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A Comet Intercept is ESA's New Mission
The mission will travel to an as-yet undiscovered comet, making a flyby of the chosen target when it is on the approach to Earth’s orbit. Its three...
Space Warfare: The Aspiration-Constraint Challenge For India – Analysis
Space warfare conjures up images of satellites and laser weapons... being used to obtain a significant military advantage against an adversary.
Bad Batteries Cause Launch Delay of U.S.A.F.'s AEHF-5 Mission
Atlas V is tailored to the needs of its passenger by adding as many as five side-mounted solid rocket boosters for increased lift performance and a ...
Taking JUICE to Jupiter as ESA Signs Arianespace for the Launch
liftoff of approximately six tons, and placed in an Earth escape orbit toward Jupiter for a journey of 600 million kilometers after a 7.5-year cruise toward ...
Space and Missile Systems Center Reveals Many Firsts in the 'Summer of Launch' Program
Space Test Program-2, scheduled on June 24, will be the first DOD mission to fly on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy and the first to use previously flown flight hardware. 
Lockheed Martin to Design Janus Deep Space Spacecraft for Near-Earth Asteroids
Janus will fly by two binary asteroids, or asteroids orbiting a common center of mass, to image the system using both visible and infrared cameras.
Launch Complex 48 at Kennedy Space Center to be Developed
The NASA-developed complex will sit between KSC's pad 39A to the north and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 41 to the south,...
SES Networks Goes Fishing ....  Enables EMSA’s Environmental Protection Service in Iceland
"reliable connectivity is critical for timely decision-making during maritime missions, especially for search and rescue operations."
Complete Australian Vineyard Map ... Opens Doors to Global Regions
a world first as international interest grows in a software system that uses artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to map every vineyard in Australia.
'Green Fuel' to be Used by NASA for the First Time
NASA will test the fuel and compatible propulsion system in space for the first time with the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM), set to launch...
Airbus' Successful Network Test on MRTT ... First Balloons Now Aircraft
‘hybrid network’, the future of military communications with armed forces able to use a range of networks to be managed dynamically and transparently.
GlobalSat Group Now Licensed to Operate in Argentina by National Authority ENACOM
especially interesting to companies operating in more than one country with a streamlined solution that adds simplicity instead of complexity to their cost
Roscosmos Places $31 Million Order for Angara 1.2 Light Rocket
A light Angara-1.2PP was launched in July 2014 with a spacecraft mockup. Now Russia's space agency ordered this rocket for launching real satellites.
Russia Goes Orange... Sovcomflot's Arctic Fleet Depends on Orange Business Services Maritime VSAT Solution 
will keep the ships connected even when operating on the high seas, improving safety and optimizing navigation in challenging conditions.
Astrobotic to Use Their Peregine Lander to Deliver Payloads to the Moon
Payloads comprise of resource development, scientific investigation, technology demonstration, exploration, marketing, arts, and...
SpaceX Prepares for One of Their Most Challenging Launches for Space & Missile Systems 
among the most challenging launches in SpaceX history with four separate upper-stage engine burns, three separate deployment orbits, a final ... 
SpaceX Stands Ready for RADARSAT Constellation Mission
enable the satellites to capture the same view of the same location on the Earth's surface once every four days instead of once every 24 days
Aireon Receives the EASA First Space-based ADS-B Surveillance as a Service Certification
This designation represents the culmination of a three-year long collaboration between Aireon and EASA, the agency that determines and promotes civil...
Purdue's Space Trash Collection Plan ... Sail to Smoother and Safer Reentry
Though the chances are extremely low of the space objects crashing to Earth and causing injury or damage, there is still a slight risk of that happening.
International Institute of Space Commerce's Newest Patron, World's Thought Leader, Follows in Footsteps of His Good Friend
“Do you know how hard it is to make the whole world rich? Not that hard. We’ve known how since the early 1970s: harness the near endless energy..."