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Current Satellite News
October 27th, 2015
TUESDAY UPDATE: MILSATCOM On Display @ MILCOM 2015 — Even More Satnews Publishers Booth Visits...
In session from October 26 through 28, MILCOM 2015 brings the technology and associated imperatives to the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.
LISA Pathfinder Basic Assembly Is Compelted By Arianespace For December Flight
Vega is now ready to receive its LISA Pathfinder payload for the December 2 launch, which is designated Flight VV06 in Arianespace's launcher family numbering system.
Raytheon Selects Advantech Wireless + Transcends Expectations w/ Advantech Transcend™ 800
...for point-to-point Microwave communications as part of Raytheon’s on going microwave development infrastructure. 
AsiaSat 4 Delivers A Bouquet For GPS... 14 TV Channels A Potpourri Of Programs 
With these new services, AsiaSat 4 has significantly expanded its television offerings to viewers across the country.
Gilat Is High On Efficiency w/ X-Architecture For High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) In a Single Platform
SDN-based architecture enables satellite operators to dynamically support multiple fixed and mobility applications and business models from a single platform.
SES...Gee That's Great...GEE Keeps Adding To Their Repertoire For Airline Passengers + Doubles Capacity
GEE is ushering in the next generation of inflight entertainment and connectivity that is already reshaping the passenger experience and the industry as a whole
Wolfspeed + Lockhead Martin Work To Make A Clean Sweep... Amp Up The Space Fence + Track 500,000 Objects
Space Fence will accurately track the estimated 500,000 objects—such as spent rocket boosters, stray hardware, and other debris—that are floating in the same space as the satellites and the ISS.
ORBCOMM Attains A Goal = Morsviazsputnik Provides SkyWave IDP Service + Opens Russian Federation For Heavy Equipment OEM
SkyWave’s IDP service offers enhanced reliability and the ability to deliver up to 37 times more data than other satellite-based M2M services in the market.