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ViaLite's Links Assist New Australian Teleport to Target LEO/MEO Market 
The goal of Capricorn Space's new Australian teleport is to target the growing low/medium Earth orbit satellite market, and to that end they are assisted by...
China Shows Off Its Newest Satellite's High-Resolution 3D Imagery
The satellite is sensitive enough to height that it should be able to spot a single person from 500 kilometers up.
ISRO Launches Spy Satellite and Nine Foreign Ride-Along Satellites 
Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched their nation's latest spy satellite RISAT-2BR1 along with nine foreign satellites from ...
Guatemalan University Student Winners Prepare KiboCUBE for Launch
Quetzal-1, will be used for multispectral remote sensing. This can lead to the acquisition of data for a variety of peaceful and natural resource management ...
LandSpace Technology Obtains More Millions for Rocket Development
The company's focus at the current stage is the development of a rocket engine powered by LOX and methane. This actually represents a trend in...
China's Kuaizhou 1A Rocket Conducts Two Flights in One Day
The two missions marked Kuaizhou 1A's sixth and seventh flight since January of 2017, when the rocket made its debut mission...
ISRO to Launch Spy Satellite and Nine Foreign Customer Satellites 
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up to launch the nation's latest spy satellite RISAT-2BR1 and nine foreign satellites ...
Results of Horizon Technologies Amber Users’ Workshop In Singapore
Without the support from the High Commission and the UK Government, this event could not have taken place.
Centre Proposes Rs 33 Crore to Protect Indian Satellites from Space Debris
Every year, there are many incidents of objects colliding in space. As a result, small pieces of debris rotate at extremely fast speeds.
Exos Aerospace Expands Their Charter Enterprise Program
Exos Aerospace developed the Exos National Charter Enterprise program with PricewaterhouseCoopers and INVITALIA as a way to bring reusable...
UPDATED: Rocket Lab's 10th Successful Electron Launch
Rocket Lab continues to expand their operations with a new launch site to be commissioned in the U.S. If, and when, rocket reusability is viable, the...
South Korea's New Satellite to Capture Environmental Data
Named the Chollian-2B, this 3.4 ton, indigenously-built satellite will engage in the real-time monitoring of the East Asian region of the world at 22,370....
Credit Facilities of $160 Million Close for Kacific Broadband Satellies Group
Taken altogether, these credit facilities secure long-term financing that enables Kacific to repay short-term facilities used to fund the construction of...
Construction of Tokyo 2020 G-Satellite Completed ... Including Animated Characters
announced the completion of its “G-Satellite Go to Space” satellite, which will orbit the Earth during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.
China Launches New Earth Observation Satellite
The microwave remote sensing satellite is capable of providing photographs with a resolution of better than a meter.
Chinese Spy Blimp Spotted by Satellite Image in Disputed South China Sea
Satellite surveillance imagery captured by an Israeli satellite firm has revealed China’s deployment of a spy blimp in an apparent effort to monitor disputed portions of the South China Sea.
China's First Electromagnetic Satellite Bears Fruitful Results
The satellite has enabled China to obtain a global geomagnetic map and an ionospheric map with its own intellectual property rights.
TriSept Earns Preferred Provider Status with NASA's $18 Million Contract 
already proven their capability with their successful launch integration for the NASA VCLS ELaNa XIX mission that launched 10 CubeSats into orbit aboard 
Kacific's First Satellite Obtains Tata Connectivity Support
Kacific1 is a High Throughput Satellite (HTS) that will use 56 high-power Ka-band beams to deliver affordable, high-speed broadband to...
PocketQubes are Ready for Rocket Lab’s ‘Running Out Of Fingers’
Onboard this rideshare mission are six spacecraft comprised of 5cm PocketQube microsatellites from satellite manufacturer and mission ...