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Recent SmallSat News
University of Alberta's Ex-Alta 1 Smallsat to Dig Into Space Weather
Ex-Alta 1 is part of a newer generation of technologies that puts space exploration and research within reach of students and smaller startup companies.
Shovels Fly as Ground is Broken For OneWebSatellites Spacecraft Integration Facility
The company expects to produce a satellite every eight-hour shift.
Here Come the Supplies... ULA's Launch Date for Orbital ATK's Cygnus™ Resupply Mission for NASA and ISS
So you're flying in the International Space Station and you've been looking forward to getting some more of your favorite snacks. Good news... 
Two new satellites to be built by Space Flight Laboratory
FL specializes in implementing high-performance nano-, micro- and smallsat missions at low cost on tight schedules.
WALI smallsat nearing completion at Western Michigan University
The WALI team is about 75 percent done with the design of its CubeSat.
Virgin Orbit enters the commercial space environs
Virgin Orbit will offer flexible, routine and low cost launch services for small satellites (smallsats) via the LauncherOne system.
Constellation development and construction on GomSpace's agenda for Sky and Space Global
The first delivery of satellites will be in 2018.
The Sky and Space Global nano trilogy is ready to launch
The “Ready for Launch” designation follows the completion of the Integration and Verification testing phase at GomSpace.
US DoD to Help Ensure Sky and Space Global's Smallsats' Safety...
This agreement provides for space situational awareness services as well as real-time info to ensure...
Polish Firm to Have First Smallsats Ready for Orbit by 2018
The company was founded in 2016 and totally owned by Polish concerns
Indian Space Research Organization's Successful Launch... Multiplied by 104!
A child wants one of the red balloons and the balloon man must not get the strings tangled or let the whole bundle of balloons fly away.
Rocket Lab Milestone Successfully Completed — Electron Arrives at Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1
Over the coming weeks, a series of tests and checkouts will be conducted at the site before the rocket, named It’s a Test, is signed-off to fly.
Kubos and Pumpkin No Small Feat in Small Sat Cooperative Agreement ...Win-Win for all Parties  
partnering with Kubos will bring even more innovation, speed, stability and cost savings to the satellite industry
Indonesia Engineers Master Micro-Satellites in Order to Develop Their Own
...the archipelagic country, which consists of 17,000 islands, could be fully independent of foreign satellites in the future...
Flood of Non-Indigenous Satellites Will Generate Half of the Revenue for Upcoming ISRO Launch
The space agency has earned more than $100 million by launching foreign satellites.
SolAero Technologies is Building Up for More Satellite Solar Panels Biz
This commitment includes the construction of a new 40,000 square foot facility at its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico
A Proper Grounding for Virgin Galactic to be Provided by Kongsberg
KSAT will provide telemetry downlink services and contribute to the successful operation of the LauncherOne orbital smallsat launch system.
NASA and Students' to Send Small Sat to Measure Radiation Impacts on Astronauts
Officials from NASA will come up and review our design, every nut and bolt.
Do You Know How to Price and Market SmallSat Services?
will offer insight into who has bought, who will buy, and provide an understanding on how products should be priced to maximize revenue.
Sky and Space Global's 3 Diamonds Smallsats Head Into Testing Phases
The 3 Diamonds nanosatellites recently completed the Assembly testing stage and have now proceeded to the Integration and Verification phase.