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Recent Satellite Operator News
Why Russia's New Anti-Satellite Plane Is Very Bad Idea
Attacking satellites could cause a nuclear war.
Standing Up to the Stress to Solve Mysteries of the World ... NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Achieves Milestone
During these tests, Webb’s five-layer sunshield was released and tensioned, allowing a never-before seen view of the observatory.
No Melt Down for SpaceApps' ICE Cubes as they Reveal Capabilities at IAC 2019
ICE Cubes payloads (from as small as 1U) are ideal to conduct scientific experiments, perform R&D in space and pursue in-orbit demonstration ...
Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics Mission Systems MUOS Satellite Cell Network Now Operational for Warfighters
Comprised of five geosynchronous satellites and four geographically dispersed relay ground stations, the MUOS network brings to mobile forces...
Kleos Space's Scouting Mission Satellites to Launch in Less Than Three Months
Kleos’ cluster of four satellites are confirmed as mission-ready for PSLV integration. Technical efforts have ensured the satellites will function with ...
New SatBroadcasting™ Partnership Includes SES Video, Nex Parabola and Surya Citra Media
SES-9 is co-located at 108.2 degrees East orbital position with SES-7 and provides prime coverage over all 17,000 islands in Indonesia, as well as...
Rocket Lab's Photon Satellite Platform to Handle Deliveries to Moon and Beyond
Rocket Lab will combine their Electron launch vehicle, Photon small spacecraft platform and a dedicated bulk maneuver stage to accomplish...
Vietnam Contracts with Japan for a Satellite
The deal, involving about 20 billion yen in project costs, will be aided by official development assistance from the Japanese government in the form...
The AFRL's S5 Smallsat is the Focus of an On-Orbit Inspection Mission by the Organization's Mycroft Satellite
This effort will be a rendezvous between the experimental Mycroft satellite and a second experimental AFRL satellite called the Small Satellite Space Surveillance System, or S5...
Airbus Passes All Tests for ESA's Solar Orbiter — Ready for Cape Canaveral Launch
Built by Airbus, Solar Orbiter will study the Sun in detail and its effects on the solar system. The spacecraft carries a suite of complementary...
Astrobotic and Dymon Agree to Send the First Japanese Rover to the Moon
Yaoki has already successfully passed more than 100 tests, and has the smallest but most effective rover wheels ever produced.
Firefly Aerospace and Aerojet Rocketdyne Come Together for Space Access Solutions
Citing threats to U.S. space capabilities officials emphasized the need to shift to ... smaller spacecraft that can be developed and launched quickly.
Forrester Reports: Telesat Raise New Debt to Pay Down Older Debt
The new borrowings are priced at 6.5 percent and are not due until October of 2027. The debt offering was originally designed to raise $500 million and...
Another Launch for China ... New Communication Technology Experiment Satellite
Thursday's launch was the 315th mission of the Long March rocket series.
Notes from Explore 19 Conference Include SuperDove's Next-Generation PlanetScope's Interoperability
Will discussed details about the Next Generation Planetscope, which includes 4-band, 5-band and 8-band PlanetScope imagery powered by SuperDove.
As the Crow Flies ... And It Did as Rocket Lab's Electron Rocket Launches Astro Digital's Smallsat
71 minutes after launch Electron’s Kick Stage's payload went to a circular orbit of more than 1,000 km. more than twice the altitude of any Electron
SSPI UK Reveals Space & Satellite Personality of the Year ... He's From Goonhilly
Goonhilly has an extraordinary way of touching and inspiring many people. Just as it did to me a few years ago.
U.S. Navy's MUOS SATCOM System Now Operationally Effective
Known as the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), this is a U.S. Navy-led effort that provides essential narrowband satellite communications for ...
ORBCOMM Solves Pottle's Transportation Needs for Fleet-Wide Trailer Monitoring Solution
The ORBCOMM devices can be installed externally on trailers in about 10 minutes, even when the asset is loaded, making Pottle’s deployments quick ..
Marlink and Intelsat Renew and Expand ... Maritime Services Multi-Year Agreement 
The multi-year agreement will deliver additional throughput to vessels via multiple layers of space-based coverage, ensuring that ship owners and...