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Current Satellite News
March 28th, 2016
A Hiccup Develops For Hitomi (ASTRO-H)
While the cause of communication failure is under investigation, JAXA received short signal from the satellite and is working for recovery.
Plans For Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites Underway By DARPA
DARPA’s new Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) program intends to answer that question by developing technologies that would enable cooperative inspection and servicing in GEO and demonstrating those technologies on orbit within the next five years.
ULA Delays Launch Of MUOS-5
The delay will allow additional time to review the data and to confirm readiness for the MUOS-5 mission.                                                                                               
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Mercury Systems To Bring Three Microsemi Businesses Into Its Fold
the businesses are primarily focused on the defense electronics market and employ a total of approximately 275 people.
Irvine, California, High Schools Have A CubeSat On Their STEM Agendas
Teams of as many as 30 students each at five high schools located in the City of Irvine are joining forces to assemble, test and launch a CubeSat (nanosatellite) into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).
ISS Receives Research Payloads Arrive @ ISS US National Laboratory
Many of the investigations transported by United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket and Cygnus capsule are payloads sponsored by the ISS U.S. National Laboratory.
Harris CapRock Goes Deep w/Oceaneering's NEXXUS ROV... Remotely Pilots + Communicates In Harsh Environments 
The satellite link enables Oceaneering to pilot the ROV from offshore, from another vessel, or from an onshore command center.
DataPath® In... India ... Expands International Operations
DataPath has long served customers in the Indian broadcast market and will now also focus on the defense sector.
Comtech Xicom Technology... So Hot It's Cool... Liquid Cooled HPA Products Simplify Hubs + Reduce Maintenance
...there will be demonstrations showcasing the new SuperCool technology that integrates customized baseplate cooling channels and plug-n-play, drip-free connectors to ensure no leakage or mess on electronics or in hub.