service will be available through Thuraya’s global distribution network, and will cover the world’s busiest sea routes and fishing hotspots within the Thuraya satellite footprint. 

MarineStar is based on the same platform as other Thuraya voice hardware that have sold in excess of one million units to date. Described as quick and easy to install, Thuraya MarineStar is a one-stop solution for a wide range of operations including vessel tracking and monitoring, crew welfare and voice communications.

It is anticipated that there will be a high demand for Thuraya MarineStar from within the global fishing industry, which is under increasing pressure to curb unreported and unregulated fishing. Governments now require fishing vessels to report their catches electronically and log their movements while at sea.

The MarineStar makes compliance simple by bundling all the essential elements into one affordable package. Key applications include Geofencing, Tracking, Alerts and Fish Catch Reporting. Tracking is packaged as an end-to-end turnkey service based on time, distance, speed and area, with no extra hardware required. An SOS button is included for use in emergencies. According to data from the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), 80 percent of the world’s fishing regions lies within Thuraya’s footprint, making this a global service.

Thuraya MarineStar is also ideal for regional merchant fleets needing a backup alternative to radio communications, GSM, VSAT or any other primary voice communication service.

Shawkat Ahmed, Chief Commercial Officer of Thuraya, commented that Thuraya MarineStar represents a new and important chapter in Thuraya’s maritime portfolio. With more than 300K small vessels expected to benefit from the service, they are looking forward to working with their distribution partners to roll out Thuraya MarineStar worldwide and benefit from strong potential demand from users for this game-changing solution.

Thuraya MarineStar offers functionality in multiple languages to users and system integrators. A range of physical interfaces will support multiple sensors and third-party devices. Sensor information can be transmitted easily and affordably, and supports on-board monitoring of operations. The device also enables over-the-air programming and remote terminal access. 

Described as low-cost, high-quality voice calls that support day-to-day operations and keep crew in touch with shore while at sea. With more than 395 roaming agreements in 161 countries, Thuraya is the only L-band operator to open up business opportunities for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The MarineStar is backed by local numbering plan and GSM roaming over the Thuraya satellite network. As a result, users continue to stay connected on GSM numbers even outside terrestrial coverage.   

Thuraya MarineStar offers flexible and customized airtime bundles for all aspects, from voice through to tracking and monitorings. There are no long-term contracts, hidden fees or early termination fees.