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Kacific Achieves the First Mobile Backhaul over Kacific1 in the Pacific Islands
The 10-minute call between Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux in Singapore and a large mobile operator in the Melanesia region used the recently...
ISRO Sets Date for GISAT-1 Launch
Weighing in at about 2,275 kg., GISAT-1 is an Earth Observation (EO) satellite that would be placed in a geosynchronous transfer orbit by the...
Four BeiDou Satellites Join System to Provide Services 
China plans to launch more BDS satellites in March and May to complete the global network. 
NASA, New Zealand Partner to Collect Climate Data from Commercial Aircraft
Air New Zealand will be the first passenger airline to partner with NASA to collect data for a science mission.
SES NSS-12 Satellite Capacity for NHK WORLD-JAPAN
NHK, provides the latest news, NHK NEWSLINE, along with technology, lifestyle and entertainment programs, such as great gear, Dining with the...
Space: New Japanese Spy Satellites
In the late 1990s Japan, alarmed at the threat of attack by North Korea, began developing and launching military satellites.
Altitude Lowering Underway for ALE's Shooting Star Efforts
ALE-1, the first satellite jointly developed by ALE and National University Corporation Tohoku University (Tohoku University) to try to create a...
China’s First Rival to SpaceX Starlink Satellites Completes Key Test
... paving the way for more internet-beaming satellites that can complement 5G base stations on the ground, according to private Chinese aerospace ... 
Ball Aerospace's GEM of an Air Quality Sensor is on Board KARI's Satellite
GEMS will make hourly measurements of key constituents that make up air pollution, including ozone and nitrogen dioxide, which will improve early warnings for....
Aussies' Prime Minister Attends the Launch of Australian Space Agency Headquarters 
... at the International Astronautical Congress held in Adelaide in September 2017 that a national agency would be established, and now it has been. 
ERT and Hughes to Expand and Upgrade National Weather Service
ERT and subcontractor Hughes will provide the NWS with the network services needed to gather and report local weather tracking and forecasting...
Panasonic Avionics and Nelco Ltd. Offer Connectivity to India's Vistara's Five-Star Aviation Experience
As a result of this agreement, Panasonic, and its subsidiary ITC Global, now offer connectivity to both aircraft and maritime vessels operating within India.
China Launches Four to Orbit
These satellites were launched by a Long March-2D carrier rocket at 5:07 a.m. (Beijing Time) and they will be used mainly for a new...
ISRO to Launch an Unprecedented 10 Earth Imaging Satellites
On a quick look, such a preponderance of the EO launches is unprecedented and includes new categories such as the first Geo Imaging Satellite, GISAT-1.
New Satellite Manufacturing Facility is Opened by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Together with existing facilities, Mitsubishi Electric's combined annual capacity will increase to 18 satellites, up from 10 at present, which will...
Arianespace's Double Celebration ... Successful Launches for Japan and Korea and a 40th Anniversary 
In one month, Arianespace has launched a total of 38 satellites. Three more launches are scheduled in March from the space centers in French Guiana ...
Lockheed Martin’s Most Advanced Mobile Communications Satellite Launches
... advanced mobile satellite communications are necessary as the world consumes more and more data in the transition to 5G.
Arianespace Readies for Tuesday's Heavy-Lift Launch of Japan and Korea's Satellites
This mission is described as 'dedicated to space applications for telecommunications and environment monitoring, Arianespace once again contributes to the improvement of life on Earth'.
Four BeiDou BDS Now in Operation
The 50th and the 51st BDS satellites, launched on November 23, 2019, are operating in MEO and were developed by the Innovation Academy for ...
Japan Offers Malaysia New Frontier in Space Exploration
Japan is ready to take Malaysia to a new frontier in space exploration and technology, via collaborative initiatives.