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November 27th, 2022


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Taking advantage of the boom in small satellite applications will require market players to arm themselves with the knowledge and insight needed to remain agile in a rapidly changing environment, marked by fast-paced technological growth, disruptive innovation and new market opportunities. The SmallSat Symposium provides exactly this opportunity: granting industry members unparalleled access to industry leaders, suppliers, partners and customers.

Join SmallSat Symposium 2023, February 7-9, one of Silicon Valley’s most important knowledge and networking events, packed with the content needed to expand your business.

SmallSat Symposium

Getting off the Ground with Freedom: Ground Software as a Service

As the pioneer of Ground Software as a Service™, ATLAS Space Operations delivers value to your
team through its exceptional software, Freedom™, by a world class team that integrates with any
ground system, regardless of site owner or hardware. Featuring Task Insights and Free Time on
a new user interface (UI), Freedom flags anomalies and helps visualize pass scheduling -
giving you more time to focus on your mission. ATLAS’ rapid onboarding process requires zero
machine to machine integration to get started. Simply stated - less initial engineering means
lower costs, and you can start receiving data faster. Schedule your Freedom demo today at

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