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Recent Satellite Operator News
RocketLab is Ready for Friday as the Kiwis Launch Four Satellites 
"this will be another beautiful night launch at LC-1! Should be visible for miles as it ascends to orbit against the night sky."
Proposals Selected by NASA for Smallsat Technologies Demos to Study Interplanetary Space
Both proposals, funded at $400,000 for nine month mission concept studies, were selected based on potential technology and science value...
Forrester Reports: Türksat to Expand Their Satellite Fleet
Turkey operates satellites at three different longitudes and is planning to place another, Türksat 5A, which is under manufacture, at 31 degrees East...
An Array of Arrays ... Gateway Antenna Supports More Efficiently Multiple Moving LEO Satellites
This company's innovative solution will change the real estate of the world of antennas. No more large antenna farms with parabolic dishes with ThinKom
Solicitations for the U.S.A.F.'s Orbital Services Program (OSP)-4 Released by SMC
OSP-4 is a follow-on to the OSP-3 contract that is set to expire in November. OSP-4 will allow for the rapid acquisition of launch services to...
Turkey’s Active Communications Satellite Fleet to Grow to Six
Turksat 5A is being made to earn new rights of frequencies. Turksat 5B, on the other hand, will increase the capacity at 42 degrees east longitude
First Time Ever, NASA Catches Impressive Shockwaves Bursting out of Sun
An interplanetary shockwave bubbling and bursting out of the Sun has been captured on tape by NASA, for the first time ever. The jaw-dropping footage
Spire Global to Collaborate with Concirrus for Maritime Insurance Analytics
The company recently created Spire Maritime, which closed out 2018 with 160 percent year-over-year revenue growth. The new effort is pushing the...
Forrester Reports: Viasat-4 Now in the Works
The current plan is to see the first ViaSat-3 (which can handle 1 Terabit/second traffic) launched for service over the US early in 2021, and a...
Putting a Satellite on a Pedestal ... Hiltron's New HMAM-PM Polar Mount Motorized RXO Satellite Antenna
a new member in the Hiltron family of ;motorized antenna pedestals that's affordable and easy to install, and possesses all the remote control capabilities
Modular in Space ... Oakman Aerospace and ArsUltra Partner to Develop Modular Spacecraft Solution
These two companies are investigating collaborating on the development of  Modular Open System Architectures modular spacecraft for commercial use 
History Making ICEYE Releases Spotlight Smallsat SAR Imagery
The new Spotlight imaging capability builds on ICEYE’s history-making, first small SAR satellite launch in January of 2018. Since that date, the company...
Final Four Site Candidates Selected by NASA for the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
Since its arrival in December 2018, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has mapped the entire asteroid in order to identify the safest and most ...
Maxar is Now Celebrating the Company's 100th EarthWatch Subscription - Webinar Set for August 14
Launched one year ago, EarthWatch allows customers to view, stream, download and exploit imagery from Maxar’s 100-petabyte library and...
Kleos Space to Address Market Demand with Orbit Change
The 37 degree orbital inclination gives the Kleos’ Scouting Mission1 cluster of four satellites improved data collection by a factor of between 2 and 4.5 times...
Lasers and Machine Guns: Why Russia Should Fear France’s Killer Satellites
“If our satellites are threatened, we envisage blinding those of our enemies. We will judge the moment and the means of retaliation.”
Smallsat Satellite Tracking Service Debuts from LeoLabs
LeoTrack, delivered as a web-based subscription, promises satellite operators a full range of monitoring capabilities, including precision tracking...
Spire Global and Kleos Space Engage in Technology Association for Maritime Safety
Kleos and Spire have entered into an agreement to cooperate on creating enhanced tools for maritime safety. The effort will support and augment ...
A Series of Satellites Will Be Launched to Identify the Largest Producers of Greenhouse Gases
The production of greenhouses gases like methane often get underestimated. These satellites could provide more accurate readings.
Sky Muster™ Plus Rolls Out from NBN Co
First announced in November of 2018, Sky Muster™ Plus was developed in consultation with NBN Co’s industry partners and existing Sky Muster™...