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Leaders Work to Protect Secretive Military Sites in Colorado from Coronavirus Threats
Since the virus kicked in base emergency procedures last month, Schriever airmen have overseen the launch of a new communications satellite and ...
SpaceX's Successful Return of CRS-20 and ISS' National Lab's Payloads 
this investigation will contribute to our understanding of human metabolic disorders like liver disease, diabetes, and illnesses associated with obesity.
LEO Not Doomed by OneWeb Problems
“Represents the most significant failure of a Space industry start-up since the early 2000s ... a potential game-crasher for the current “NewSpace” ...
EUMETSAT Provides Timely, post Earthquake Support for Croatia
Satellite observations are critical inputs for computer modelling of the...
Virgin Orbit Partners with Oita Prefecture and the Oita Airport as Another Smallsat Launch Services Site
Virgin Orbit has identified Oita Airport as its preferred pilot launch site — yet ...
Roscosmos Chief Says Russia Ready to Launch Multi-Satellite Orbital Groups
Earlier, Dmitry Rogozin announced that Roscosmos would allocate funds in 2020 to launch the works on creating the layout of the Sfera orbital group.
AXESS Networks Provides Saudi Arabia Access to SATCOM with Middle East Telecommunications
The main focus lies on supporting the increasing demand of communications needs such as oil and gas, mining, maritime, telco and others.
China to Launch the Final BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite for Constellation Completion
The new satellite is the 55th satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite...
Globalstar's 3GPP Approval of Band 53 as a 5G Band
Band n53 can also act as a traffic channel or as an anchor for other licensed or unlicensed bands in 5G networks, allowing rapid and economical ...
Myriota's Canadian Acquisition of Select exactEarth Satellites and Ground Stations
fortunate position to accelerate the company’s international expansion plans and allow multiple industries to access disruptively low-cost satellite connectivity.
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Full Mirror Deployment a Success
Webb’s mirror is the biggest of its kind that NASA has ever built. 
Cobham's Contract with UK ... DE&S Anti-Jam Satellite Signal Contract
GNSS navigation signals in the nation’s critical infrastructure and national security and the frequent interruptions of the signals either accidentally or intentionally.
Indonesian Satellite to be Launched by China
The satellite was developed under a contract signed between the China...
Venezuela's Only Telecoms Satellite is Lost in Space
...company that tracks global satellite traffic, reported that VeneSat-1 had veered away from its position above Venezuela and was tumbling westward.
Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, SpaceX Launch of Argentinian Satellite Postponed
"The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the availability of own and external resources for a safe insertion into orbit and ...”
Statement from Lockheed Martin Announcing AEHF-6 Satellite Actively Communicating With U.S. Space Force
The first national security launch for the U.S. Space Force and the final Lockheed Martin satellite to build out the protected communications ... 
ULA's Successful Launch of AEHF-6 for the U.S. Space Force Space and Missile Systems Center 
... gives senior leadership a survivable line of communications to military forces in all levels of conflict, including nuclear war. The system features ...
Statement From U.S. Space Force Space and Missile Systems Center Regarding Successful AEHF-6 Launch  
... provides connectivity across the spectrum of mission areas, including land, air and naval warfare; special operations; strategic nuclear operations ... 
Statement From United Launch Alliance as it Launches First National Security Space Mission for the U.S. Space Force 
...that provides global, survivable, protected communications capabilities for national leaders and tactical warfighters operating across ground, sea and air platforms.
Statement from Aerojet Rocketdyne AEHF-6 Launch Marks 500th Flight of RL10 Engine
“The RL10 has supported a majority of the nation’s most important national security and scientific missions, including all of the AEHF satellites which ..."