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Recent SmallSat News
Twin Successes for Satellogic... Acquisition of $27M in Series B Funding Plus Launch of the Hyperspectral Smallsat
Satellogic™ has created a uniquely low-cost smallsat platform with unparalleled capabilities, enabling for the first time affordable monitoring of...
Success Again as ISRO Launches 30 Satellites and a Workhorse
The co-passenger satellites comprise 29 Nano satellites from 14 countries namely ...
Penn State Student-Built Smallsat to Provide Insight into Solar Storms
The satellite will be able to collect GPS scintillation data and electron density and temperature measurements in a simulated solar storm so the...
Thirty-One is the Number of Satellites to Launch Aboard an ISRO PSLV This Coming Friday
The rocket, in its 40th flight, will lift off with Cartosat-2E, an Earth Observation satellite with 30 other smallsats at 9:29 a.m. from the...
It Was Inevitable ... Asgardia, Aims to Be Earth's First Space Nation ... NanoRacks Contracts NearSpace Launch for Satellite
welcome to Asgardia, the first ever space nation – a global, unifying and humanitarian project. 
GomSpace Sees the Solution for UnseenLabs and Delivers a Turnkey Monitoring System
develop and deliver a system based on nanosatellites to provide disruptive spectrum monitoring services from space.
This Satellite Will Self-Destruct and Will Avoid Additional Space Debris
According to the author, the Italian company D-Orbit will launch a mission on June 23 to test out a self-decommissioning satellite called D-Sat...
LEO Constellation Being Planned by China's Commsat Technology Development Co. Ltd.
Beijing-based private company Commsat Technology Development Co. Ltd. said that from 2018 to 2020 the firm will position 60 satellites at six....
First Place Victors in NASA's Cubesat Challenge — the NSS Sponsored Cornell University Cislunar Explorers
Dr. Mason Peck added that this spacecraft represents a step toward democratizing space exploration
Russia's Successful Launch of Progress MS-06 for NASA With Supplies and Experiments for ISS 
is delivering almost three tons of food, fuel and supplies to the station, along with a cluster of small satellites to be released in orbit.
Ghana's First Smallsat Set to Make Orbital History in Early July from ISS
GhanaSat 1 will be deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) into orbit at an estimated altitude of 400 kilometers...
NASA and Orbital ATK's Lucky Seven in Six ... Seventh ISS Mission Departs Six Weeks Early
With a spacecraft dubbed 'S.S. John Glenn' it is almost a certainty that it will stand the test—and then some—and that is what happened ...
Tampa Bay Smallsat Developer Team Selected for NASA Deep Space Journey
Team Miles' CubeSat will be just under 12 inches on its longest side and will cost $600,000 to build...
NASA's Contest Winners ... Three Small Spacecraft to Go On a Ride and $20,000 to Each Team
teams will demonstrate communications capabilities from at least four million kilometers from Earth, more than 10 times the distance to the moon
As OHB's Telcom Small GEOSat Passes Muster It's Handed to HispaSat
... is the first satellite based on the SmallGEO platform developed by OHB.
Nigeria's First University Smallsat Heads to ISS Aboard SpaceX Dragon
The satellites will be deployed into orbit during the last week of June 2017 from the ISS.
For Smallsat Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers, Modular Devices Presents New DC to DC Converter Technology
Their flexible internal designs permit fast-turn product variants to suit particular power and control requirements of any scientific mission.
Earth-i Plans on US Expansion, Does a Deal with OGSystems and Continues Work on their EO Constellation
Earth-i is discussing how the firm's new constellation will provide more concise insights to the geospatial intelligence community...
Investment Grant Comes to NanoAvionics for their Smallsat Propulsion System
NanoAvionics is the first smallsat company in Europe to address the need for a low-cost and high-performance chemical propulsion system for smallsats...
Spaceport Cornwall Partners with Orbital Access Limited Now A Step Closer for Launch of Small Sats 
"Cornwall Airport Newquay and Goonhilly are within Aerohub Enterprise Zone which means we can offer a suite of incentives to inward investors..."