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SMC's Statement Regarding Successful Sendoff of the GPS III SV 2 Satellite Launch
conducted a rigorous source selection to ensure the ULA Delta IV rocket met all mission requirements, which included examining every single piece of
On The DSEI Show Floor: PPM Systems Featuring Crossbow RF System and More...
To be prominently featured will be the company’s Crossbow RF scanning/decode system for mission-critical electronic surveillance of the...
Latching Up Done Right ... VORAGO Technologies Receives NASA SBIR Award for Latch-up Protection IC  
solutions that are cost-effective enough to be used in small spacecraft, but with radiation performance that is suitable for longer deep space missions.
ULA's Delta IV Medium's Successful Last Launch and Statement Regarding U.S.A.F.'s GPS III SV02 
Today's final sendoff of the Delta IV Medium+ configuration vehicle successfully launched the U.S.A.F.'s Global Positioning System III SV02
Aerojet Rocketdyne Propels GPS Satellite Constellation on Final Journey
Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion systems support every phase of mission; from boosting to decommissioning of the final mission for ULA's Delta IV 
BAE Systems RAD750™ Single Board Computers are Part of Payload On U.S.A.F.'s GPS III 
“Security and reliability are key to ensuring warfighters can depend on GPS signals. Our rad-hard RAD750 processor can withstand radiation doses a million times stronger ....”
Artificial Cosmonaut Flying to ISS Aboard A Soyuz-2.1a Rocket
The Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket blasted off from the Gagarin Start launch pad at the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan at 06:38 Moscow time on...
L-1 ULA's Dress Rehearsal for Launch of USAF's GPS III SV02 and a Peek Behind-the-Scenes 
Here's how the magic happens. First, it's not magic, and it doesn't 'just happen'. Those photos that document the launches require camera crews ...
USAF Space and Missile Systems Center's Statement ... Thanks for the Delta IV Memories 
" ... we bid farewell and thank you to a launch vehicle with an excellent track record in the Delta IV ... look forward to this final, successful launch for this ULA mainstay,”
NASA Confirms Ocean Moon Mission ... Europa Clipper
"We are all excited about the decision that moves the Europa Clipper mission one key step closer to unlocking the mysteries of this ocean world,"
China's ChinaSat-18 Experiencing Anomalies
The ChinaSat 18 satellite was launched at 8:03 p.m. (Beijing Time) on a Long March-3B carrier rocket from the...
China's Inaugural Smart Dragon-1 Rocket Launch is Successful
The rocket, developed by the China Rocket Co. Ltd. affiliated to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALVT), blasted off from the...
ISRO’s South Asia Satellite Ground Station in Bhutan is Inaugurated
Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) GSAT-9 communications satellite, popularly known as the South Asia Satellite, launched in 2017 was...
NASA Puts Alabama Center in Charge of Moon Lander Program, Drawing Texans’ Ire
To be fair, Texas is getting a piece of the action in NASA’s Artemis moon program as well: NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston
Iran Nears Completion of Their Pars 1 Satellite
Pars 1 is passing the final steps in SRI. He added that the research center is planning to design and produce remote sensing satellite Pars 2 and in...
FCC Dismisses ARRL, AMSAT Requests in Small Satellite Proceeding
suggested that the FCC adopt a “a bright line test” to define and distinguish satellites that should be permitted to operate under Amateur Satellite rules.
Seeking a PSLV Manufacturer is NewSpace India's Quest
The company will initially outsource five PSLVs — Indian rockets that can lift light payloads to LEO some 600 km in space. NSIL has called a pre-bid...
Turkey’s Active Communications Satellite Fleet to Grow to Six
Turksat 5A is being made to earn new rights of frequencies. Turksat 5B, on the other hand, will increase the capacity at 42 degrees east longitude
Lockheed Martin's Cyber Experts' New Model Standardizes Measurement Of Cybersecurity In Critical DoD Assets
a first-of-its-kind model that standardizes how to measure the cyber resiliency maturity of a weapon, mission, and/or training system anywhere in its lifecycle
First Time Ever, NASA Catches Impressive Shockwaves Bursting out of Sun
An interplanetary shockwave bubbling and bursting out of the Sun has been captured on tape by NASA, for the first time ever. The jaw-dropping footage