Satnews Daily
November 18th, 2019

IOT Protocol Completed for Spacecom's AMOS-17 Satellite

Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has announced that the AMOS-17 communication satellite has successfully completed its In Orbit Testing (IOT) protocol and is in orbit at its 17 degrees E orbital position — the company is scheduling the start of commercial operations within days.

Artistic rendition of the AMOS-17 satellite on-orbit.

Image is courtesy of Spacecom.

AMOS-17 is an HTS satellite designed specifically to meet Africa’s fast-growing communication demands. The satellite's extensive C-band HTS, Ka- and Ku-band capabilities enable the combination of broad regional beams and high throughput spot beams to maximize throughput and spectral efficiency. AMOS-17 offers connectivity between Africa, the Middle East, Europe, India, China and as far west as Brazil.

Spacecom CEO and President David Pollack stated that with commencement of AMOS-17’s commercial operations, Spacecom now has three satellites servicing Africa’s growing telecom, broadband and broadcast needs: AMOS-17, AMOS-7 and AMOS-4. AMOS-17 is the most technologically advanced satellite with HTS beams to service Africa and fulfills the firm's promise to make Africa a key element in Spacecom's overall corporate strategy as the company moves forward to make a major difference in bridging the digital divide.